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Proveedor de wifi
Hola tengo unos 50 clientes y dependo de altice para dar servicio que me pueden ofrecer para ser independiente
Tricom Home Internet
I live near San Cristobal, Niza Arriba and I need dependable home internet. I have tried others and the coverage is very poor where I live.
Starlink Hi-speed Wireless internet and voip phone
we are going to Dominican Republic this winter and will be travelling with laptop and i-pad over the whole island and need hi speed wireless with 24-7 access to internet and thus ability to use voip phone as well
Starlink SpaceX
who provides the installation,I'm interested i'm in sosua
to connect morethan 50 people
TS2 SPACE - NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Farm needs stable Starlink internet connect
I am working on a farm in a part of the island with no cellular service in the Greater Santo Domingo Area. Our farm would benefit greatly from a relable high speed internet service. Our current service is spotty at best and is an antenan.
Starlink Internet
Instalación de Internet
I would like to set up internet at my apartment in Cabarete. Can you help?
internet reseller ISP
Dear, i want to know if Starlink SpaceX is selling internet over Dominican republic. how it work?
rural area
rural area
Businesscom Networks Internet
Deseo internet en mi casa cual sería el costo y si operan en República Dominicana
Starlink Pricing Inquiry
Hatillo Azua de Compostela need best internet available please send me price options and equipment needed thank you.
Internet Empfang
me interesa TS2 SPACE intenet
me gustaria saber mas sobre ustedes y la estavilidad disponivilidad
Starlink Availability
Is Starlink available in the Dominican Republic?
hi speed TS2 SPACE internet
i want to know how much is to have hi speed internet in haina sancristobal domincan republic
TS2 SPACE Internet satelital
Precio/Velocidad en el territorio de la República Dominicana.
Claro Wifi Upgrade In. Las Terrenes
I live in the Alligio Condo Complex in Punta Popi, Las Terrennes. I am interested in upgrading my internet.
poner internet CODETEL services
internet que funcione rapido y no se degrade
Para reventa
ONEMAX Fixed Symmetrical Internet
Nos interesa velocidad de 1giga dedicado
Hola tengo una pequena red de unos 25 clientes quiero saber los precios para 200MB
Claro Fixed Internet for End Use 100-40 Mbps buy
I'm looking to connect internet to my home and wanted to know the price for 50mb speed. Thank you
Claro Mobile Internet
Need Internet service
need TS2 SPACE internet high speed
I'm in the DR and I need to be able to transfer videos to and from. Need good upload speed.
fast Tricom internet
I am looking for fast internet to upload and download. Living in Santo Domingo. I would like to know prizes, speed and time of the contract.
Internet satelital
solicitud de disponibilidad y precio...
TS2 SPACE informacion
cual es la velocidad maxima brindada en la zona norte de republica dominicana provincia monseñor nouel
TS2 SPACE Intenet
How may I get 100mbits service in Santiago. Dominican Republic and what's the price. Thank you
SES4 Servicio de internet satelital en casa
Me gustaria saber si ofrecen servicios de internet satelital en la Caleta Santo Domingo Este. Quiero saber los planes y los precios por favor.
TS2 SPACE Tarifas del servicio
Estoy interesado en la velocidad que ofrecen y me gustaría saber más de sus servicios
Triple Play MAX (Tricom)
Internet Claro
Internet Claro
pricing on Businesscom Networks satellite internet
need price for satellite internet services in playa coson dominican republic
possible to get Claro 50 down 10 up and how much
just wondering if it's possible to get something like that because I want to be streaming and not only that but how much before and after contract.
