Kaltura selected by Bouygues Telecom to power its next-generation TV service

French multiservice provider Bouygues Telecom, serving over 4.8 million subscribers, has chosen Kaltura’s Video Experience Cloud to power its next-generation IPTV and OTT digital TV service. Bouygues Telecom will utilize Kaltura’s cloud-based TV platform, enabling content, service, subscriber, household, and offer management.

The adoption of Kaltura’s Cloud TV technology allows Bouygues Telecom to migrate its existing TV service from an on-prem deployment to a cloud-based operation. This transition offers the benefits of cloud agility and interactivity, alongside broadcast-grade scalability and resilience, while simplifying service complexity and reducing costs.

Shuki Eytan, General Manager Media & Telecom at Kaltura, expressed excitement at being selected by Bouygues Telecom and highlighted the advantages of Cloud TV for telcos. The combination of IPTV and OTT allows service providers to embark on digital transformations and offer cutting-edge services to their customers.

CommScope’s telecommunications expertise will be utilized by Bouygues Telecom to integrate and roll out the Kaltura project. The collaboration aims to deliver a leading-edge technology platform that enables Bouygues Telecom to provide advanced next-gen video entertainment services to its subscribers.

Kaltura’s TV platform will support Bouygues Telecom in its TV content and services strategy. By combining its own content with third-party services, Bouygues Telecom aims to create a customer-centric offering that brings together popular multimedia content from various partners.

Jean Paul Arzel, Chief Technical Officer at Bouygues Telecom, emphasized the goal of the next-generation TV service to provide an attractive and best-in-class experience. The service will offer agility and efficiency in integrating new services, ensuring up-to-date systems and functionalities.