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Last Inquiries from Germany

Abuse of
Dear Sirs and Madams, I could not find an adress for reporting abuses on your website: between 10:33 and 10:40 CET Philipps University Marburg received 12 phishing mails from The E-Mail was attachted with a link to a Microsoft Word document (.doc). The sender pretended to be a member of our university. We would be glad if you would handle the abuse. Kind regards, Anne
Internet Request
Good evening, My wife and I were browsing your site and saw the Tele Columbus 100mb download / 5mb upload internet package and we were wondering if this is available for residential use? Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you.
New broadband connection in Rintheirmer str 59
Dear, I would like to know details about new O2 broad band connection and plans without contract. and also let me know installation process and minimum time period to provide connection.
Frankfurt Orda Junkerfeld Germay
looking for Tele Columbus internet service in Junkerfeld - Between Frankfurt Orda and Muellrose
Frankfurt Orda Junkerfeld Germay
Between Frankfurt Orda and Muellrose Germany in Junkerfeld Looking for TKS internet service
50 mbps budget plan
I want to make a new connection of Tele Columbus 50 Mbps budget plan in Duisburg.
Inquiry for new connection
I want an affordable Tele Columbus internet plan for approx 4 months
Monthly Internet service
Hello, I am shortly moving into a new apartment in Bremerhaven. Therefore I would require a monthly reliable T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) internet package for my new apartment. I would be glad to have your recommendations on a reliable monthly package you would offer. Best Wishes
Need internet service
I am moving into a home in Bitburg, Germany on March 22 and need at least Onlime Business Communications 100 mbit/s internet at the location of the house. I was wondering what your pricing is. Thank you.
white label isp in germany
hello I like to know what we take to become a white label internet service provider in Germany
Adding ISPs
Dear all, we are a German company which provides all services for satellite internet mainly in Africa, South America and the Middle East. We would like to add our offers to your website and noticed that for adding ISPs every we need to add every package individually to every country where we offer it. Is there a possibility to add one services for several countries at the same time? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much. Best regards, Malik Haase from NTvsat
Shopping for alternatives to Telekom
Searching for TS2 SPACE Satellite internet services in rural area of Germany. Please send information on what you offer
Need to get a new WiFi connection
I’m a student living at Potsdamer Straße 5, Cottbus. I need a new Tele Columbus connection. Can you mail me with further details like download speed, upload speed, monthly limit and the bill amount per month
Internet TV, Telephone optional
Need more info for the subject matter in where I live now. it’s in Erfenbach-Kaiserslautern How much is Tele Columbus the package ? Thanks.
domain hosting
We have bought a domain name and would like to host this domain in China. Mail addresses should be set up and we would like to be able to administrate these from germany. can you help us, thank you
White Label SD WAN
Hi. I am looking to reach the correct contact to discuss a White Label SD WAN partnership opportunity. thank you
New connectin
Hello can you install Onlime Business Communications in this area and what speed could we achieve: Paderborn, Gerrmany
satelite internet
Pls. full information for Tele Columbus internet satelite providing
We need the highest possible Baltcom internet speed with 3 land line phone numbers
Internet Satellite Provider
Good evening I would like to inquire about TS2 SPACE internet service, this will need to be made available to the following address. Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany. Can you please email me with the price list with the amounts of megabytes available? We are looking to purchase this property however it is subject to the internet service available along with the provider. Our budget is no more than 30 euros per month. Kind regards Alan
Тарифы с ценами
Тарифы с ценами
Тарифы с ценами
Requesting a quote, in English, for Tele Columbus 100 Mbit/s monthly service tariff plus all repeating costs for hardware and installation for Kollweilerstr, Schwedelbach. Thank you.
Hi Tele Columbus We are looking to move to Germany in March and need a satellite or 4G service. We are very heavy internet users with average monthly downloads of 200Gb. The house is at Tosterglope. Can you please come back to us. Thank you Simon
VSAT Services Pakistan Karachi
Hallo, I am looking for a VSAT Service in Karachi Can you please provide a Quote Regards Richard
I was wondering what kinds of Onlime Business Communications speeds I can get at my house in Kaiserslautern
would you be able to provide a home package telephone, internet service to Sorghof, Vilseck?
Tele Columbus
would you be able to install 50Mbps on Sorghof, Vilseck?
