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Last Inquiries from France

VPN connection between France and Tel Aviv
Hello dear team, We are encountering a VPN IPSec connection issue between our sites IP address from Tel Aviv - IP address from Paris - As you can see the hop 4 has broken the route traceroute to (, 32 hops max, 3 probe packets per hop, 72 byte packets 1 0.417 ms 6.554 ms 0.177 ms 2 1.365 ms 1.405 ms 1.370 ms 3 2.594 ms 2.599 ms 2.583 ms 4 57.441 ms 57.435 ms 57.429 ms 5 * * * 6 * * * 7 * * * 8 * * * 9 * * * 10 * * * 11 * * * 12 * * * 13 * * * 14 * * * Could you please help us to solve this issue ? Many thanks, Best regards, Gregory
leased line provide
We’d be looking for options from 20MB/100MB to 100MB/1GB for the below address: 2, Rue Des Azalées, Parc d’Activités Sud Champagne, 10800 Saint Thibault, France
Satellite Internet
Hi, We are a radiotherapy center and we will need a perform Businesscom Networks internet connection by satellite. Could you tell me and make sure your internet speeds to France are good ? Because, we currently have an optical fiber but it does not offer good performance to France. Thanks Kind regards
Satellite internet
NordNet For a private house on a mountain nearby Grimaud I am looking for internet/wifi possibilities. There is no cable, but a Satellite Canal+ is available. Please inform me about the internet/wifi possibilities and monthly costs. Regards, Danielle
mobile internet and mobile phone
Hello, I am looking for mobile internet and phone. At present I am with SFR on a fixed line and this line breaks down so I have no service. My address is Aveze. What service do you offer. Kind rgards
Tooway Satellite Internet Service
Hello, I am looking to order a Tooway Satellite Package for Ajaccio France. I am located abroad and will not be able to purchase it in France. Do you know of any European companies that provide Tooway that works in Ajaccio?
hy , im search satellite internet provider for France
SpaceX satellite internet provider in France. You have a solution . Best regards
Business Internet request in Paris
Hi, Looking for Club Internet (Deutsche Telekom) Business Internet service in Paris, preferred 100Mbps or more, based on fibre, wireless/microwave, etc. Regards, Rutger
Fixed line and internet.
Change of Provider Free SAS - Broadband access ADSL2 + and VDSL2
Satellite internet connection in an isolated island near Mayotte
We carry out a control-command on an isolated island north of Mayotte. This control-command contains a web supervision. The web server will be located on the island. The web client can be local but also remotely over a dedicated, secure and encrypted satellite connection to the hotline. We are looking for a BusinessCom VSAT satellite internet service provider that covers this area near Mayotte. What offer can you give us? Regards, Ludovic
ADSL via satellite
We are currently a Nordnet client. Seeking an alternate provider.
Internet service via satellite
Internet service via satellite
I cannot connect
Since yesterday my Fusion GOL password is refused by the mailbox. I did not change it I think.
informacion !
me gustaría saber cuanto cuesta el TS2 SPACE servicio de Internet por satélite aquí en república dominicana ,,, si es posible servicio residencial !
Cherche acces Internet
Telecom Italia - Smart Fiber
Satellite internet
Hello I live in a rural area where ADSL speeds are only about 2mb/s. I need a faster connection but will also need as high a data allowance as possible (price dependant). Can TS2 SPACE help? Thanks Rory
Satellite broadband plus telephone
Cable telephone and TS2 SPACE Internet very poor in this location
Connection internet dans l'Océan Indien
Bonjour, Nous désirons équiper un bateau en système TS2 SPACE WiFi avec connection internet en pleine mer au delà de 250km de nos côtes. Pour cela quelles sont les possibilités disponibles. merci d'avance Cordialement
accès internet
bonjour, l'accès Businesscom Networks internet dans notre évêché est très limité.Pouvez-vous nous aider? Merci,Dieu vous bénira Mgr. Yves
Wireless internet
We live in the Creuse area of France near Gouzon and need an Vivéole internet connection for our home Thank you
Looking to get unlimited Vivéole WiMax internet at home but cannot get standard line internet and have been told it needs to be satellite and would like more information on available tariffs
Need assistance with internet provider
I am soon to be moving to France and need assistance with internet The house is rural and there is no fiber available Internet I like to stream Netflix and Amazon prime tv and occasionally have to VPN to my office but would only be looking for a personal account. Also when in France I would be using TV for satellite so this would also need to be factored in Because there is quite heavy usage with movie streaming and the like I would prefer to not have a cap on downloads, and due to the nature of usage I would like Free SAS 20MB minimum download speeds I have found multiple carriers who seem to offer similar packages for satellite (but all seem to have caps on downloads) Can you assist me with finding the best providers for what I am looking for please thanks in advance
internet europe amerique
connaitre le coût mensuel pour un abonnement TS2 SPACE internet haut débit par satellite au Mexique ?
