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Last Inquiries from Cuba

starlink cuba
Hello dear assistance, is it possible to have the starlink service in cuba? Thanks, best regards. Alessandro
Businesscom Networks contract internet
please send me the most cheap internet offer your companhia has
I would like to know what do i need to be able to connect with your services from Cuba.
internet satelital banda ka
activo internet banda ka
Internet por satélite
TS2 SPACE Internet
Para uso particular
Contratar servicios
Requisitos para la contratación de TS2 SPACE servicios
Internet Satelital.
Brindan este Servicio ?,como funciona ? Que pagos o planes tienen ? Quienes son ustedes ? Donse
Internet satelital en Cuba
Hola estoy interesado en contratar un servicio de internet satelital en Cuba
internet antena parabolica
buenos dias mi nombre es dimitrije vivo en europa y guiero saber si puedo llevar una antena a cuba de tv y internet mi esposa es cubana y yo voy a vivir con ella y nuestros hijos en cuba con respeto
TS2 SPACE Negocio
Tele Columbus Internet Service
just i want to know all services and price what i can have access
Hola, quiero contratar servicio de internet satelital en cuba.
que servicios de internet satelital (isp) puedo obtener
Internet Satelital
Quiero el servicio de internet satelital
ETECSA internet
hola quisiera saber el proceso para adquirir sus serbicios gracias por leer espero su respuesta
VSAT Satellite Broadband
Cual es el TS2 SPACE precio por mes
TS2 SPACE Internet
Como es posible este servicio para Cuba
Buenos dias. Quisiera conocer si es posible para mi país de proveer un ISP y que equipos tendría que utilizar. Saludos.
broadband connection at my home
I need ETECSA internet connection for my home
Broadband connection at home
I need Broadband connection at my home
I need broadband connection at home
I am in need of Citmatel broadband connection at my home
Negwoird day mm
Looking into plans and services for cuba please give me a rate thanks
Buenos días
Hola me gustaria saber que posibilidades tengo de poner Businesscom Networks internet satelital en Cuba para mi familia. Asi como el pago mensual que debo abonar para tal fin.
KREY intetnet para cuba
hola estoy interesado en este plan que tienes 25 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT 0 yo vivo en cuba me puede contactar por el email para ver que equipos tengo que importar .
internet service in Camaquey cuba
needing a price on KREY NETWORKS & COMMUNICATIONS internet service in a residence in Camaquey Cuba.
Internet for Cuba
We provide satellite Internet services for Cuba. We can only provide the service to clients that are not from the PCC, FAR, or a Cuban government official. For more information, please contact:,q-1
satellite equipment (used) for sale in Cuba (1,8m, 4+8Watt BUC, CDM570L, CDM625A, iDirect 5150, LNB's, CISCO)
We have this satellite equipment in Havana, Cuba for sell now dish 1,8m KU Prodelin antenna, Prodelin 4 Watt BUC, KU, Norsat 8Watt BUC, KU, Norsat (new) LNB KU, NJR LNB KU (new, 3 units) Modem iDirect 5150 Satellite Router with iSCPC SW + power supply Comtech CDM570L, 8-PSK, 5M Comtech CDM625A, L-band, 8-PSK, 10M, TPC/LDPC Paradise Datacom, QPSK, serial CISCO 2 x 1841 Cisco, WIC 2 x 2801 CISCO incl. 4ESW Four port 10/100 Ethernet You are interested? Thomas
ofrecen servivio de ETECSA internet para cuba,me pueden explicar todo lo que ofrecen
Internet connectivity options and costs for Willis, Texas
Interested in new affordable service.
collegamento internet via satellite Minimo 20 mega
Possiedo parabola 80 cm diametro utilizzata per vedere dish sat . Vorrei preventivo canone mensile e dati sat per indirizzare parabola . Possibile installazione parabola dedicata internet se non enorme. Habana .Cuba Pagamento mediante addebito bancario italia.