DNS:NET Internet Service GmbH
Internet do oglądania filmów
Poszukuję taniego internetu do oglądania filmów . Mieszkam na wsi w Niemczech i nie ma tu zasięgu więc szukam internetu satelitarny . Ale problem ze jest on drogi czy macie jakąś tania ofertę. Rafał Karszow Bremerhavener Straße 16 27442 Gnarrenburg Kuhstedt Deutschland
Cost of Internet Service
Dear Team, We are developing a river monitoring system for which we need uninterrupted internet connectivity. Since OneWeb is already an established name in this industry we were curious about the monthly cost. Our equipment will be placed in River Donau near Ulm. Our monthly usage is less than 10Mb.
internet for home use
pricing for internet home use.
Adcraftica | Cooperation
Hello, My name is Ann. I represent the company Adcraftica. We are dealing with different types of Internet marketing and have recently received investments for online marketing research. At the moment we're searching for the business partner that will be able to provide us with the huge network of residential IPs. We're interested in IPs from all over the world, but we'd like to begin with US IPs. As a first step we're planning to take around 2k IPs, check technical settings and speed of your service and if they are ok, we'll scale up to 10k to make full test. If everything works fine for us, we are going to increase the number of IPs to 100k+ and add other GEOs. One of the most important factors for us is the bandwidth. We need about 1Gb for each 10k IPs. If you can offer such service, we would like to know the following details: - What US carriers IPs can you offer for the first test (e.g. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast etc.)? - How do you route IPs on your servers? I mean how we get the access to these IPs (i.e. socks, proxies, Dedicated line from ISP) If you're interested and if you can provide us with this service in a short period of time, we'll be happy to look into your offer. Best regards, Ann
Satellite System
looking for satelite system I can use at home and my travel RV
Dedicated Internet service
Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for an ISP that could provide dedicated internet serive 1/1 bandwidth. We expect to have 20 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload. The internet will be connected to our office in Bonn, Germany Thank you.
Cheap and good internet
I stay till the end of October in Friedenweiler Hauptstraße 18 I want price Onlime Business Communications
Home Internet
Tele Columbus Broadband for special needs, Download: 50 MB/s, Upload: 5 MB/s, 21.55 Euro
I want Onlime Business Communications - Managed Wireless internet for gaming.
New Internet Connection
We are looking for New Onlime Business Communications Internet Connection with 100Mbps Upload and 100Mbps download with atleast 25 IP addresses for our new office at Darmstadt Office in Germany.
Reg. Wifi connection
Hello. I wanted to set up a Tele Columbus wifi connection in my new home in Bad honnef. So, how long will it take to set-up and what is the limit for 'Internet 200' package.
Good evening, there is a wifi error in Geruth castell, the wifi is connected but it says there is no acces to it. Is it because of, for example, the storms?
Nowa umowa na internet
Witam. Potrzebujeę nową umowę DSL lub Satelitarny Internet na nowy adres w regionie Uckermark, Niemcy Na chwilę obecną (od dwóch lat) korzystam z Vodafone, ale mam zakończenie umowy wynajmu. Przeprowadzam sie na inny adres. Co mozecie zaoferować Interesuje Internet bez limitu + stacjonarny telefon bez limitu na niemcy. Dziękuję za odpowiedź
Need 100 Mbps Internet for Business preferably with 256 public IP Addresses
Hi Vendors, We are relocating our office from UK to Germany (darmstadt) and looking for the Internet connection of at least 100 Mbps for business and preferably with 256 Public IPs. Kindly provide me a quote. Regards, Rajarathnam
hello i am barely familiar with satelite internet but i live in germany and i dont have better option than 16 mbit down and 1 mbit up but i need better and i would apriciate any information on this TS2 SPACE
wi-fi access
Seeking a short-term Onlime Business Communications wifi access solution for mobile phones and laptops for about 5-6 people for 30 days
Price request
I work in Germany on a US military base. The cellular service at my location if not very good, so I am trying to get Atrexx SAT internet. I only need internet. I do not need phones or cable. There are only two people, so we don't need the fastest bandwidth. I am trying to get a price for leasing equipment and service per month.
Cost estimates
I am trying to get Tele Columbus - 100 (for heavy web surfers) internet for my worksite in Germany. I work on US military base. I just need a dish based system set up at my location. I only need internet. I do not need cable or phone. What would be the cost for installation and how much for service a month.
