Bangladesh and France Sign Agreements to Strengthen Cooperation

Bangladesh and France have signed two bilateral agreements aimed at enhancing cooperation in infrastructure development and satellite technology. French President Emmanuel Macron visited Dhaka, marking the first visit by a French president to Bangladesh since 1990. During his visit, Macron held talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and expressed France’s support for Bangladesh’s policy independence, particularly in the face of geopolitical instability and economic uncertainty.

In a joint press briefing, both leaders expressed their hope that the new strategic partnership between Bangladesh and France would contribute to regional and global stability and peace. Prime Minister Hasina highlighted France’s satisfaction with the responsible and committed activities of the Bangladesh government in protecting fundamental human rights. As leading powers in the Asia-Pacific region, both countries pledged to ensure geopolitical stability.

As a trusted development partner, France assured Bangladesh of continued cooperation in infrastructure development. A Credit Facility Agreement was signed between the Economic Relations Division of Bangladesh and the France Development Agency, aimed at improving urban governance and infrastructure. The agreement includes a concessional loan for the Urban Governance and Infrastructure Improvement project, which will be implemented by the Local Government Engineering Department. This project will significantly enhance municipal infrastructure and service provision in 88 municipalities.

Additionally, a Letter of Intent was signed between Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited and Airbus Defence and Space SAS of France. This agreement paves the way for the development of Bangladesh’s first-ever earth observation satellite, named Bangabandhu-2. Currently, Bangladesh relies on purchasing satellite images from different companies, but this initiative will enable the country to have its own earth observation satellite system.

The trade between Dhaka and Paris reached a record high of 4.9 billion euros in 2022, with thirty French companies having an office in Bangladesh. Most of these companies operate in the ready-made garment sector, logistics shipping, and engineering.

These agreements between Bangladesh and France signify a strengthened partnership and cooperation between the two countries, with an emphasis on infrastructure development and satellite technology.