Android Adware Apps with Over 2 Million Installs Detected and Removed from Google Play

Doctor Web’s latest monthly mobile threat report has revealed the presence of several Android apps on Google Play with more than 2 million installs that were disguised as gaming or productivity apps but were actually adware. The apps have since been removed from the platform, but if you have downloaded any of them, it is important to uninstall them immediately.

One of the most popular apps among the identified adware apps was Super Skibydi Killer, which had amassed over a million installs. The app promised a game where players would act as a “super killer” and engage in shooting games to eliminate their enemies. However, once installed, Super Skibydi Killer and other similar apps would attempt to hide from users by using transparent home-screen icons or icons that resembled the Google Chrome browser. Tapping on these icons would launch the browser, allowing the adware to operate in the background.

Doctor Web also discovered two apps belonging to the Joker family on Google Play that subscribed users to paid services. Love Emoji Messenger, one of these apps, was downloaded 50,000 times, while Beauty Wallpaper HD had about 1,000 downloads.

Additionally, the report highlighted the presence of fake apps posing as financial software for stock trading or home accounting. These apps aimed to trick users into visiting fraudulent sites where they were encouraged to invest. Some of the identified apps included GazEndow Economic, MoneyMentor, FinancialFusion, and Financial Vault.

There were also games on Google Play that advertised themselves as gaming apps but primarily functioned as a means to load online casino websites. Examples of these games include Eternal Maze, Jungle Jewels, Stellar Secrets, Fire Fruits, Cowboy’s Frontier, and Enchanted Elixir.

If you suspect that you have downloaded any of these adware or malicious apps, it is advised to delete them immediately. Furthermore, it is recommended to perform a device scan using both Google Play Protect and a reliable mobile antivirus tool to ensure the removal of any potential threats.

Source: Doctor Web

– Adware: Software that displays advertisements on a user’s device, typically in the form of unwanted pop-up ads or banners.
– Google Play: The official app store for Android devices, where users can discover, download, and install various apps and games.
– Malicious app: An application that is designed to harm or disrupt a user’s device or personal information.
– Antivirus tool: A software program designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software, such as viruses and malware, from a computer or mobile device.

Source: Doctor Web