Satelliten internet
Hallo .ich lebe in Deutschland mochte nur wissen ob dass überhaupt möglich ist in teheran über Shatel - ECO 1024 NFG Satelliten online gehen ?
Internet in Goma
need more information about prices
Satellite internet
I want to get Tele Columbus satellite internet and phone service.
Home internet
Can I get a quote for Tele Columbus Internet 100 (for heavy web surfers) service to my home?
Home Internet options for Ingelheim Germany
Hello, I am reaching out to you for a query on the Tele Columbus internet options available for our house in Ingelheim Germany in Autunstrasse , can you please confirm if you provide service in this area Rheinland Palatinate and if he option for Broadband for special needs (budget) 50 MB/s @ 21,55 per month available ? Thanks
I am staying in braunschweig. Looking for wifi connection
Tele Columbus - Internet 100 (for heavy web surfers)
Skype or other video conference
Hello may I ask you for a favour or help? Is there in Genaral Santos an internec cafe or other provider I can video chat with my pertner? As I see the listed internet cafe's offer mostly games Greetings from Germany Gerold
I need some help
Hey I am staying in Oldenburg in Germany. I need O2 DSL All-in S without contract period internet connection I am staying here for only 5 months I do not know what I can do. I want fast internet for research work thank you so much mostafa
how much is the monthly
I would like to know how much does it cost to have a broadband satellite at home. I live in hessen, germany
I would like to inquire about the Tele Columbus - Internet 100 (for heavy web surfers) cost, install, and availability date for high speed internet
100MB Internet Service
Please provide quote for the best Tele Columbus Home internet service I can receive in Kaiserslautern Germany.
Satellite internet for home in Guernsey GB
Can you please provide hardware requirements and pricing for TS2 SPACE satellite internet
good fast reliable internet
tks is trash, and im trying 1&1 8th of january Onlime Business Communications - Managed Wireless
internet access
via TV
Need home internet
Looking for an Tele Columbus internet connection without any of the Telekom network involved.
Internet for my apartment in Duisburg
My name is Robert French. I will be moving to Duisburg and want internet for the apartment I will be living in. The address of the apartment is Klemensstrasse 2, 47059 Duisburg. I will be living there for two years and want 100 mb bandwidth. I am open to suggestions. The apartment is available now for installation. Can you tell me to soonest date at which this service can be installed? Also, can you tell me the term of the contract and monthly payment?
Internet Quote
Hi there Please could you give us a quote regarding internet services to our school?
Looking for Internet provider, 100 MB/S
what is the Price/ Installation and is it available in herzogenaurach
Looking for new internet for my apartment
Internet line for an up-load streaming in Bonn
Hello we have a streaming in Bonn for the Cop 23 November 16 from 9: 00 to 17: 00 (test on the afternoon of the 15). We need an internet line 4 MB in up-load (guaranteed). Can you give us an offer for this service? We ask you to place or reinforce a line. This event take place in the KunstMuseum. Thanks for your feed-back. Pascal
Internet wifi at home
Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to you to ask about Telefónica Germany (O2) internet wifi at home. I need an unlimitted internet in my room, untill december 16. Is there sny option to provide me ? Could you please help me with this occasion. Thank you in advance.
Internet Access Abeokuta Nigeria
we are temporary in Abeokuta and looking for high speeed Swift Wireless Internet Access. Please advice Price and availability as well wehre to by the hardware Awaiting you earliest response Thanks and regards
Do Tele Columbus provide service in Mehlbach?
Internet speed and available
I would like to know if Tele Columbus internet, and what speed is available at my location. Heringnohe
I am new here and will stay in germany for 3 months. I want Tele Columbus internet connection for 3 months. Could you please provide more details on it.
satellit internet
i want a fast TS2 SPACE internet by satellit because in my little town i only get 6mb by cable. thanks
ISP with low contract month
I'd like to buy internet in Germany, Bielefeld, but I am not going to be staying for 24months, which is the normal minimum contract month for alot of companies. Are there any other methods?
