France, Germany, and Belgium Investigate Potential Radiation Emissions from iPhone 12

France, Germany, and Belgium are expressing concerns over potential radiation emissions from iPhone 12 models that may surpass legal limits. Following France’s decision to halt iPhone 12 sales, Belgian regulators will be assessing the radiation concerns raised by French authorities. While the iPhone 12 will still be sold in Belgium, Mathieu Michel, the country’s secretary of state for digitalization, has reached out to Belgian telecommunications regulators to investigate all Apple smartphones. Germany is also reportedly following suit.

In addition to the radiation concerns, Apple has made headlines by announcing the iPhone 15 at its Wonderlust event. The new phone features a larger screen size, with a 6.1″ display on the base model and a 6.7″ screen on the Plus model. It also boasts increased camera functionality, a customizable action button to replace the mute button on the Pro model, and even offers Roadside Assistance through satellite.

While the investigations into radiation emissions from iPhone 12 models continue, Apple continues to make advancements in its product line. The iPhone 15 represents the latest innovation from the tech giant, offering a larger, more feature-rich experience for users. As the story develops, it remains to be seen how these investigations will impact Apple and its relationships with these European countries.

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