Internet options Gassin 83850
Hi, we are looking for high speed internet options in Gassin, near St Tropez. Speeds of 10Mbps + Please provide us with best options, thank you. Best wishes Ibi
Internet providing in Antarctica
Hi, I’d like to know how much costs a week of internet in Antarctica, provide through satellite at maximum speed and volume possible (to do Live on YouTube). Thank you for your answer,
Internet installation
I would like to install unlimited Bouygues wifi to my apartment
Internet installation
I would to install Free SAS - Broadband access ADSL2 + and VDSL2 internet in my apartment
New customer
We are moving house and are looking for a Free SAS WiFi modem landline and 2 mobile phone sims
Internet Access during vacation
Hi Crnogorskog Telekoma, Each year since ( years we spend our vacation in Herceg Novi. We stay one month, generally in August. Our parents have a flat in the Savina aera , BRACE GRAKALICA in Herceg Novi. We currently study to enable an internet access, to keep the contact with all the familly. Our needs: - between 2 and 7 Mb/s to have a good video call quality. - One month per year. - not less 25GB Quota So hereafter the question we have: How we can access to the internet during our vacation? => ADSL (i'm able to install/bring by myself the needed stuff in case of, just need the account information) => Over Mobile => phone operate as Wifi Access point This year we arrive in Herceg Novi on August the 3, too late to plan for ADSL access, i suppose. Best Regards
Home Internet Service
Hello, We are looking for Internet service for our Home In "Saussignac 24240". At present we have Bbox Service (Bouygues Telecom) connected since March 2016. Now we are looking fora cheaper service as Bouygues has increased prices. PLEASE E-MAIL us OR CALL US IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
Internet and Telephone ONLY
I require a fast Bouygues Telecom Internet with good upload speed. Telphone line for Interent will also be required. I do NOT require TV or Radio Thank you.
Internet line requirements in France
Hello. I'm working with a client that has an office in France and need an ISP to assist with internet provision to their office located in Rosporden. Could someone email me with potential providers and contact details please? Ideally we are looking for a 10MB line but smaller connections would be considered if this is not available? Kind Regards. Charlie
mobile internet
Require Coriolis Telecom Internet for 1 month...8 G min.
Internet connection for our French office
Hi We are looking for an ISP in France that can deliver an internet connection to our Paris office. Kind regards Harald
Renseignement offre
Bonjour OneWeb, Je souhaiterais être informé de vos équipements et tarifs en terme de connexion internet par satellite à Madagascar.
Bavaro Punta Cana
Good afternoon, I am an online worker and I require a very good Businesscom Networks internet service. I do a lot of videoconferencing. I would very much appreciate the help. Cost is not a problem. I want the best service available. Thank you.