OneWeb Antenna
Dear Sir or Madam, I was wondering if one could use this OneWeb antenna on a small sports aircraft for live video streaming. Since this is a omnidirectional antenna, I assume, there is a wider angle of freedom of movement and as far as I know, this would work on a small aircraft, is that correct? Please also do tell where I can acquire this antenna and how much the cost is. Sincerely, Samim
I need satellite broadband
Hello I live in upstallstrasse 13, brandenburg an der havel, germany. I want satellite broadband connect. If you can provide then send me details Thanks Arshad
I need satellite broadband
Hello I live in upstallstrasse 13, brandenburg an der havel, germany. I have seen your advertisement im interested to get connection (50mbps/unlimted) monthly. Kindly send me detailed info Thanks Arshad
satellite tv and internet
good day T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) i am looking for good tv and internet providers via satellite
home internet connection
Need MagentaZuHause S Hybrid TURBO (ÜBER LTE) home internet connection at walldorf, germany
Need to set up asap if possible
Hello I'd like to find out if Tele Columbus provide service where I'm moving. The address is Bahnhofstraße, Speicher. If so if like to make a appointment to get set up right away .
Satellite internet acces in sipalay negros occ
Hello it's possible to have a saltellite internet access in our house?
Service quote
Checking the availability of DNS:NET service for the following location and cost the service. Neue Mainzer Str Frankfurt GERMANY
I need internet for 3 months. I live in Aachen Germany. Is there any possibility.
Internet Option?
Onlime Business Better then 16Mbit in Bad Schwalbach, Germany?
Internet Option?
Rheinstraße , Bad Schwalbach Tele Columbus - Broadband for special needs (budget) ...better than 16MBits?
Internet Option?
We are looking for options at: Rheinstraße, Bad Schwalbach .....but so far Telekom says 16Mbits is all that is possible. This is not good enough. Can TS2 SPACE help?
Internet Option?
Rheinstraße, Bad Schwalbach Telekom says 16Mbit is only option. This is too slow for us.
Satellite internet
is Quantis in the philippines mindanao available?
Satelitte Broadband
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Need internet
Living in a campground with no reliable high-speed internet connection at the border of the netherlands. Pls tell me XS4ALL options and cuts tks!
Reminder to Participate in Biggest Meeting on Wireless, Telecommunication & IoT in Europe.
Wireless 2017 is the leading meeting dedicated to researchers with the theme of Connecting People to Connecting Global, 300+ senior delegates, and a sold-out exhibit hall. World Class Podium to Showcase research and innovations to global audience with representation from Institutions, multinational companies, agencies, research organisations and business forums with an exclusive coverage.
I am looking for a new apartment. The cheapest are out in rural areas that don't have glass fiber.I am used to having 200Mbps and have many big downloads. Your advertised package of Tele Columbus 100Mbps interests me. I would also need a TV feed either from the same satellite or a second satellite. Can you send me full details of your service.
Need home internet
Looking for T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) internet and cable for home in pressath
Hello My father recently moved in in Germany, a little village next to Zülpich named Sievernich and I would like to know if it's possible to have TS2 SPACE internet in the area but a subscription paid monthly for an undetermined period of time, not a 1 year or 2 year contract. Thank you for your time !
Internet connection for Home
What is Tele Columbus rate for Internet connection only!
Home internet
Hello I live in Rostock and want Tele Columbus - Internet 100 (for heavy web surfers) service at Home. How can you be of help.Kindly indicate how much it will cost per month and how long the contract will run.i will prefer a month on month basis though. Looking forward to your response. Thank you Razak
Home internet
Hello I live in Rostock and am looking for a home Tele Columbus Broadband for special needs (budget) that can help stream tv,download and upload both video and other files as well. Will be grateful for the cost implication and the contract duration even though I will prefer a month and month basis. Hope to hear from you soon Razak
Internet Services Provider
it is about 8 weeks that i am waiting for internet connections in heinsberg but somehow companies can't provide me internet and i need it as soon as possible if Tele Columbus can give me an option would be much appreciated thanks in advance
Request satelite internet at our home residence
To whom it may concern. I am new to living in Germany. We are lookign for the fastest capable Tele Columbus satelite intenert in our area as Unitymedia is unable to provide our home with cable internet do to its location to the nearest cable box. Please let me know if Satelite internet is an option for Sindelfingen, Germany. If so, I will provide my exact address if you can provide me a service provider with phone number.
