ADDvantage Technologies Subsidiary Secures $4 Million in New Broadband Division Contracts

ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEY) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Fulton Technologies Inc., has successfully secured multiple new contracts and awards for its Broadband Division. These achievements have led to the addition of $4 million in new backlog for the current fiscal year.

This significant development highlights the continued growth and success of Fulton Technologies in the broadband industry. By securing these contracts and awards, the subsidiary has not only expanded its customer base but has also strengthened its position within the market.

The Broadband Division of Fulton Technologies specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the deployment and maintenance of broadband networks. Their expertise and capabilities in this field have made them a trusted partner for customers seeking efficient and reliable broadband services.

Through these new contracts and awards, Fulton Technologies will be able to further enhance its portfolio of projects and partnerships. This will not only contribute to the company’s revenue growth but will also solidify its reputation as a leading provider in the broadband industry.

The $4 million in new backlog serves as a promising indicator of the company’s future performance. With an increased amount of projects in the pipeline, Fulton Technologies can look forward to sustained growth and success in the coming months.

ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. remains committed to supporting its subsidiary’s growth and expansion. As Fulton Technologies continues to secure new contracts and awards, the parent company anticipates further positive developments and a strengthened position within the market.

Overall, these recent achievements by Fulton Technologies underscore the company’s ability to thrive in the competitive broadband industry. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, the subsidiary is well-positioned for continued success as it moves forward with these new contracts and awards.