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DrukNet Internet Leased Lines 11 Mbps up to 20Mbps 11-20 Mbit/s 11-20 Mbit/s Leased lines $1 866 to 22 001

Last Inquiries from Antarctica

Student looking to understand Satellite internet providers in Antarctica
I'm a student at Penn State, looking to understand options and pricing for SpaceX satellite internet providers in Antarctica for a project I am working on. Any help I could get would be appreciated.
TS2 SPACE Internet connection in Antarctica
I would like to know, how i can stay connected while my trip to Antarctica in Dec 2016 for 3 weeks.
Internet service
Hello I need Juch-Tech Internet service from 8 in March to 22 in March
Businesscom Networks Internet Service to Villa Las Estrellas in the Antarctica.
Hi, I am quoting a customers network that includes a requirement for an Internet Service to Villa Las Estrellas in the Antarctica. Can you please assist?
Satellite broadband coverage
Hi, I am looking for options and pricing for satellite broadband in the Antarctica region, is this something Space X can help with at all? Thanks Matt
Catherine Berthol
Est il possible de souscrire à une connexion internet par satellite du 28.12.2017 jusqu’au 7.1.2018 pour 6 appareils. Si possible à quel tarif
Businesscom Networks Internet Connetivity in Antarctica
We are interested in available data packages in the Antarctica region. The service will be used on board the National Geographic Explorer vessel.
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