Precios para Reoublica Dominicana
Que precios y numero de contacto para Republica Dominicana
Claro Mobile Internet
internet satelital y clable dth
Saludos buenas me gustaría adquirir un internet satelital para distribución
Afghanistan Faiz Satellite Communications Internet
Saber precio y como funciona la intalacion
Quiero saber si pueden suplirme internet
TS2 SPACE internet satelital
quiero saber los precios para el internet satelital en el pais
inernet dedicado para reventa
Fibra optica
Claro 36/5
nesesito internet satelital para monseñor nouel
necesito internet satelital para monseñor Nouel preferible mente 100 mbits
Para internet en mi casa en arroyo hondo santo domingo
I need high speed internet we just moved to ocean village in Sosua Dominican Republic
Costo del servicio
Estoy interesado en conocer el costo del servicio en Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana
El mejor Claro servicio de el mercado
necesito internet y cable
internet y cable
I would like to know what internet services Ziyo provide in the Dominican Republic
I need TS2 SPACE internet services in Santiago Dominican Republic
Tricom Internet
Hello my name is actress Claire i am a youtuber I live in Santiago de Los caballeros I need a fast internet service I tried claro Altice and other private services none of them work for me I use with high speed internet from Usa It’s difficult for me here as a youtuber
Hola quiero saber cuáles son los planes de internet en mega. Soy un joven emprender en busca de informacion
Satelital Internet Service on RD Bavaro
We are looking for a supplier of satelital internet for a residence located on Bavaro close to punta cana. Could TS2 SPACE support me?, we need to have this service a soon as possible. Regards,
Tricom Plan
Yo quiero un plan Tricom Home Internet
Hi,can you send me SpaceX internet offers per month? Thanks
Hi, can you send me Businesscom Networks internet offers per month? Thanks
I need an internet cable (fiber optica)
Tricom Home Internet
Good morning, My business partners and I are interested in setting up a business in the Dominican Republic Puerto Plata area North Coast in within the next six months and wanted to offer high speed internet services to our customer base via WiFi. Is Space X available to use in this compacity? If so what packages do you offer for monthly service. What is the highest bandwidth you offer with? What are the payment terms for said service? Thank you
nesesito SpaceX internet
Full Mesh TDM (by Turkcell S.)
Onemax Home Internet
I need a fiber optic, of at least 15 mb down and 3 ups. I am located in Jardines de Engombe, Bayona, Santo Domingo Oeste.
Tienen servicio de Juch-Tech internet satelital para higuey. si lo tienen cual seria y su costo
Internet ilimitado
Saludos, vivo en un campo de Monseñor nouel y me gustaría saber cual es el precio y si se ofrece el servicio para hogares particulares. Gracias!!
internet satelital
como obtener internet en la casa internet satelital how to get internet at home satellite internet
TS2 SPACE Internet 100 MB
Hola quiero comprar 200 megas de velocidad de internet
Internet satelital
Estoy interesado en una linea de internet satelital de TS2 SPACE 100mb, me gustaria saber sus precios
Hi Claro Dominicana, I am interested in getting a hotspot wifi in restauracion. Please let me know if you can offer services in that area. Thank you, Alpha
I am interested in internet service with Tricom.upload speed 2 download speed 10. Do I have to sign a contract for 18 months or can I just pay monthly while I use the service?
Internet para revender
Necesito saber cuantos megas me brindan para el pueblo de villa riva TS2 SPACE
Internet de alta velocidad
Deseo informacion hacerca de internet de alta velocidad. Resido en la San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. quiero saber si ustede tienen covertura para esta area. Thanks
Wanting to put internet in my new home
Hi I'm moving into puerto plata and will like Claro internet in my house. Something fast strong and reliable. Maybe a business line? I will like to set up installation for November 12th
informacion sobre internet
saludos, me gustar[ia saber informacion sobre como ustedes me podr[ian suministrar internet de buena velocidad para yo distribuir en mi zona
Necesito un TS2 SPACE internet el cual me permita jugar y hacer streeming y que mi ping o latencia no sobre pase los 50ms, aparte para subir videos y hacer directos, no importa el precio. Creen que haya algo que pueda cubrir mi demanda? REALMENTE LO NECESITO!!
Cuanto paga TS2 SPACE 100mbps
Internet 100 mbt
Quiero intermet por satelite 100×100
For TS2 SPACE !00mps Speed in Dominican Republic
New internet hook up
Hello, My husband and I recently bought a house just outside of Las Terrenas in Los Puentes and we would like to hook up Claro internet. There is mo phone line accessible to the house, we will either need a Hotspot or satellite service. We require a large gigabyte 150 or more with a speed fast enough to download Netflix. Can you suggest a way to make this happen, with options on package prices? Thank you, Gillian
We have a small call center in the DR and poor internet is killing us
We need a backup TS2 SPACE internet to support the local infrastructure which often does not provide enough bandwidth or is down totally. Can you help?
Need service in Santiago
I have a small call center office in Santiago, Claro is often down, can Tricom provide service?
We have a small call center in the DR and poor internet is killing us
Is Businesscom Networks solution a reasonable addition to our current internet from Claro? It goes out often and it killing our business.
Home internet
I need a fast reliable Claro connection for my home. Something that is compatible with online gaming.