I wanted TS2 SPACE internet service to my home in Germany with reliable speeds. I have telekom now and they say the area I live in has poor quality so thats the reason for my slow speeds. Also they limit me on 30GBs a month. My ideal speeds would be 100Mbs
Satellite internet need for home min 50MBS/sec speed
Hello, I need Tele Columbus satellite internet for home usage with minimum of 50 mb/sec speed. My home is in Rheine Germany and new building without internet connection from none of the land providers. I have satellite antenna
Home internet
i am looking for a Tele Columbus internet connection at home for six months.
internet uplink via satellite in French Polynesia for live Stream
We are a provider for mobile and temporary network solutions based in Germany. One of our customers is planning to produce a live-TV event on Tahiti, French Polynesia. For the live stream to the internet (cdn) we are looking for a sat provider who can deliver up to 10 mbps in upload. The production will be on Thaiti for two month in July and August 2017 and we expect about 1 GB traffic. Can you make us an offer? For further information's, feedback or question, please contact me at any time via email Best regards Daniel
Home broadband
Hi I like to have o2 broadband at my home please contact as soon as possible
Hallo My name is abdiasis,i am going to do ISP service in neuruppin germany, so i interest your service (VSAT global broadband access to the Internet) How can I get please? Please send me some information Thanks Abdiasis
Alpenhotel Beslhof Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden
We are interested for the best offer for an T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) internet connection via satellite, due to poor internection.
Warid Telecom Uganda - Double Faida Prepaid
Internet über Satellit
Internet via satalite. I speak german and english.
high speed internet service
Hello, I am located in Altenstadt Germany, near Weiden. I just moved here and I am looking for the best internet service. Is DNS:NET able to provide service in this are? If so, what are the details, including cost to set up, upload/download speeds, monthly cost etc? thank you, Megan
High Speed Internet Service
Hello, I live in Altenstatdt, Germany, near Weiden. I am just moving into my home and I need to set up internet service. Does Tele Columbus company service this area? If so, what are the options for service, and what is the monthly cost and cost for set up? Thank you, Megan
Information about prices
My name is Dr. Víctor, I recently moved to Bonn and I'm looking for an internet service provider. I saw that Tele Columbus have a service that costs around 25 euros a month (don't remember the exact amount). I would like to know if you can install it here in Bonn, and how much will the installation cost. Also, if you will bring the modem or if I should buy my own modem. Best Regards
ADSL Connection
Hello DNS:NET, I am looking for business connectivity, either VDSL or ADSL, with a fixed IP address. Minumum 20 mb down and 1mb up. Is it possible to provide some rates? Many thanks, Lewis
DSL and ethernet/fiber optic connection.
Tele Columbus we may require only basic DSL with Voice, for bigger stores, we may require 2 x DSL connections and for the Flagship stores, we may require a “fixed line solution”, Ethernet / Fibre etc. Indicative download speeds, estimated installation timescales, cost – both initial setup as well as monthly recurring charges, is any SLA included, is replacement router included, in event of a failure etc…..
Setting up a home internet coneection
Hello Tele Columbus, This is regarding setting up an internet connection at my home in Braunscweig. I wanted to know how long will the entire procedure take? Thanks and Regards
Internet and TV satellite connection
Onlime Business Communications Internet connection in Rotenburg ob der Tauber
Satellite Internet
How much does it cost for TS2 SPACE satellite Internet sevice? I live in Germany.
internet by satelite
I live in Germany and we have troubles to get a fixed line in the area where we live. we live on the border side(Weeze), we have already television via Satellite. now I am wondering if it is maybe possible to get Tele Columbus internet via Satellite, because I am very scared we will never receive some internet via cable. can you also inform me maybe what the costs are?
Looking for unlimited internet on monthly basis at home
HI , I am Vicky , i live in salzwedel, germany i have internet at home which is 40 euro per month unlimited so it is expensive for me so need a cheaper.
Kann ich connected von serbia
Internet access
Looking for TS2 SPACE options on the Rangiroa Atoll. I am a telecom engineer and will move to this place next year.
Looking for Home Internet connection
Hello Team, I am living in Offenbach,Germany and looking for Tele Columbus internet connection to my home.Kindly let me know the possibilities for the same.
need connection in kaiserslautern
Hello, I live in Kaiserslautern. I need a Tele Columbus internet connection in my home. Who should I contact? Is there any cheaper way only for internet ( excluding tv and telephone)?
