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Be Telecoms home internet in cotonou
We're looking to get broadband internet for our home in akpakpa, cotonou. What do we need to know? an How much is it monthly?
Avoir Starlink
Obtenir internet par Starlink pour mon hôtel
Etisalat UAE internet access
Our company operates in West Africa. The profile of the company is the development, production and maintenance of security systems for objects and territories. we need a satellite channel for transmitting information (data communication). We are looking for a serious provider capable of providing the appropriate service via a satellite communication channel at the state level.
Request 15 to 30 Mbps (average) of internet speed for home use.
Going through the List I saw the Starlink project, How do I order a Starlink service, the process seem unclear to me. Also I want to know the possibilities to have the same service mentioned above in Togo or Ghana.
Connexion haut débit
Je m'appel osias je veus une connexion internet de 10 mbps ...c'est a combien ?
Reliable TS2 SPACE internet to work remotely
Reliable, speedy internet required for video calls and conferences.
Moov Internet
Connexion internet gratuit
inquiry for Be Telecoms Internet Service (Family ADSL)
i want to make inquiry for the cost of installation of internet for home use (Family ADSL) download/upload speed 0.5-1 Mbit/s/256 kbit/s. Aso confirm if the service is unlimited monthly and how many device connections and also let me know if it is wifi enabled or only wired LAN. I am a Nigerian currently residing in zogbou, Cotonou, Benin.
Job application
Good day,I will like to apply as a customer care agent, please how do I apply thanks.
i would like to reactivate Whatsapp bundel for my Benin MOOV telephone number. what are the possibilities?
Urgent response
I need a fibre internet 5mbps....
data plans
Data plans for moov and activation code
Satellite Internet
Hello, I will be on vacation in Benin for a month at the end of December 2018; staying in my apartment. I am looking for a Businesscom Networks high speed throughput internet access around 10Mpbs. I would keep the equipments in place till my next vacation in 6+ months. DO you already have customers in Benin? If so adding me would be fast. If not, what will it take to get eqiuipmwnts in place and connect? Regards, Kuassi
memoire de fin de formation
Our organization here in Benin republic would like to know more about the service and charge. The aim of the business is to provide internet access to customers here.
Achat de forfait et configuration de la connexion par internet
Je suis un particuliers qui désire s'abonner a votre point d'accès Tempest Telecommunications connexion via satellite. Option forfait un mois et les procédures de configurations
Internet Access and speed of upload and download
My router has data and is connected to my device but I never manage to get fast and efficient speed and Access to TS2 SPACE internet
Internet par satellite
Fournisseurs d'accès à Telefónica internet
internet service
Hello, I am inquiring about TS2 SPACE internet service via satellite to Benin> I see vsat has some decent speed. I currently reside in the US Cheers
Internet Service
I live in the United States and I have a friend lives in Benin he want me to.get MainOne internet service for him how do I get internet service for him.
Connection par satelite
Bonjours j'aimerais avoir une connection par Tempest Telecommunications satelite aupres de vous... Je suis un particulier et j'aimerais l'utiliser chez moi et sur mon portable.. Alors le benin fait il partir des pays que vous servez? Si oui alors quel est la solution que vous proposez? Merci
Ich bitte um Angebot für Internet für Benin
Acces internet à domicile.
Je suis au Bénin, J'habite CALAVI précisemment à GLO-DJIGBE J'aimerais savoir combien ca me couterais d'avoir la connection Tempest Telecommunications internet chez moi. Quels sont vos offres ?
Je voudrais avoir une connexion par TS2 SPACE - AfricaSat-1a C-BAND internet
TS2 SPACE - AfricaSat-1a C-BAND
ISP Service
Looking for a good and affordable Businesscom Networks internet service provider in benin republic for my business
Devenir fournisseur d Internet a Haut débit
Je dispose du kit complet Vsat afin de pouvoir distribuer de la connexion internet au Bénin. Dites moi de quoi ai je besoin encore
Internet bandwidth and coverage areaa
Hi, kindly provide TS2 SPACE internet bandwidth plans with cost and coverage areas for all ECOWAS states and ECCAS states. regrads, Adeniran.
internet service req
internet service req
Need internet service to for city wifi services
Hey, My name is Loukmane, I live in San Jose, CA. I'm originally from Bénin West Africa. I'm a FR engineer and i would like to go back home and set up a city wide wifi network. I would like to know is i can use TS2 SPACE service to implement the project. Thank you, Loukmane
internet for residentail
i have a girlfriend that just moved to Cotonou in Benin and i want to have the Tempest Telecom internet installed into her home . i would like high speed internet installed. can you give me the monthly cost for the internet and the cost to install it in her house.
how to get this instal in benin
I am an aspiring entrepreneur, i want to start a internet service provider in Parakou,Benin Republic
connexion internet
Nous cherchons une connexion internet fiable, avec possibilité de regarder des films etc, comment ça fonctionne et comment cela coûterait par mois SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas
Besoin d'accès internet haut débit via Satellite
Bonjour je m'appelle FRANKINY. Je viens aux USA mais j'ai besoin de conseils car j'aimerais ouvrir une entreprise pour fournir la connexion internet et télévision comme la compagnie Comcast et Xfinity aux USA. J'aurais besoin de vos conseils. Merci
internet service
My fiance is on business in Benin and we would like to know how much in US Dollars it would be for weekly daily and monthly Moov service. How many gigs that would be and this would be mobile service so will it go with any carrier and we also use whatsapp. Thank you
achat du service
4 M ADSL and 4 M syncronus business lines
Can you please quote monthly costs for the above, please installation fees in Cotonou and a realistic time frame for installation and activation? This service will be provided to the new Canadian government office soon to be established in Cotonou
STM-1 Capacity required (last mle)
Required is a local partner for terminating up to STM-1 capacity in Benin.