Home internet
Home internet
Hola, cual es la velocidad máxima disponible? en el internet satelital y cual es el precio? Saludos.
reventa de datos
Wireless home internet
I would like a quotation on Wireless Tricom home internet at 10 mbps with no data limits
My hubby has Claro how can I purchase him internet for his phone while I’m in the us online
Hi we are interested in SpaceX hi speed internet
Hi we are a new company trying to grow we believe we can possibly do it together
Hi we are interested in hi speed internet
USA Choice Internet Services - Rocket Wireless
Dominikte bir arkadaş için internet paketi yükleyeceğim
Arkadaş hemen paketen yararlanabilir.mi .? Claro Additional Prepayment /Control Internet packages 200MB - 3GB
Need Internet connection 100 mps
Home services
I want internet in my home
Tricom Home services
I live in Dominica republic and want to set up my home
Necesito saber los precios de los planes de internet
saludos quiero saber todo sobre los servicios de TS2 SPACE Internet satélial
Internet 10 mb
Hola buscamos una solucion para servicio a clientes en Europa. Businesscom Networks 10 MB seria suficiente Planeamos una Oficina en Haina, El Carril donde no hay ficho o fibre. Como es la cobertura an caso de nubes y lluvia. Saludos Sánchez (actualmente trabajamos en España/Andalucia)
internet banda ancha
quisiera una cotizacion de un servicio de Neptuno Networks internet banda ancha.
Estoy interesado
Quiero aprender a vender internet
Internet 100mb/s
Cotización de Intenet
Cotización de Intenet
Cost for triple play in us dollars
Hello I have an apartment in puerto plata. What is the cost for Triple Play MAX (Tricom) - tv internet and phone in us dollars
Satellite internet installation and service on North Coast
Tricom Home Internet Inquiring on the cost to install a satellite dish on my house near Enquentro Beach located between Sousua and Cabarette so I can have internet. Please let me know cost and monthly plans available Thanks Vaughn
Satelite service
What is the max speed in the Dominican Republic? Do you have satellites that can go on a small boat with a modem?
Satelite service
Looking for TS2 SPACE 100Mbits service in the dominican republic. On your website it says you provide that service. Wanting to make sure you provide for this area.
Order Home Internet
I would like to order Tricom Home Internet 30 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s ,98 monthly at Caribe Campo / Terraza Tropimar Sosua Dominican Republic What do I do?
Fast Internet in Condo
I need fast internet in my condo Terraza Tropimar Caribe Campo. What is the fastest download speed I can get and how much per month? I need it until April 16.
Internet Service High Speed
1. Do you service Caribe Campo, Sosua? 2. I need high speed internet (no other services) 3. I own a NEXXT Solutions router so prefer not to have to pay for another one. 4. How much per month for 100 mbps download? 5. How much for installation? 6. How do I pay you? 7. When could you come to install?
can i get 100 mb through satelite in dominican republic ?
How does the Internet work?
I wanna know how does the TS2 SPACE Internet work and, how much I have to pay for it.
Hummingbird Express Satelite office
Looking to setup a Businesscom Networks home satellite office in Boca chica Dominican Repiblic
Internet cable
Tricom For business and home. 56# calle daurte arenoso via riba San Francisco de macori need price.
quiero este servicio para mi casa, de cuanto seria la mensualidad?
Need new TV and Internet connection in Las terrenas, DR
Hi, i need a new Claro Dominicana TV and Internet correction In Las Terrenas DR Thanks Satish
Internet and cable service in Las Terrenas.
Puedes arregulo internet y cable en Las Terrenas? Por favor avisa.
Internet service for home
What would be the monthly cost Claro Dominicana - Fixed Internet for End Use 100-40 Mbps internet service?what is the process of the installation?
Hi-Speed Internet
Looking for Tricom hi-speed internet for my business located in my home. I'm located in Jarabacoa
Traveller looking for internet provider
What are Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network plans, and how much does it cost.
Claro Dominicana - Fixed Internet for End Use 100-40 Mbps
How receive a One way Satellite INternet
Hi, i have a DVB-S2 card already installed on my computer and a dial-up conection, how can i receive a one way internet satellite service. Thanks for your help
I want 100mb satellite internet
I would like to know the pricing of TS2 SPACE satellite internet for the dominican republic.
local ISP
We would like to build a local internet network for around 100 recipients. Network location Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. We want to achieve a good quality connection. Gregor
Internet Service
Triple Play MAX (Tricom) 100 Mbit/s 5 Mbit/s Home Internet ,18 monthly
I need a E1 CODETEL connection for my business, how long does it take for the install and how much is the cost.
internet para laptop
necesito información sobre Claro Dominicana internet para una laptop, un periodo de 15 días.
Hi speed satellite WiFi
Small business and residence on mountain ridge overlooking Puerto Plata
solicitud del servicio a internet 100 mega
hola mi nombre es: jesus joseph feliz. y estoy solicitando TS2 SPACE internet 100 mega, no obstante esto quiero tambien saber cual es el precio del internet y donde poder contactar lo aqui en republica dominicana
Por favor me puedes mandar me un numero telefono para llamar para mas informacion
Internet service
We need an Natcom internet service with at least 5 to 6 Mbps uplink for 2 or 3 days, should be not fixed in case we want to move to another place in port au prince, please send me a quote with the price and different options including a wifi router in order to connect our cell phones.