Cost estimate-CA 17 International in France for installation in Haïti
Dear Sir or Madam, In connection with our activities in Haiti, our company, based in France, wants to purchase a TS2 SPACE VSAT for an installation at the Cayes, in Haïti. We thank you in advance to send us a cost estimate for this VSAT and its installation. And, please, can you include in this estimation, the price of an Internet connection at « normal » speed per month? Looking forward your prompt response, Best regards,
Internet Satellitaire Lomé TOGO + Ouagadougou BURKINA
Bonjour Je recherche une offre capable de me fournir une connexion Internet Satellitaire sur Lomé TOGO + Ouagadougou BURKINA Haute disponibilité et forte vitesse (10 personnes travail intensif sur chaque site) Durée d'engagement : au minimum 3 ans Objectif projet : dans 2 mois sur les 2 sites
Free SAS Broadband access ADSL2 + and VDSL2
Free SAS Fiber Optics to 1Gbit /s (downstream)
demande de renseignement
je veux savoir si cela est possible d'avoir un asses internet an haiti par satellite ( ile de la gonave ) le court de cette installation global merci pou votre renseignement
Piratage informatique
Je vous envoie se message pour porter à votre attention que l’adresse IP suivante : se livre à des tentatives de piratages et hameçonnages en zone européenne. La législation européenne fait qu'il est de votre responsabilité de gérer tout débordement pouvant être commis par des partis tiers malintentionné qui utiliserais vos services, je vous conseille donc de transmettre se message rapidement et de réagir comme il se doit, voici d'avantage d'information sur l'IP concerné à ce site ; . Bonne journée
request information
Hello Businesscom Networks We are the professional marine construction and we want establish ourselves in Limbe (Cameroon). We need an internet connection. Could you give us your price for a satelite link 10 or 20 Mbit / s in download and upload cordially
Acces internet Limbé
Bonjour Camtel Nous souhaitons ouvrir une agence a Limbe Nous avons besoin pour cela d'un accès internet qui pourra supporter la charge de 20 Utilisateurs. Pourriez vous s'il vous plais nous faire parvenir une brochure avec les tarifs qui pourraient correspondre a nos besoin Cordialement
Very high speed Dedicated Internet Link
Hello TS2 SPACE, for our business we need a high speed satellite connection (Vsat). We need at least 50 Mbps and no limitation or fair use. Could you send us your solution and price By advance thank you
Bonjour TIM. Habitant sur une île au Brésil. Une île s'appellant Ilha Grande située dans l'État de Rio de Janeiro, j'aimerai connaître vos différents prix pour une connexion Internet via satellite. Merci à vous Jean
Satellite service for one remote site in Atacama region in Chili
Installation au cameroun
En fin d'année je m'installe définitement à Toutsang (Dschang) Je souhaiterai avoir une bonne connexion internet par satellite pour une utilisation normale (mails, facebook, skype ...). Pouvez vous également Ringo proposer la télévision ? Si vous avez des solutions, je souhaiterai en connaître les modalités. Merci d'avance
internet per satellite offers
dear sir or madam, I am in Wallis and Futuna island and I would like to know TS2 SPACE offer to get internet via satellite. Could you please send me your proposal for internet fees and hardware. Regards,
Internet in French Alpes
Hi, I nezed to get an internet connection in a bit remote valley near Le Bourg d'Oisans 38520 France on a mobile home (fixed on ground) during restauration works on an old farm. Thanks to confirm if this is a valid solution and how the deal works. I understand 23 € HT per month, for how long ? Is it possible to upgrade the speed/volume later ? Merci
Leonardo connecte
Internet via satellite
Sirs, I am interested in internet availability via satellite in a private residence in the Maures hills in Provence, postal code 83590, France. Our landline/cable is no longer efficient or reliable.
Recevoir Internet par le satellite
Bonjour, Je vais avoir besoin d'un équipement et de l'abonnement pour établir une connexion Internet sur Antananarivo. Comment procéder, avoir un devis, des tarifs ? ----- Hello, I'll need a device and subscription to establish an Internet connection on Antananarivo, Madagascar. How, get a quote and prices? Even to buy the equipement for next week. Let me precise that I leane in France.
Information about price of systeme satelite
Sir, Iam looking to have a satelite system for my internet access ,telephone, and tv in my home. Would you please , contact me to get a different offer for my used. I am phishing around to get the best offer for my money .
Mondial voice and internet mobil
Mondial voice and internet mobil
internet over sat
We have a holiday home in France in area 16490 (pleuville) france and would like a pay as you go interntconnection whilst we are staying there. Is this practicle? The land lines are very poor and give slow access.
Internet service via satelite
I am having a very bad internet service thru my telephone company (Orange) in the location where we are. I was wondering if an internet connection thru satelite would improve this situation? What would be needed? What would be the costs? Best regards, A van Halder
ville de montaigut en combraille
je cherche la ville de montaiut en combraille par satelite
Société QLP - Patrick LAVARRA
Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'une connection internet fiable avec très haut débit. Merci de me contacter au 0033678836467 ou 0033951689371. Ceci est urgent. Merci


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