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Prestacion de Businesscom Networks servicios
Hola buenas tardes me gustaria saber la forma de contactarme con ustedes; somos una ISP nos gustaria conocer sus ofertas
Internet por satelite
Necesito disponer de internet por satelite
Acquérir une meilleure connexion internet
Acquérir une meilleure connexion internet
Solicitud de Vsat.
Hola. Soy hombre de negocio y con las constantes caídas de red, pierdo mucho el contacto con mis clientes en el extranjero. Por tal motivo, vengo en solicitar la instalación de 3megas( dedicado e ilimitado)del sistema VSAT. internet. En espera de una pronta respuesta, les saludo cordialmente.
Good afternoon, I would like to know prices for TS2 SPACE service ? Sattelite internet for our home and our office ate Equatorial guinea. What are the available options ? Thank you Regards, Joao
Price for TS2 SPACE internet for our office located at mongamoyen(just near the new airport).
V-Sat satellite internet services in Equatorial Guinea
Dear Sirs, We are a small independent cargo inspection company, with a permanent / fixed office in Malabo, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Our clients are mainly based in Europe and the USA, and they require regular communications with regards to vessels ETA’s, berthing and their subsequent operations. Due to slow speed and constant drops outs, we are looking at the possibility of replacing our current wired broadband with a Juch-Tech - Ku-Band Packages V-sat system, (I think that a 256 Kbps system, for 5 users would suffice). This would be subject to us being able to obtain a Licence in EQG and the monthly operating cost. Please can you advise what is possible and the prices. I am due to be out of the office for the next two weeks, so thanking you in advance of contacting our local manager below and in copy. Regards, Ian
VSAT dedicated
We would like to have a dedicated Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network VSAT of 10 MB upload and download
Quiero tener buenas relación con vosotros y me gustaría que vengas a operar en mi país.
Me llamo José, le escribo desde Guinea Ecuatorial, me gustaría tener buena relaciónes con vosotros y al mismo tiempo pedirles que se expandan su empresa en mi humilde país. Si les interesa la OneWeb oferta y la amistad. Además hacerme llegar estas Buenas noticias. Cordiales Saludos y un placer.
Internet provide at GUINEA ECUATORIAL
We need internet service at CALLE NIGERIA NO 405 MALABO, GUINEA ECUATORIAL. If you can provide the service at this location, please give me a detail quote and how long it will take the internet service up and running. Thank you. KC.
Satelite internet connection
I would like to know if Businesscom Networks have coverage in Equatorial Guinea, and if you do; please provide monthly fees.
Internet Solution
Good Day I wanted to know what the cost for: tooway 10GB data per month Cost of Hardware and Installation Monthly Cost for Access
Internet par satellite
Bonjour, Nous somme une Ste à Malabo Guinée Equatoriale cherche une solutions internet par Satellite KA 25 Gb/40 Gb. Merci de me faire parvenir votre meilleur Qantsat offre de prix. Cdt,
Internet via satélite
Dear Sirs, We would like to know about the availability and price (including instalations and all necessary equipements) for an instalation in Mongomeyen (Equatorial Guinea). Thanks in advance José
Internet service for small business
We are a Nigerian based company with new offices in Equatorial Guinea. We need Juch-Tech satellite internet service for our Equatorial Guinea office. Please advice which and how we can subscribe to your service. Thank you
Satellite installation, single home family of 7 use
I wondered if i could get Europe or USA internet quality and what is the cheapest most convenient way. let me know thanks William Ramirez Pastor
contacto de servicio
Saludos, necesito saber si es posible contratar AfricaSat-1a C-BAND servicio de internet aquí en Guinea Ecuatorial en la región continental para una escuela privada.
How are we able to make a contract for this service: AfricaSat-1a C-BAND 1.5 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT 4 monthly 10:1 unlimited
I am interested on creating a small ISP for my comunity and i will need more information about the materials, installation and prices.
wife internet
i want to buy a wife connection from u how can i get it
Se are a technologie company de will like to be distribuitor
internet mobil
BGAN internet mobil
initial equipment price and monthly cost of satelite internet
grantee of internet speed : more then 1Mbit/s
get soft of the box
Idirect technologies get solution of troblesuthing
Satelite internet connection
I want and need satélite Internet connection in this Cell
Consult the satellite network
Hello , I would like to know how much the satellite network installation package of the euro , my position is in Bata, Equatorial Guinea , Bata this position can install it? And I would like to ask , you can try it? Thank you
Hello , I would like to use satellite Internet , what equipment do I need to buy ?
Hello , I would like to use satellite Internet , what equipment do I need to buy ?
Purchase of equipment and services order
Hello! I live in Malabo and wanted to know if there are your office or prestavitelstvo where I can negotiate the terms of the obtaining of equipment and services order . Waiting for information. Thank U
Bata, Equatorial Guinea
I need internet in Bata, Equatorial Guinea
Order SES4 - 768 kbit/s 256 kbit/sSatellite broadband 3,75 monthly 20:1 unlimited
I live in Malabo, Equatorial guinea and I would like to suscribe to your internet.
Greetings from Apave
Hello there. We have office in Malabo, EG, and want to find alternate internet access, faster than local ISP. Please tell me how much will cost if we use satelite internet? How much cost equipment for contacting with satelites? Or it can be rent? And tell me what means Ratio 10:1? If we use package AfricaSat-1a C-BAND 5120 / 1536 with ratio 10:1, it will be good? Or? Thanks, Donce
I need "1024 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 1:1 851.00 unlimited " this service,tell me all the details ASAP.
Internet service consultation
I want "AfricaSat-1a C-BAND 1024 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 1:1 851.00 unlimited " this service。could you tell me the how about the equipments for this service,will you supply if free? please reply me as soon as possible。 thanks~
satelite device
hello i am presently in morrocco i am searching for a portable satelite device with unlimited internet to work in guinea equitorial pleasa advice re
internet access
i just need internet connection at home
i need internet acces via cable modem, i am in malabo
internet and equipments
this service is for a construction firm that is going to open a new office. they want to know price for the fastest internet and the "normal" internet. there will be 10 persons working. we need all items individual for this quotation. we need all specifications sheet to send to the costumer. best regards francisco barbosa
Service 512/128K 20:1
Please send a complet ofert o proforma invoice for service 512/128K 20:1. I have equipament Thak you Best regards


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