Internet satelital
Necesito TS2 SPACE - SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas internet en área apartada para transmitir data y video
satalite internet
Hi i am juan from dominican republic . i would like to no the prices of TS2 SPACE cheapest satalite internet service that you provide i would allso like to no how i can become an internet provider here in my country for your company .thank juan
100 mega
Hola quiero TS2 SPACE 100 mega salellital
Hola Cuál es la velocidad máxima que venden ? Están disponible en cualquier parte del país? Cuales son los requisitos para solicitar por lo menos un servicio de TS2 SPACE 100 mb ? Si son tan amable de responderme por what sapp se lo agradecería ya que mi correo estoy teniendo inconveniente para abrir gracia (
TS2 SPACE Internet mit min. 50/50 oder 100/100 in Haina El Carril
Internet access
Looking to have TS2 SPACE internet in our house in Partido, Dajabon, Dominican Republic.
Solicitud de internet por satelite
Quiero solicitarle TS2 SPACE 100mega de internet para yo distribuirlo
internet + Public Ip /29
Hello We are contruction compagnie and we are looking for Tricom Fiber connection with public IP /29 for our site
I currently live in the dominican republic and i want to live in a rural area and still teach english online by video to students in china. Is SpaceX a service I could obtain? If so what are the rates and availability?
20 mg upload
Hello: I just interviewed for a job in China and, if I'm accepted will need Businesscom Networks 20mg download and 20mg upload. Do you have a service that offers that? Equally important, if you do have that service how much does it cost. Please email me. Thank. I hope to hear from you soon. Anxiously awaiting your reply, George
Installing internet home service
We purchased a house in the Dominican Republic near Encuentro Beach and would like to get fixed Claro Dominicana internet service installed. What is the charge to install the internet in the house? We will be at the house in July. Could installation occur during this time period? If so how much warning do you require to have an installation agent available to provide install services? We are thinking the 20 Mbps package Please get back to me with estimates Thanks Vaughn
consulta de precio
saludo cuanto se paga por TS2 SPACE 100 mega en Internet
Home internet
Quiero instalar Claro Dominicana internet en la casa en República Dominicana pero es el campo en el hoyito San José de las Matas y quiero saber si ustedes ofrecen servicio en esa área gracias
Internet para una casa en Zona rural
Hola, es que necesito una coneccion a TS2 SPACE internet en una zona donde no hay lineas de cableado y los wifi no funcionan. Seria por Satelite no?
internet satelital
Hi, How much is to set up an TS2 SPACE internet in Uvero Alto?
Upgrade possibility for Jose Gabriel Garcia, 124 (Santo Doming)
Kindly reach out at your earliest convenience to discuss upgrade options for high speed internet. I'm interested in increasing the speed to at least 25 upload and 5 download and was wondering which packages Tricom have. Thanks in advance! ~Greg
Internet satelital
Internet satelital
Solicitud 100 Mbit
Me gustaría saber si tengo disponibilidad en mi zona para 100 MB, Mi ubicación es la siguiente: Provincia Seibo, Municipio Miches.
Internet satelitar precio
quisiera saber cuales son los planes y como funciona el TS2 SPACE Internet satelitar
Satellite & VSAT
What is the price, bandwidth and the hardware needed for remote locations connections to the Internet (120 miles from Santo Domingo)?
Hola me gustaria saber el costo mensual del TS2 SPACE servicio.
Service availability
I would like the 5 Mbs dowload and 1 Mbps upload with a total transfert monthly of 5 Go. Do Claro Dominicana offer that service in Imbert ?
megustaria saver cuales son los requisito para odtener dicho OneWeb servicio
estoy intresado en utilisar este servicio de SpaceX internet. megustaria que me suminitren las informacion de los requisito que hay que tener pora que ustedes puedan dar dicho servicio.
Hi, I need your help for selecting a Businesscom Networks satellite internet option. What can you offer to set up a small internet business in the Dominican Republic?
Hi, I am interested in buying a parabola for a TS2 SPACE internet excellent access for business. Any recommendations?
julio perez
soy de Republica Dominicana, estoy interesado en el servicio de Internet satelital, quiero saver en cuanto me sale el servicio ilimitado con 10 MB de velocidad sin degradarse la velocidad. por favor dame repuesta, espero por su respuestas.
Call me please
I want to put Claro Dominicana - Fixed Internet for Immediate use 10-20Mbps in my house
Quiero TS2 SPACE internet de 5 mega, en cuanto sale la instalación y la mensualidad con impuesto incluido.