Servicio para cuba
Si se puede contratar Businesscom Networks servicio desde cuba
Satellite internet services
I'm interesting in hire Businesscom Networks internet services in Cuba.
quero comprar internet
quero comprar internet
necesito ETECSA internet de 20 megas es posible en cuba para negocios ETHERNET rates for commercial customers (CUC) Features 20 Mbit/s 20 Mbit/s Negocio de Internet 9,06 mensual
Quote request
I need TS2 SPACE internet access for 11 days only in September in Cuba. Please provide an overall price, download/upload speed, dload limits, equipment rental, etc. Thank you.
Soy yo TS2 SPACE
solicitud de servicio
Hola, me gustaria saber si es posible tener internet via satelital en cuba ya k es demaciada la inconformidad con el servicio k me brinda ETECSA y todo detalle pocible al respecto.
Internet en domicilio privado
Cual seria el tramite y costo de un canal de ETECSA internet a un domicilio privado en la Habana.
Necesito internet
Quisiera saber como puedo tener Businesscom Networks Internet en casa
Instalación de internet en casa
Cómo puedo instalar internet en casa
Eduardo Hernandez Nuñez
Me interesa saber si puedo contratar su Businesscom Networks servisio.
Internet satelital
Donde puede ver informacion de como acceder a alguno de estos servicios de internet satelital, muchas gracias.
OneWeb, BusinessComVSAT;
Solicito número de contacto telefónico o vía e-mail para poder solicitar servicios de Internet en Cuba a estos proveedores o los que sean capaces de brindar servicios de Internet en Cuba.
puedo tener internet en cuba
necesito saber si puedo tener TS2 SPACE internet en cuba por satelite
Posibilidad de contratar sus servicios con posibilidad de pago en Mexico.
Posibilidad de contratar sus Businesscom Networks servicios en Cuba con posibilidad de pago en Mexico.
Satellite internet in cuba
Hello, I'm planning to move to cuba but I need TS2 SPACE satellite internet service so that I can vpn into my work in the United States. What are my options and what is the pricing? Thanks
Need Satellite Solution
Greetings, I am reaching out for information on TS2 SPACE Satellite internet. My company is planning some investments with branches in Cuba. Please reach back at the earliest
Carlos Batista Guerra
Hola necesito saber cuanto me cuesta el TS2 SPACE Internet por satélite.
internet satelital
.. es posible tenr el servicio en cuba?
.. internet satelital cuba.. ... de qu eforma puedo contratar el servicio desde o para cuba?
Satellite internet for car in Cuba
Hello, We need satellite internet access in Cuba for usage from car. Can you advice us something? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Alexey
Internet via Satellite in Cuba
Hello, I would like to know what is the cost of internet via satelite in Cuba for non business client (with or without limit GBs).
internet sat
preventivo per apparecchiature e contratto mensile full TS2 SPACE internet satellitare da 20 a 100 MB da utilizzare a cuba Habana
Satellite Internet in Cuba
I need information to connect to the Internet via satellite in Cuba, that is to say, type of modem, information of the antenna and especially the possible providers to contract service. I make the payment from abroad. Thank you very much in advance.
contratar servicios
nesecito acceso a internet por TS2 SPACE satelite para cuba soy particular es para uso propio
internet connexion
Hi, I will be moving to Cuba for 4 years and will need a performant permanent internet connexion in my residence for my profession. Coud you please let me know quickly what solutions are available and at what price
Servicio de internet
Que equipo funciona en Cuba. Su precio, plan de cervicio al mes con todo,cantidad de MB por segundo todo los dato
Conexión a internet satelital desde Cuba
satellite internet connection availability
I would to know the availability to have TS2 SPACE satellite internet connection in Cienfuegos, Cuba, paying by credit card from abroad. Looking forward you reply. Sincerely, Sergio
satellite internet service
hello, i need to shop for an ETECSA unlimited internet satellite service in Cuba for my girlfriend, looking for a price of up to monthly, can you please tell me the availability and the internet speeds in megabits, please? thank you paolo
Interesado en un proovedor para internet por Satelite
Saludos desde Cuba Estoy interesado en buscar un proovedor para el SES4 servicio de internet por satelite en Cuba. Espero su respuesta.
Satelite internet
Hello there, In september o am going to live in Cuba, and i am interrested in a internetconnetion by satellite Pleas can you inform me if this is possible, and give me some information.
