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Denmark has among the highest penetration in mobile sector, while fixed-line sector has continued to see the decline in the revenue while the customers move to the VoIP as well as the mobile alternatives. DSL has remained the major fixed-line broadband platform. The progressive regulatory regime has catalyzed the operator access to both the copper as well as the fiber networks. The fiber networks have a very fast growing footprint, while the number of the community, as well as the metropolitan schemes, have been able to supplement TDC’s commitments to be able to build fiber.

This company is almost completing the cable footprint upgrade to DOCSIS3.1 standard that is going to enable close to 65% of the premises across this county to be able to access the services of 1Gb/s or even higher. In late 2017, regulator went ahead and reviewed the wholesale access regulation imposed on the TDC’s fiber infrastructure in various areas where the alternative operators have been able to build the networks and hence there is very effective competition.

The mobile market has continued to show a very steady development, and this is despite the high penetration rates. Development has been able to stimulate by the consumer demand for the data services based on wide availability of the LTE services. The operators used 700MHz digital dividend spectrum is for the mobile broadband, and this is going to aid government meeting the broadband coverage targets in remote areas. This report goes ahead and assesses key aspects of Danish telecom market, that present the data on fixed network services sector and profiles of major operators. Danish market has been expected to grow in the coming years.

It also does analyze the market statistics as well as reviews main regulator issues including the interconnection, number of portability, local loop unbundling and the carrier preselection. Also, the report covers fixed as well as the fixed wireless broadband markets, and this includes the assessment of developments with numerous technology platforms as well as the subscriber forecasts. This report also does provide the analysis of mobile market, and this includes the latest regulatory developments, development of the mobile data services as well as operator strategies. Some of the key companies that have been mentioned in the report include 3 Denmark, Lycamobile, TDC, Telia Denmark, ECI Telecom, Nordisk Mobiltelefon, Telenor Denmark, DLG Tele, Stofa, YouSee, TRE-FOR. 

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