Solicitud información
Saludos, desde República Dominicana quisiera saber el precio y la instalación del Businesscom Networks servicio satelital
internet satelital
Buenas Necesito un servicio estable de TS2 SPACE internet
Home internet and wi fi
I am inquiry about the price for Triple Play MAX (Tricom) home internt in the dominican republic. My First name is Nicola
looking for reseller partnership
Hi, We are a managed IT company based out of Toronto, Canada looking to build partnership with TS2 SPACE broadband service providers in Dominican republic and neighboring countries to provide high speed reliable internet for guest wifi at hotel properties. Please let me know what your tarif is like Thanks, Arj
10 mb
Necesito precio
Internet satelital
Cuales son los planes que ofrecen y el costo
Quería saber como funcióna esto
Como funciona estw servicio a 1unen es que se le paga y precio total
Internet satelitar
necesito saber que me cuesta adquirir Juch-Tech Inc. Internet por satélite en mi localidad, necesito adquirir una red delicada de internet.
Internet service in Santo Domingo
I live in Nj but I want to put Clara internet in my mother’s house in Santo Domingo. I would like to pay the bill from here.
Posible instalacion
Nos gustaria conversar para aclarar algunos puntos relacionados a una TS2 SPACE - SES4 instalacion de esta naturaleza. Gracias
Internet satelital
Buenas, estamos interesados en cotizar servicios de Businesscom Networks internet satelital en la ciudad de Santo Domingo. Favor indicarnos disponibilidad y precios. Tambien tiempo de instalacion y como funciona el soporte. Gracias Johanny
Hola Quiera conocer mas acerca su TS2 SPACE internet satelital
quiero saver si ofrense OneWeb internet para residersia
Dominican Republic Effort
I would like to have the fastest TS2 SPACE internet speed possible installed for my home office in Dominican Republic.
Home Internet
I am seeking Tricom internet for my new apartment in Punta cana Dominican republic.
Solucion de Internet Satelital para zona rural en Republica Dominicana
Estoy interesado en conocer si ustedes ofrecen alguna solucion TS2 SPACE satelital para obtener internet, en una zona rural de Republica Dominicana. De ser positiva la respuesta, que tarifas y velocidades de down y up ofrecen. Saludos, Carlos
¿Qué tipo de Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN servicio puede ofrecernos?
Planes de internet satelital
Saludos, Deseo saber el costo de los planes de internet que venden y costos adicionales
por que tanto misterio?
por favor solo digan como funciona, como se instala, donde se paga, es por velocidad o capacidad, cual es la velocidad, planes?
Necesito saber que me costaría poner internet Vis satélite en san Cristóbal República Dominicana
interesado en adquirir servicio de internet de 100mb
buenas, me gustaria adquirir un servicio de internet de 100mb y cuales serian los requisitos
solicitud plan 20 mb
hola quiero adquirir un plan de 20 mb
Nesesito asistencia
Sobre el internet
Me interesa
Hola me interesa el internet
Need 10/5 internet service
need service asap
Price and functionality of satellite internet services
Hello my name is Luis, I am curious to know the pricing of the TS2 SPACE services you offer in the Dominican Republic, also is there a limit on usage?
Need to get emergency Internet service for a business network for several Dominican business we support
We have an urgent requirement to get business SpaceX Internet services back up to several business clients in the Dominican Republic. We can set up a satellite earth station if that is required. Please have someone contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Need to get emergency Internet service for a business network for several Dominican business we support
Businesscom Networks We have business data networks that require Internet connectivity to work properly. We need to establish immediate Internet service, via satellite if possible, for several sites in the country. We can set up and install earth stations as needed. Please have someone contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Internet por satélite o parabola
Quiero saber los TS2 SPACE planes y precios de los mismos
Internet SAT
Me interesa saber precios mensajes del TS2 SPACE servicio y costo de instalación
Neptuno Networks - Managed Solutions: Wireless LAN, VoIP, Wi-Fi, Data Center in Puerto Rico
Internet service
SpaceX Broadband Satellite
home internet
need home internet
Fixed Internet for Immediate use 10 Mbps (24,50 Euro)
Yo vivo en Cabarete. Y quería saber si puedo comprar este plan aquí en Cabarete en Claro? Y el Internet sin cables? Atentamente, Joachim
price request
could you give me the price per month for TS2 SPACE VSAT Satellite Service 100Mbit/s download , 100Mbit/s upload , Satellite & VSAT with all the available data per month , + any installation cost , and contract requirement
Roberto Duran
me intereza instalar su servicio
Precios y tipos de servicios
Saludos me gustaria saber cuales son los TS2 SPACE servicios que estan ofreciendo en la republica dominicana y cuales son las condiciones bajo las cuales ofrecen los servicios
Me gustaría saber precios y ofertas para tener OneWeb internet en casa en san Cristóbal República Dominicana
Necesitaría saber precios y condiciones para tener Businesscom Networks internet en casa vía satélite en san Cristóbal República Dominicana
Buenas necesito información para internet por satélite
Buenas me gustaría saber las condiciones y precios para instalar TS2 SPACE internet via satélite en mi casa en san Cristóbal República domininica Gracias
Conexion internet
Estimados, quiero saber el precio para una conexion Businesscom Networks satelitar internet en Republica Dominicana a San Rafael de Cabrera Gracias Saludos Sandro
Conexion internet
Estimados, quiero averiguar como puedo tener conexion internet ilimitada en mi casa en San Rafael de Cabrera donde no hay telefonos fijos y movil hay solo Claro. Quiero saber si hay alguna forma de conexion en satelitar y los gastos Gracias Sandro
Nesecito su servicio de Broadband BGAN interne satelitar
Internet in Bavaro
Looking to set up a service at my home an Barbara.
