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Last Inquiries from American samoa

Starlink internet
Need to know if service are available for the island of America Samoa
ASTCA Island Link Internet Service
SO! Wireless data
I need a Juch-Tech VSAT connection of at least 5 gbits
price check
I may be moving to AS at the end of the year for work and I wanted to check on your prices.
Internet and satellite TV services
I am moving to American Samoa this summer and doing some research on what TS2 SPACE services is available there. Do you do internet and dish Tv services for American Samoa
Internet quote request
Hello. My company is looking at expanding our radio network onto the island of American Samoa and I would like to know what the cost would be for us to have a dedicated minimum bandwidth of Businesscom Networks 10mbps downstream / 3mbps upstream and 2 static public IP addresses. If you have plans with more service than that I would like to take a look at them as well. Thank you!
We want to do business with Juch-Tech, as a service provider locally, ASTCA and Bluesky aren't providing the service we need. Let me know what it takes to start offering your service here. We do have a pretty good list of clients that are in dire need of a good solid up/down data transfer daily for their business.
Internet Service for small business
We have a clientele of about 50 subscribers, and we are not getting the bandwidth from either of the providers, ASTCA or Bluesky, we're looking for a VSAT provider as an alternate or main source. We don't have any equipment, like an earth station at this time. Please let us know thanks. ssl
sat phone
Hello I have a business partner that is working on an island Tau which is 60 NM from AS. He is in need of a sat phone for emergency use. This would be a rental for about one month. Is this something you could help with. - Thanks, Roger
Hello, I'm in the process of moving to America Samoa and I'll need a reasonably good speed Internet connection (~5-20 Mbps). What would be the TS2 SPACE installation/monthly fees? Best regards, Joshua
Internet access
Hi TS2 SPACE, I see that you are registered in American Samoa. Is this for commercial use only or open to anyone. What are the cost in involved. Our net services here are poor and very expensive. Thanks Peter
Looking for unlimited home internet at a reasonable rate
I'm finding it hard to find reliable internet here in Apia, Samoa and was wondering if TS2 SPACE service could suit my needs. Looking forward to your response.
Two way satellite internet
Please provide all options and speeds for two way satellite internet service. Also, do you have in country installation or do you ship equipment for self setup.
Satellite Internet Access
To Whom It May Concern: We are an environmental company based in northern California of the United States. We will be doing a project in America Samoa starting in late July 2016 and lasting 1 year. We are interested in TS2 SPACE satellite internet service through the VSAT system. We would be interested in a system of 20M upload and 20M download capability. Is this something that you could offer? What would be the cost of installation and monthly service? Thank you. Kevin
apply the home internet,enquiry about the price
i live in fagogo, and would like to know the price of ASTCA internet service for computer? can you send some detail about home internet application for me? Mr.Tsang
Afair internationnal
Bonjour group gmail moi je reprejan commerce Internationnal et afair etrangere rejust au burkina faso vande dest motor
internet for me
I have computer science is the modern technology


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