AT&T Receives $258.6 Million Contract from US Department of Agriculture

AT&T has been awarded a four-year contract worth $258.6 million by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). The contract requires AT&T to provide telecommunications support services to USDA, including data and voice services.

The contract is a sole-source, firm-fixed-price contract, with a one-year base period and three option years.

The primary objective of the contract is to maintain operational capabilities and prevent service disruption as USDA transitions from the Networx legacy contract to the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract.

Currently, USDA uses the Networx contract to ensure continuity of services, under a memorandum of understanding with GSA. However, this agreement is set to expire on May 31, 2026.

AT&T’s role in this contract is to provide essential telecommunications support to USDA during this transition period. The company will ensure that the necessary data and voice services are available to maintain the agency’s operational capabilities.

With this contract, AT&T will contribute to the seamless delivery of services to USDA, enabling the agency to continue its important work without any disruption.

This contract highlights AT&T’s expertise in providing reliable and efficient telecommunications services to government agencies. The company’s experience and capabilities make it a trusted partner in supporting critical communication needs.

As the transition to the GSA’s EIS contract progresses, AT&T’s support will be crucial in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted telecommunications infrastructure for USDA.