Necesito un servicio de TS2 SPACE internet con buena velocidad
Satellite Service Internet
Good Afternoon, Please quote internet service for caribbean area. Dominican Republic 20mb / 5mb, or your best velocity... if TS2 SPACE have it unlimited services much better. Thanks,
Internet in Bavaro
Would like to know if I can get Claro service ( internet and tv) Address La Altogracia, Bavaro, Cocotal villa Thx Lena
Internet para el hogar
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN
Pricing and equipment needed
Hi I have a summer home in the moca mountains of Dominican republic, i am interested in TS2 SPACE satellite internet. Thanks,
Internet service in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic
I would like to explore available options for high speed Claro internet service in Las Terrenas. 10mbps upload and 10mbps download minimum, 25-50 preferable.
Suplidor de servicios de TS2 SPACE Internet
internet satellite
i would to get and bring TS2 SPACE internet satellitar in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Me interesa un servicio de internet extable en un campo de barahona
Internet rates and Service
Do Neptuno Networks offer internet service in the La Romana area of the Dominican Republic? Please provide me rate and cost information if so.
wi fi hotspot
Hi I will be in the dominican republic Las Terrenas june 22 thru june 28 and puerto plata june 28 thru july 10, 2017. How much would a mobile Claro hotspot for my tablet to connect to cost? Where would I purchase it? Vinny
fixed internet service
i like to inquire about fixed internet service in salinas de Bani, provincia Peravia. Dominican Republic residential use, how many plans do you have and what type of service.
satellite internet service
I am having trouble with a service of a small satellite that is supplied by Codetel in Dominican Republic. I want to know a quote of a TS2 SPACE satellite service with 100 mbps. Claro does not supply internet service in the area I reside. I may be able to help you to get customers as well if the service is good. I am supposedly supplied 10 mbps and is is usually no more than 5 mbps through the day. Giovanni
become internet provider
i would like to become a internet satelite provider in my country dominican republic,o-1324
Economical and reliable internet service
I am looking at options for internet service in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic what are the options, pricing and speed of service. Thanks Rick
Willy Ramirez
TS2 SPACE Satelital Internet up to the mountains close to Haiti borders
Internet Service Desired
I need Claro Internet service at a building next to Carretera Sanchez, KM 1.5, Quisquella, Azua. This is a secured area known as the Residence & is a high school run by the Diocese of Orlando. Please contact me regarding Internet options. I saw on you website 100 Mbps download with 10 Mbps upload for .50. That would be perfect! Regards, Larry
Me interesa poner Internet satelital
Quiero poner pero quiero sabe el costo de instalaciones y TS2 SPACE paquete de dato que tienen.
Me interesa poner Internet satelital
Hola que tal.? Me gustaría poner TS2 SPACE Internet satelital para reevender a otro persona cual es el costo de este producto
High Speed Internet in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Hello, does Tricom provide high speed internet in the city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Thanks, Scott
Internet in Dominican Republic for Streaming / devices
Hello I would like to know if TS2 SPACE cover all of Dominican Republic for wifi and telephone. The towns name is bonoa
usted tiene servicio en veron punta cana ? necessito internet de minimum 10 mbps/2mbps
hola me gustaria saber los precios de instalacion de sus TS2 SPACE servicios para internet residencial en la republica dominicana, 1 cual es el costo de instalacion? 2. como es el contrato? 3. la estabilidad del servicio?
Region Pedernales possible?
