Denimville Expands Digital Tools with GSDCost to Optimize Production Efficiencies

Denimville, a leading jeans and sportswear manufacturer based in Guatemala, has announced its adoption of Coats Digital’s GSDCost to enhance its digital tool ecosystem. The implementation of GSDCost is expected to optimize Denimville’s production efficiencies, improve costs, and standardize its cost-to-make processes.

By undergoing rigorous training with Coats Digital’s experts during the initial phase of solution roll-out, Denimville aims to improve its method-time-cost efficiencies by 4 to 7 percent, depending on the garment. Edwin Cifuentes, Engineering Manager at Denimville, expressed his satisfaction with Coats Digital’s previous contributions to the company’s re-engineering efforts. He stated that by incorporating GSDCost alongside existing tools like FastReactPlan and VisionPLM, Denimville will experience seamless data exchange, boost operational excellence, and maximize production efficiencies. This will involve deploying accurate, scientific methods across production operations to optimize sewing methods, streamline line balancing, reduce costs, and set realistic performance targets for machine operators, all while ensuring fair wages.

Denimville successfully obtained its GSDCost certification within three months, allowing the company to utilize this tool in both the planning department and on the factory floor. This certification enables Denimville to establish and optimize ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ using standard motion codes and predetermined times, thus supporting a collaborative, transparent, and sustainable supply chain in the sewn products industry.

Georgina Vazquez, Project Manager at Coats Digital, expressed delight in continuing the partnership with Denimville, Central America’s premier denim manufacturer. By adopting GSDCost, Denimville aims to establish accurate Standard Minute Values (SMVs), improve operational standards, and optimize production methods. Daniel Hernandez, Denimville’s CEO, recognized the value of GSDCost early on and prioritized the certification process. Denimville remains committed to investing in and adopting innovative fashion technology solutions, ensuring its position as an industry best practice leader.

Based on initial projections, Coats Digital anticipates SMV improvements of 4 to 7 percent within a year of implementing GSDCost at Denimville.

Sources: Coats Digital