ADDvantage Technologies’ Subsidiary, Fulton Technologies, Secures New Broadband Division Contracts

ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. has recently announced that its subsidiary, Fulton Technologies Inc., has successfully secured multiple new contracts and awards in the Broadband Division, leading to $4 million of fresh backlog for the current fiscal year.

This is an encouraging development for ADDvantage Technologies as it demonstrates the continued growth and success of its subsidiary, Fulton Technologies. The new contracts and awards highlight the company’s strong presence and capabilities in the Broadband Division.

With these new contracts, Fulton Technologies is poised to expand its services and provide high-quality broadband solutions to its clients. This not only enhances the company’s revenue potential but also strengthens its reputation in the industry.

The Broadband Division of ADDvantage Technologies focuses on delivering cutting-edge broadband-related services and solutions. By securing these contracts, Fulton Technologies can further solidify its position as a reliable provider in this sector.

The $4 million backlog resulting from these contracts is a significant addition to the current fiscal year’s financials. It creates a solid foundation for future growth and profitability for both ADDvantage Technologies and Fulton Technologies.

Overall, this announcement marks an important milestone for ADDvantage Technologies and its subsidiary. It showcases the company’s ability to secure new contracts and underscores its commitment to delivering outstanding broadband services to its clients.

As we move forward, ADDvantage Technologies and Fulton Technologies will continue to explore opportunities in the Broadband Division and leverage their expertise to drive further success in the industry.