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In the recent years, the telecommunications has grown and become among the fastest developing sectors in Georgian economy, with the telecom services for between 5-7% of the GDP. The mobile penetration currently stands at 12.9% in the early 2018. The development in the mobile broadband has been continuous, well supported by auction of the spectrum in 800MHz and 2100 MHz bands that have enabled network operators to be able to expand reach as well as the capabilities of the LTE services. The LTE services now get to cover the vast majority of the population.

This country faces some economic challenges that have impacted on telecom sector. The revenue from the fixed-line voice services that have declined sharply, while the revenue from the mobile sector has declined in the wake of the intense competition that has been compounded by fall in the messaging traffic as the subscribers migrate to the alternative OTT services. The overall market has largely propped up by the broadband sector by broadband sector, where a number of the subscribers continues to grow steadily. Sharp growth in a number of the fiber broadband connections has impacted on the DSL segment as customers have been migrating from the copper to the fiber networks. The development reflects a significant increase in the investment in the infrastructure in recent years, being spurred by the government’s national broadband plan. Some of the key companies mentioned in the report include Caucasus Online, Georgia Online, Akhali Kselebi, Georgian Railway Telecom, United Telecom, Telecom Georgia.

The mobile penetration went on and broached 130% by the mid-2016. More growth in the mobile broadband has been anticipated, and this is following the recent multi-spectrum auction and award of the additional spectrum in an 800MHz band in the year 2016. The spectrum has been available for the LTE services, and the three MNOs have all been investing to increase reach as well as capabilities of their LTE infrastructures.

Some of the key developments in this report include:
• Report update does include regulator’s annual report for the year 2016, the market statistics to April of 2018.
• SilkNet acquires GeoCell.
• MagtiCom claims 90% coverage with the LTE-A services.
• Caucasus online contracts, the TE SubCom to be able to upgrade the Caucasus cable system.
• Mobitel and the MagtiCom secure spectrum at the auction.
• Mediafon Datapro wins a contract to be able to manage portability database though the facility has been delayed to the mid-2018.

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