Please let me know if the Triple Play MAX (Tricom) connection can be maid in Oviedo (Pedernales). If so, I would like to know if I can arrange the connection for my family in Oviedo. I live in Belgium and I am once per year for 1 month in Oviedo. Tricom max. Please let me know by mail. Thank you.
unlimited downloads
Hi Does Tricom offer a package with unlimited downloads? We are buying a place near Sosua and need that to support our website and communications with family back in Canada. Thanks Gary
unlimited downloads
Claro Dominicana - Fixed Internet for End Use 100-40 Mbps
Can TS2 SPACE offer service and hardware for satellite based internet connection high speed and high data volume in Domnincan Republik?
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de OneWeb internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de Juch-Tech internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de Businesscom Networks internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
unlimited Internet
I would like to have Businesscom Networks unlimited internet at my home in the samana peninsula in the dominican republic and would like to know how much it would cost to have wireless internet.
Internet in Matanza
I live in Campo Mar, Matanza. I am looking to purchase a reliable, high speed internet service that is affordable.
Satellite internet access
Please provide subscription information for me to use Businesscom Networks satellite internet service. I would specifically like coverage to include Dominican Republic. Thank you.
Wi-fi service
Can Claro Mobile provide wi-fi service in Cabarete D.R. For a period of 18 days? I will be at Ocean Dream on the beach. What would the cost be? I will be there 1/20 thru 2/4/2017 and need to have wi-if. Thank you and hav a good day! Kathy
OneWeb Eligibility
Prix pour internet
Allo, j'aimerais savoir combien pourrait coûter le Businesscom Networks service pour cabrera en république Dominicaine? À qui oui-je parler en français si possible ou en anglais. Merci
Interested in Sat Internet
I am building a new home in a area without good internet service. I'm interested in high speed TS2 SPACE Sat Internet to stay connected with my business interests.
Cable service
How to get Tricom cable service in dominican republic.
Necesito internet de alta velocidad
Necesito TS2 SPACE internet de alta velocidad y que sea estable
regarding internet service chips
Hello I like to know if TS2 SPACE can provide internet data package using a SIM CHIP for Portable Devices in the Dominincan republic. Also I like to know if you have a portal that I may control the chip and how much usage. Do you provide a data plan that I can share among separate chips for multiple devices using a portion of the band ? what is the price for 1GB of Band usage ? what is the download speed and upload speed ? will this SIM CHIP work on devices over 3G and 4G Band? if so GSM LTE TDD FDD and what MHz ?
Residential Satellite internet
I recently bought a house near the monutainsnof puerto plata and has no internet service with any providers in the area I was advised to install satellite internet. Please send me a quote or any information needed to provide me with one. The house is in Muñoz, puerto plata in front of plata dorada complex Urbanización praderas doradas.
internet request
I would like to know the plan TS2 SPACE company has to offer in the dominican republic, I am really interested because i live in the outskirt of Juan Dolio, Dominican republic. please get in touch with me as soon as possible. thank you
Satellite internet request
I need to know if is possible to have an Businesscom Networks installation in the domincan republic and how much would be the cost
Just an exploratory question - what is TS2 SPACE pricing for service in the Dominican Republic?
We are moving 20 minutes outside of cabarete Dominican republic and we need the best business pack for our farm. Can you please give me a TS2 SPACE price and what is offered.
Satellite communications
We purchased property in the Monte Plata Dominican Republic & need to get TS2 SPACE Satellite access for phone & internet.
We want a reliable ISP for home use, email, Programme and TV streaming, 24hrs.24. We live in La Granja, Las Terrenas.
I want a Satellite based !SP using K band for domestic use, we want Email, streaming of TV internet, research facilities and telephone. We live in the La Granja area of Las Terrenas
tooway Internet
Para uso personal
Details about internet connection hight speed
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Dear Sirs, We are interested in purchase 4 complete system for our office and homes. We are seeking to know more about your satellite Internet service as we are very much interested. We are seeking to use this in St Maarten and Dominican Republic. Please advise your rate for the system for monthly service etc. Thanks Alex
Inernet access
I would like to know package for TS2 SPACE internet access on my country, i would like from 10MB to 20MB download and upload from 2 MB up, let me know thanks.
Satellite internet
Hello interested if TS2 SPACE have a solution for our country
VSAT Satellite Service from the field
Hi, We are developing an irrigation Project in the Dominican Republic. There should be, in a while, the need to two ways transfer data between the HQ and surveying crew on the field. The surveying crew would be using Total Station. Which are our best options?
