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eTel Austria AG VPN, Web hosting, Dial-up 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Local Area Networks price on request

Last Inquiries from Austria

like to have internet in a rural zone in venezuela
where in venezuela i can buy TS2 SPACE system? like to have internet in a rural zone prices? regards hardy
act fiber net
I am liking for act fiber net
Tele2 tv / internet package
we require the above subject as a service
I have a home in Austria ( Strobl ) and am looking to connect to the internet with an inexpensive monthly tariff as I am not there all the time . I would be using it for surfing and control of heating etc Have mieX any good offers? Thank you
Temporary Internet Connection
Hi team, we are opening our operation sin Vienna early in january. Since broadband is late I need to provide a temporary connection to my building. Can TS2 SPACE send me a proposal for high speed access? Please include contract duration and installation requirements. Thank you.
Vienna Austria
We are moving to this address next month and are looking for fastest A1 Telekom Austria AG unlimited internet options for the house. Please advise
Hello, I need to have A1 DSL or equivalent internet service (1 mbps minimum upload) installed in my grandmother's retirement apartment in Dobling, Vienna. What are the initial and continuing expenses for Internet 8Mbit + TV in HD service? I speak English and Hungarian.
Satellite internet
We search a TS2 SPACE satellite connection for a hotel with 400 to 500 users. Do you have a satellite that can have anough for uploud- and download speed for 60% of the users at the same time. What can you do for us ? Kind regarts Jaemes
Austria ISP database
I need the database of Austria ISP. Including Name, Phone, Email, Address, ISP details, Custom ID, and any other relevant information.
Home Internet in Lambach
Hello, I have a friend in Lambach who needs to have internet service installed in his home. He is over 80 years old, so I am trying to help him. Can Tele2 send details to my email address telling me whom he should contact and how it can be arranged given current restrictions. Thank you, Paul
Provision of broadband service and possibly TV HD
We have an apartment in Zell an See. I have a TV service at present with Salzburg AG and Cablelink. Can A1 Telekom provide a broadband service immediately and TV later?

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