Connected Britain 2023: A Closer Look at the Tracks

Connected Britain 2023 is set to be the biggest event to date, featuring over 5,000 attendees, 350 speakers, and 1,500 organizations from all aspects of the UK telecoms sector and beyond.

The event, known as the UK’s leading digital economy event, features 12 tracks with specialized sessions covering various topics such as fixed line and mobile broadband, local connectivity initiatives, and regulatory discussions.

The Connected Keynotes track will address key questions about the future of the UK’s connectivity landscape, the commercial opportunities of enhanced and ubiquitous connectivity, and how the industry aims to ensure inclusive and meaningful growth across the nation.

The Digital Britain track explores how the future of work is changing in an increasingly digital world. It focuses on filling the skills gap in the UK, both through government initiatives and private sector involvement, to maintain the country’s position as a technology and business leader internationally.

Connected Communities track aims to ensure that every individual and business in the UK has access to the best connectivity. It discusses strategies for connecting rural and hard-to-reach communities and emphasizes connectivity for social housing, care homes, schools, and critical services.

The Connected Infrastructure track highlights the importance of digital connectivity in intelligent transport systems, smart utility networks, and EV charging. It explores how the UK can capitalize on these opportunities and fulfill its ambitions in these areas.

Gigabit Britain takes a strategic look at the investment and regulatory context for deploying next-generation communications infrastructure in the UK. It also delves into the commercial strategy and business models for the rollout of fiber and 5G networks.

The Project Rollout track focuses on the realities of building fiber and 5G networks. It covers the technologies enabling network rollout, engineering strategies, supply chain issues, and the role of public-private partnerships.

Connected Society addresses the importance of keeping people connected. It tackles the digital divide, promotes digital inclusion, develops digital public services, and provides support for those who need it most to create a more connected and inclusive Britain.

Smart Britain explores the delivery of smart places and how it impacts the regeneration and economic development of cities, towns, and rural communities. It also looks at how digital infrastructure contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Connected Industries highlights the opportunities created by next-generation communications infrastructure in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and the creative sector. It focuses on cross-sector partnerships and how connectivity drives innovation.

Connected Enterprise delves into the evolving demands of private and public sector enterprise customers. It explores the evolution of the UK’s enterprise communications market, the technologies reshaping B2B communications, and new products and services.

The Local Authority Showcase serves as a platform for sharing innovative technology projects and trials driven by local authorities across the UK. It covers challenges in areas like mobility, housing, healthcare, and town planning, offering opportunities to learn from peers.

The Startup Britain stage celebrates innovation by giving startups a chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors, partners, and customers. Insights from investors, accelerators, scale-ups, and SMEs will also be shared to help businesses grow and succeed.

Connected Britain 2023 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The event takes place on September 20-21, and tickets are still available. Visit the Connected Britain website to reserve your place now.