Hi, My name is Larry Young. I'm working with the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, FL. We sponsor several schools in the Dominical Republic and we are trying to provide affordable Internet service to these schools. We are working at the following locations: School Location High School Azua, Dominican Republic Middle School Los Frios, Dominican Republic Primary School Los Frios, Dominican Republic Primary School Montazo, Dominican Republic Since this is mission work, we obviously have a limited budget. Can you please tell me the initial setup costs and the on-going monthly costs to install Internet service at the above locations. The affordable bit rate appears to be KU-band at 512 kbit/sec upload and 128 kbit/sec download. Can you please explain the FAP ration of 20:1? I assume it’s a contention ration that basically states that if there were 20 users we would need to divide the available bandwidth by 20 to determine the individual bandwidth. Is that correct? Regards, Larry
internet via satellite in Cabrera Dominican Republic
I like to install internet via satellite in my house in Cabrera Dominican Republic please have someone to contact me for details
hola quiero comprar una ip de australia pero vivo en republica dominicana
I want to have more information about de bandwidth you offer and the price of it.
I would like to have imformation about internet access through satellite
Internet for Reselling
I live in Dominican Republic in a far community. This community is growing permanently and needs an efficient internet service. I would like to participe with you as an ISP around these zones all around Dominican Republic
Estimados señores: estoy interesado en adquirir servicio de internet y señal satelital para un pvr
Estoy viviendo en Santiago de los Caballeros y necesito servicio constante, rapido y que no se caiga la señal. Gracias
Leonardo Brigio
Hola , Hago seguido a lo que OS he pedido antes , para agragar que deseo , si posible una concezione "illimitada".... Por lo tanto , deberian tener presente esto pedido tambien . Gracias . Leonardo Brigio .
Leonardo Brigio
Hola, deseo un presupuesto para enstalar en mi casa en Rep. Dominicana ciudad : Boca Chica , calle Caoba n. 12 el internet satelitar , el MAS veloz posible como consumador particular. Mi correo es : . Mi tel. Es : 849 249 5095. Ahora estoy en Italia , però da el dia 5 setiembre estare' a casa en Rep. Dom. Espero , por lo tanto , Vs. Comuniciones y contactos de parte de Vs. eventuali partner local. Mucha gracias . Distintamente , Leonardo Brigio
Mirar el universo
Republica dominica
internet satellite
quiero un prasuposto por instalar , si posible Vs. sevicio en Boca Chica de Rep. dominicana y a quien dirigirse a tal fin para conseguirlo y con velocita similar a ADSL. Espero Vs. comuniacion . cordial saludos . Leonardo Brigio Calle Caoba , 12 Boca Chica.
internet satelital
deseo proveer internet y tv satelital de buena calidad estoy en la zona este del pais y deseo informacion al respecto
Solicitud servicio
Compo puedo solicitar el servicio
internet satelital
me interesa montar internet satelital y me gustaria saber cual es el precio
High Speed Internet in Las Terrenas, Samana Dominican Republic
My name is Anwar Abdus-Samad. My email is xxxx I will be in Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic for 2 months and would like to order high speed internet. Please contact me at xxxxx or the email above.
elias jimenez
quero comprar internet via satelite la vega republica dominicana
Cobertura Rep. Dom.
Estoy interesado en el servicio de internet pero deseo saber si tienen cobertura para republica dominicana.
I want provider inertenet
How much I will pay each month and also how the intallection work?
Internet and commutations Purto Plata
My daughter has a property on the outskirts of Puerto Plata , Dominican Republic. Do you provide service in that area and what costs?
Internet Wi Fi service
We live the country outside of San Cristobal, DR. Is your service available here and what is the cost? We presently have Viva which is no longer available to us.
flatrate from satlite
how much cost a flatrate from the satellite
In rual area and need satellite service.
Do you offer service to La Vega, Dom. Rep.?
Looking for internet provider on Dominicana
HI. I'm from Germany going to move to Dominicana. How much is for Satellite Internet Terminal and costs per month? It's possible that I going to make internet caffe there. Waiting for answer Gregory
internet satelitar
estoy interesado en adquirir los sevicio de internet satelitar quisiera mas infolmacion
solicitar el ineternet satelitar
necesito el internet satelitar en campo de republica dominicana
Unlimited internet
I live in dominican republic near Juan Dolio. I would like to know if is available your service there and the cost. Thanl you very much
Internet satellitar
I want to know more about Internet satellitar. Please, send me how I can contact you for Internet satellitar in Dominican Republic. Thanks best regards Sandro Serafini
Internet in Dominican Rep
Satellite in Dom rep
i want to know if i may have the services at my country dominican republic and how much and what do i need for, thanks
services in Dominican Republic
internet rapido e estable
reliable internet 24/7 anywhere in the dominican republic
what are the rates (40 usd?) for reliable internet anywhere in the dominican republic?


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