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN
Hi, Would like to get a quote on having TS2 SPACE internet in remote locations such as Cuba. How much per month and what are the costs of equipment and speeds? Regards JC
High speed
Internet speed
Internet satelital
Internet satelital
Internet Service for my beach house in Cuba
Hi, I'm looking for an efficient internet solution to use at my beach house in Havana, Cuba. I´m a spanish citizen and can pay directly from my account in Spain or elsewhere. Would TS2 SPACE have any solution for me? I´m doing holidays with my family right now in Miami, Florida, so you may contact me via email / Please, I´d be really thankful for any reply.
Satellite providers
Necesito internet para cuba en la residencia
One way satellite internet
I'm interested in one way satellite internet in Cuba. Do you have any suggestions?
Requesting data
I am a software developer in Cuba. I wanna know the TS2 SPACE cost of: - needed equipment and - access plan to access Internet from Cuba I just need 2 Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload. I have a friend in Florida who can receive the equipment then send it to Cuba so I just wanna know the numbers ;) Thanks
Internet satellite for cuba
Hi, i need more information for internet Wi-Fi in cuba. Thanks
Satellite internet
Satellite Juch-Tech internet options
Internet Satelital
Nesesito Citmatel internet satelital bibo en cuba
SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas
Internet access
Hi I am in cuba and need reliable TS2 SPACE internet service was wondering if this could be a cheap option
instalar servicio en cuba
... como acceder al TS2 SPACE servicio desde cuba? .. como contratarlo? .. se puede contratar en un tercer pais y traerlo a cuba? sl2
Accès internet
Bonjour TS2 SPACE, avons-nous la possibilité de recevoir internet par satellite à Cuba via vos services, si oui quelles sont les modalités et les tarifs. En vous remerciant. Cordialement
Provvedorr de internet satelital
Hello I am looking for a high speed internet access solution for living and working in Cuba. Thank you.
I want a internet connection
Necesito conección a internet satelital para ocio y lucro
Satellite Internet for my house
Hi! I am Mr. Dampha, a Gambian Diplomat in Havana, Cuba. I need satellite internet at my house in Havana so i want know the cost and requirements. Please i need your reply as soon as possible. Thanks
Service request
Dear, i live in Cuba, i want to know if there are any way to use your internet satellite service in my country. What kinds of equipment i need. and how can buy it. Please, response me A.S.A.P
contratar servicio
deseo contratar servicio de internet satelital para Cuba contactarme a mi email
make anaccount
i want to have an account for internet access.what kind of equipments i will need and i have a credit card.can i use it to pay you.i just need to know everything i need to have my internet connection with your company.
[nternet access
I will be in Cuba from Jan 25th to Feb 29, 2016. What are the costs for a stick or other hardware I can attach to my laptop and receive internet? Thank you
Satelital service
I want to know if I can have a 512kbps satelital internet service in my country, what is the price and where I can buy the equipment needed. Thanks
satellital internet
i want to know the plans and covers that this product gives. thanks
Project Manager
we will have a seismic project in field, i want the install internet in our base camp, can you send me the offer and cantact in cuba?
Internet access with VoIP support
Hi, I move to Cuba for at least 1 year and need an High Speed internet access that have VoIP support. I'm looking for Tooway Ka SAT Business that look affortable for my need but need more informations. Since it located in Cuba, how installation work ? Sales import are restricted and it will probably be hard to find a satellite dish. What is the best solution you can propose me ?
Internet service
Hello, I would like rent an account of internet service from Cuba, and use it well in my home. What i must do in order to get one? What is the offer and the prices? What kind of devices is essential to get the service?
Internet sat
I am loking for internet service
price quote
Hello i need a price and some explication about how that work. Thanks,
Price information
Hello I come back at Cuba in November and I would like to stay connected to be able to work from there what is the price in exemple for 10gig per month ( upload or download ) ? Thanks, David Vigneault
Do you supply satellite network services to NDGTMO Cuba?
