FoldSat LEo Ku OW Mil Terminal: OneWeb’s Rugged User Terminal

The FoldSat LEo Ku OW Mil terminal, manufactured by Inster (Oesia Group), is OneWeb’s first fully ruggedized user terminal. It is designed to be self-aligning and easy to deploy, optimized for operation over the OneWeb Ku-Band LEO satellite constellation.

Weighing 11.8kg, the terminal has a low profile and foldable antenna design. It also features a Wi-Fi access point that can provide connectivity up to 100m. The FoldSat can operate via multiple external power sources, including mains, battery, solar, or vehicle battery, while still delivering high-speed, low latency performance connectivity.

With speeds of up to 195Mbps download and 32Mbps upload speeds, the FoldSat includes external GNSS input for GPS-denied environments. It is designed to fit into a backpack when folded, ensuring increased portability.

OneWeb plans to launch a global system with all 634 satellites in orbit and the final ground elements coming into service from early next year. While the system aims to provide pole-to-pole coverage, there are non-technical geopolitical gaps, notably in China, Russia, and a few other places.