Tele Columbus Internet 100 (for heavy web surfers)
Internet Grevenbroich Kaufmann hotel
Good morning Onlime Business Communications, Please send us an offer for 100Mb internet on Grevenbroich Kaufmann hotel with installation and monthly payment terms ASAP. When can it be installed? Best regards, Sebastian
Home internet via satellite
Hi, im looking for TS2 SPACE home internet to play games and stream via satellite as telephone contection is very poor. And also at a lowish price. Regards Dan
For new connction
Hello, I live in Markstr. Bochum, NRW. I want to get a new Tele Columbus internet connection. Is that possible? Can you please inform me about all the rules and regulations. Best regards, Asif
Internet Service in 91560 Heilsbronn Germany
Hello - I am looking for high-speed Tele Columbus Internet service for my rental house in Heilsbronn Germany. Do you offer service to this address and if so what are the costs and terms? Thank you, John
Request for internet connection
Hi, I am shifting as a student to germany in Saarland University. What will be the installation and setup charges for my DNS:NET internet connection in area. Thanks
Home internet
Hello, I'm living in Neu-Ulm, Germany and I'm interested to get "O2 DSL All-in S without contract period" home internet. Could you please guide me through the process?
Hi i need a cheap and fast new internet broadband connection for home internet at Am Grauen Stein 31, 55218 Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany.
Hi i need a cheap and fast new internet broadband connection for home internet at Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany as soon as possible . Please note i am from india and i can speak in english.
Home Internet in Heimbach Germany
I need Tele Columbus Internet access in Heimbach Germany.
Request for new installation in Bad hersfeld
Hello ,this is Abhishek I just saw your add of Tele Columbus internet plan INTERN 100 (100 Mbps download ,5 Mbps upload speed) for 28,56 euros monthly.I require it up to the end of September.Please let me know whether it's available in Bad Hersfeld
Looking for good quality Tele Columbus internet for a temporary period of 3 months at Sonnenweg, Lindau
Internet price
Onlime Business Communications Managed Wireless
Internet price request
Internet availability
Hi - Does T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) provide internet services in the Lohnsfeld area?
Looking for a good satellite internet service provider in Winnweiler (Potzbach) Germany
Sattelite Internet
Dear Sir/Madame We are a small company that offers costumer services and we would be interested in a fast sattelite internet service provider since we cannot get any land one in the area where we are. We are based in Köln, Germany and would be nice if we could get an offer from Tele Columbus if you are able to provide us with that. Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards, Cristian
Internet service
Hi there, I require TS2 SPACE internet service for my house in Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines..the local provider can't guarantee more than 5mb/s..I need min. 25 but would prefer 100mb How much would the service cost if actually provided
Internet connection
Hello my name abdul from nagold Germany i need internet connection unlimited without phone like any wireless device who never make signals problem in my area can you tell me cost of unlimited internet connection total monthly cost tell me waited your answer thanks
Sehr geehrte Damen, sehr geehrte Herren, ich möchte auf die Philippinen auswandern und möchte dort das Internet über den Satellitenempfang haben. Was würde mich so etwas kosten (VSAT Satellite Services 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT price on request monthly)? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Joachim
Witam jakie były by koszty całego sprzętu i opłaty miesięczne za internet. Tele Columbus Broadband for special needs (budget). Mieszkam w Bad Wurzech Pozdrawiam Piotr
Tele Columbus Home Internet ane telephone set up
We have just moved to Oberursel in Germany. I have a satellite dish and cable TV system in the new apartment. I would like to use an alternative and more reliable system than what the normal general suppliers such as O2, Unity media and others offer and provide. Short term contract is preferred until the system can be proven. Please contact me on the following
Internet connection by satelite
Hi, I am looking for an TS2 SPACE internet connection from satelite to apply in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany). I would like to know how it is working and how much cost! Thanks in advance
se connete sur les feux
se connete sur les feux
Contact / Request for Offer
Hello, I have a project in Brazil. I´m looking for a collaboration. Here are the project details: • 2 Offshore Platform on the border of Brasil • The customer is looking for a Backup Solution • We need 2 fixed systems on each platforms with RADOM (optional with air-conditioned system) • The Teleport needs to be in Brasil (all the Data will be transferred to the POP in Rio) • We would like a 2.4m antenna (fixed) • C-Band • TDMA or SCPC • Bandwidth: 512/512Kbit with the possibility to increase to 9Mbit/9Mbit ( if the primary link is down we will have to increase the Bandwidth for a month, how fast can we increase the Bandwidth? Is it possible ?) • A proposal for a C-Band satellite covering the Eastern-Brazilian coast • An uplink/teleport service operated from/within Brazil • An information regarding the given technology platform • A pricing for 2 links with 512 kbps symmetric, with the following alternatives: o 2 x 512/512 dedicated, o 512/512 shared only among the two sites of our customer with a contention ratio 2:1 • A plausibility check whether this service will work with a 2.4 meter dish • An idea – if you have one – regarding the requested broadband service for the backup case. I think it will not be possible to increase a dedicated C-Band link on demand and temporarily to 9 Mbps (!?!!)… Most likely the best way is to install a second terminal with a cheap KA-Band service which is then used for internet/broadband purposes only. Do you know a provider for such services in Brazil or can you offer this as well? I need an approximate quotation by tomorrow. The client will take its decison on monday. Thanks for your help Philippe Roger
wireless internet service
We live in Kreuztal. We would like to get wireless T-Online (Deutsche Telekom) internet service at home.