Internet Service In Cuba
Hello I'm going to be filming a documentary in Cuba in September and need to continue running my e-commerce business while there. I don't need to do many live feeds but at times need to send up 200 megs of data or make a VOIP phone call. Do you have a service that could do that for Cuba for just a month? Warm Regards, Garvey Rich
Internet Connection in Cuba
Hello, I need to set up an Internet connection in Havana, Cuba. Please let me know if your company can provide this service there, and what would be the costs and equipment needed, thank you.
I need
I need this service plase.....
tv satelital y internet en cuba
hola soy español con residencia en cuba pero pasa temporadas en cuba y en españa y queria saber si puedo conseguir tv satelital y internet en cuba por el mismo sistema cuanto me costaria
me interesa el servicio de internet
hola como puedo obtener el servicio en cuba santiago de cuba
como lo activo
hola tengo el modem aqui en la habana solo me hace activarlo y no se como hacer,ale
DirectPC internet
I need the cose of an equitment directPC and instalation. I live in Habana.
vivo en la habana y tengo el modem satelital y la antena entonces me gustaria saber como puedo encontrar una compañia con un plan para poderme conectar.saludos
request for order
is needed in Havana
Broadband service
I need broadband access for 4k android phones in Cuba from May 15th to November 15 2015
Service in Cuba
HI. I would like to know if this service works in Cuba and what is the requirements and price.
sobre acceso a internet en cuba
Necesito saber si esta señal de internet puede llegar libremente independientemente de la operadora, a un movil en cuba . Hi, I need to know if your internet service can be recivied in a mobile phone in Cuba, from satelite
Interested on internet satellite on Cuba
Hello, My name is Radames, I living on Russia, will spend few months on Cuba and need some way to get internet there, can you guide me how to proceed to make contract and receive this service?
Satellite Internet
in Cuba is required
it is possible to obtain satellite INTERNET in Cuba, which are the terms and costs
Internet for Cuba
Hi, I am traveling to Havana,Cuba and I am wondering if you can provide me internet over there Thanks
contrato de internet
necesito saber si contarto el servicio lo puedo usar en cuba
i need internet in cuba
Hallo, how much would cost me around 5gb internet kit, plus montly payment to use it in cuba,
home connection
Hello how can I set up connection in cuba so that when I am in the united states I can communicate with my family.
internet sat
Hi, I need to create an internet conexion by satellite in Cuba. Is it possible with your device and what is the price? regards
Hi, I want to know if I can with your systems, connect to the internet via satellite. I'd like to know the prices of the equipment and Internet service in Cuba.
i want to installe internet in cuba for my mom,, can i,, yes or no,, what is the price pe rmonth, or what should i do
want to know
helo i m interesting to have internet conection in cuba want to know wht is ur requierment wht i have to do just guide me ..i want to use it for laptop or computer just inform me wht to do thanx
Internet satelital
internet satelital in Cuba
I need internet in cuba for next week
It's possible to get Internet Sat. in cuba next week if I leave for Canada-Quebec ??
como puedo tener un servicio de internet , cual es la mensualidad ?
Que planes de internet puedo tener
Two-way sattelite internet
Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to provide me an internet connection in Cuba. I have got a house there and looking for an opportunity to have a stable broadband internet in there. I should probably mention that I'm high qualified IT specialist with good experience in sattelite products including setting up two-way sattelite dishes. So I would like to know if you can provide me an appropriate equipment and subscribe for your service in that country. Best regards, Roman Clev
internet access
please provide info, set up cost and monthly fee for sat access from Cuba, thanks
i live in canada but i want to get internet in cuba ,, can i get it
Estoy Interesado
Me interesa un plan de no mas de 400 dolares para mi pais, por favor quiero saber que necesito para obtener el servicio.
internet connection
Good morning, I want to know if I can with your systems, connect to the internet via satellite. I'd like to know the prices of the equipment and Internet service in Cuba. Thank you and see you soon. Francesco
questions about necessary equipment
I'm interested to hire your satellite internet services for Cuba, but I need to know the whole equipment i need, since possible types of antenna to satellite modems. Could you help me on it please?
Hi, I´d like information about what are the things that I need to get, to use satellite service in cuba
I want to have satellite internet
I want to have satellite internet from my home is possible?
intrested in orders
I want to have satellite internet from my home is possible?


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