TS2 SPACE connexion à distance
j'aimerais connecté a votre serveur depuis ma maison.
maxnwa star
OCN for business
internet gratuit
Bénin NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Please give me a price on the Businesscom Networks 512 down /128 up . What is the cap and contention ratio?
je veux conection gratuit
internet gratuit crack
Hi, i need cotation of unlimited internet connexion for 20 users. Let me know about the price of equipment and the monthly payment. Best regards.
Dear Sir/, Madam, I would like to know the price of, 1/2/3GB with every other details about their conditions of usage.
Purchase ING-SERVIS tooway Ka SAT consumer
Please I would like to purchase 10GB ING-SERVIS tooway Ka SAT consumer. Could you get back to me with more information and how to purchase. Thanks
Satellite internet plan
Please I would like to purchase 10GB. Could you get back to me with more information and how to purchase. Thanks
naviguer grtuitement
je veux naviguer gratuitement je m'appelle zoulkif et j'habite à cotonou
globacom internet
Internet connexion
Hi, I would like more information (installation price, monthly price, ...) about an Internet (1 Mbps DL / 512 Kbps UL).
benin republique
connexion gratur pour mon apareil
je veux me connecter desormais gratur direct avec satelit
Renseignements généraux sur l'abonnement internet par satellite
Bonjour a vous nous sommes une société béninoise, et nous aimerons connaitre les modalités pour avoir une connexion internet par satellite au bénin pour notre entreprise. Merci de nous renseigner dans les brefs délais. Cordialement l'équipe de US INFORMATIQUE Bénin.
Internet service request with public ip
Dear Provider, We are a busness group name BSI BENIN locate in Benin, and deploying CCTV systems. We are looking for an ISP to provide internet to one of our customers. Kindly provide us with your offers and prices. Looking for your prompt response. Hermes AMOUSSOU. Network Admin.
information sur vos produits
Fourniture internet par vsat
Bonjour, nous une société fournisseur de service informatique, et nous aimerions savoir si il possible de fournir de l'internet à des clients aux Bénin à moindre par votre biais. Nous voulons savoir si ce genre de partenariat est possible avec vous.
application submitted on unscrewing it
I am very interested by your internet Telecom Products offer it the Can serve how many computer station for an option of 1GB. Can I get discount? Do you already have representation in Benin if I think I am the first, and also represent you subscribe to facilitate the flow of your performance and increase your sales. Thank you to answer me in my mailbox xxxx. I speak French
Wifi Internet Connection
I will like to ask for unlimited internet providers in West Africa, Republic Of Benin. It'll be my greatest delight to get connected unto one !!! Thanks
demande wifi connexion
wifi connexion
Internet haut débit pour mise en place de hospot dans une ville
je souhaites mettre en place un hospot wifi dans une vile de mon pays, je prévois une connexion pour 1 000 utilisateurs minimum à la fois. pour une stabilité dans la connexion je souhaite souscrire à une connexion satellite. mon problème et savoir quelle est le package choisir pour pour une bonne connexion j"en ai besoin pour le plan d'affaire
free satellite internet
free internet in Benin
i tant to have satellites internet in my cyber
i would like to join to you.
VSAT Bénin
bonjour je voudrais prendre d'importantes informations à propos de vos service de fourniture d'internet Vsat c'est pour une mission catholique ici au Bénin. merci de vite me répondre, Cordialement.
C-band equipment cost
I wish to have the cost of whole equipment in c-band 1.8m plus shipping cost to Cotonou, Bénin.
Good day , My name is Accrombessi Deo Gratias . I am writing this message as a proposal to open a VSAT office in the Republic of Benin (West Africa) . The internet here is very poor and if you can really offer good connection at a good price then ,you can make a lot of money on the Benin market . Please am serious about my proposal and i would really appreciate you to get back to me so that we can disuss about how this project coud happen . Please if this message is going to the secretary department ,then please sent this message to the director himself ,so he could think about this splendid opportunity and proposal .Please get back to me as fast you can . And please make sure the proposal reaches the directly . I can offer airport assistance so both parties meet up and finalize this project . tel +22996515757 Best regards
VSAT Quotation
I would like to know if you can provide a VSAT connexion to Benin with a 1024 Mbits at what price ?
internet par satellite
Nous sommes une société Béninoise et nous somme intéressée par la connexion internet par satellite. Nous aimerions être l'un de vos distributeur sur place ici au Bénin si vous n'y êtes pas encore représenter. Nous sommes prêts à remplir toutes les conditions nécessaires afin de travailler avec vous dans ce domaine en plein essor au Bénin afin de profiter de cette opportunité commerciale. Merci de bien vouloir nous répondre.


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