we need internet fast enough to stream tv shows, but not so expensive we will go broke.
Dear Sir/Madam, my Name is valaei from NYNEX satellites. how is it possible to provide our Service on your site? Thanks and best regards Valaei
SAT-ISP FILIAGO would like to get listed on your website
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, as one of the biggest SAT-ISPs located in Germany, we, the Filiago GmbH & Co KG, would like to be part of your list of ISPs. We cover Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa, as you can see on our web page We offer internet via satellite with download rates up to 20 mbit/s for private costumers and up to 350 mbit/s for b2b. If you have any questions, please contact me. Best regards, Lutz H. Neugebauer Public Relations
I need internet
Hello people, I live in Poland, my mother work in German, near town Osterode am Harz. And i'm looking for her chip and relatively fast. Please advise me i was trying to help her a lot of times.
Satellite Broadband Internet Service
Require satellite based broadband internet device for approximately 200 users in Grafenwohr, Germany. Need maximum throughput for all users. Users must be able to connect via wifi. Users should be able to login w/ username and password. Credentials must expire after a set amount of time. Must be able to manage users locally. Please call +xxxx or email as soon as possible for details. Services are needed as soon as possible. Thanks.
IP Adress
Dear Madam or Sir, ich have a question to your services. Im looking for an internet provider via satellit. Could you tell me pls. what is your policy regarding the assigment of the IP adresses? no web hosting just surfing. would you assign a german IP adress to my connection or an IP adress from the provider´s home allocation? for your answer thank you in advance
stock inventory due to of not taking order
Hello, we have about 35 complete Internet-Satellite-Bundles on stock due to a non requested order. (1,2m Prodelin antennas | Ku / 0,98m antennas / 0,74m antennas Ku/Ka with the respective Hughes remotes). Now we look for somebody who wants to buy these Bundles for a bargain. If you know someone I can send a complete list with description and art-no. Thanks in advance for a short reply.
[Urgent request] Need an internet connection over speed 10 Mbps up-download (14th~16th Sept)
Hello. I'm Lily Kim from Cheil Worldwide, currently working for Samsung Camera's digital marketing. We're now preparing an important event during 14th~16th September, 2014 (next month) at Photokina exhibition in cologne, Germany. And we need the internet connection service that can give us over 10mbps (up/download) which must be very stable. Since the event arena would be crowded with many internet lines, the most important thing we think is 'To secure 10mbps speed'. Can you kindly give us the answer to the below questions ASAP, so that we can decide on using your service? 1. Please suggest us the possible options we can use to get high speed internet connection 2. Can you let us know how much it will cost when we use the service for 3 days? 3. How we can order and operate it? (can some person in your company can help to establish?) I'll wait for the quick reply! Thanks in advance. -Lily
V sat equipment
complete V sat equipment cost how much
Sat Internet contract
Tooway 6144 kbit/s 20480 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month. Streaming video,VOIP how much would 1 person be able to use at 30GB/ pm? Also what is the length of the contract? The company I work for is on a year to year contract here.
Avaliblity of Satellite Internet
Do you offer satellite internet in Fockenberg-Limbach 66879 (Reichenbach-Steegen), Im Keltengarten 5 ? And at what speed? Thank you
Two way internet and TV satellite connection
Require for Caranvan a system which I can use at different locations in Europe
one way satellite internet
i got s2 dvb card prof 8000 and i want use one way internet what is price for this service?


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