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Last Inquiries from Grenada

ISP SIP Telephone
Good day. My name is Valery I am from Ukraine, from the city of Odessa. I need a sip phone number on the island of Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago. Can you help me in this matter? Thanks in advance!
TS2 SPACE Internet and Wifi service
I have an airbnb in Grenada and need internet and wifi service for security cameras, internet, HD streaming, and mobile devices. I would like to know your pricing plans and options. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
OneWeb Internet and wifi service
I have an airbnb in Carriacou and need strong internet service with great wifi coverage for security cameras and mobile devices. I would like to know pricing plans and options. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
Residental TS2 SPACE package price
Hi, I am wondering what is the monthly price of 100/100mbps package in st george grenada?
How much does the TS2 SPACE 100Mb satellite internet cost?
we need internet / wifi service.
We will be in Grenada for two weeks and we need LIME Broadband Mega internet service. We have a Lime cellphone that we use when we come down but this time we need internet / wifi service.
Home internet
I would like to get LIME home internet for my parents that live in carriacou. Please email me with particulars as to how i can get this done.
Internet service
Hello, I am interested in finding out how I can set up internet service at my mother’s home in River Road, St, George Grenada. She would be primarily using it for facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and basic things like that to keep in contact with me and her grandchildren. A good connection is a must but nothing over the top price wise. Please help me out with this. Thank you so very much in advance, Johanna
Domestic Internet Grenada, Caribbean
Hello TS2 SPACE, Me and my husband are considering relocating to Grenada. My husband is an expert in computer technology, a published writer in the AI field. Therefore it is absolutely essential that he have a good internet speed from our home. I am wondering if you could please give us the following information: Price for connection and monthly fee domestic use Grenada. Upload and download speed. If any areas in Grenada are not covered by your network. If there are any 'best' areas in Grenada to take advantage of your network. Thank you so much, Kind regards, Sue
I am a OSP Fibre Engineer Supervisor in Jamaica and heard that your organization may be taking over the installation of services and fibre build from Digicel Jamaica. I would like to be considered for employment based on my familiarity with Digicel, the island of Grenada and 35+ years of telecom experience from copper to fibre. I can be contacted at, +1(876) 979-4680 at your convenience.
Internet in Grenada
We are investigating moving to Grenada and were wondering if Flow would be able to tell us the cost and up & download speeds of your various domestic connection packages. Thank you.
Internet access
Can you please provide availablity, band width, connectivity, reliability for TS2 SPACE Internet access in Grenada. Cost to do so. Thanks you.
Home wifi
How much for home Wifi ? What is cost for installation and monthly service. My location is St .Marks
Home Internet Installation
I would love to receive home internet inststallation
Home Internet Installation
I would live to receive LIME home internet
Home Internet, pay as you go
I will like to have LIME Broadband Plan PAYG Internet service installed in our house located in Fort Jeudy, Grenada. Please provide options available and related prices. I will be pleased if service could be activated within the next 14 days
Internet and Television service
I am in Carriacou, Grenada which has limited to no service in my area. National Insurance Scheme Hill, Lauriston . What do TS2 SPACE have that can give me continuous service Wifi and television? Norma Thank you.
LIME Grenada - LIME Broadband Mega Monthly charge
Internet installation
Good morning, I would like to enquire about installing LIME Grenada internet at my fathers home on mount Horne. He would be primarily using it to keep in touch with family using Skype/ FaceTime. I will be there next week and would like to get it organised during my visit. Many thanks Jayne
I will like to have enough TS2 SPACE internet speed for my gaming hobby
Interested having internet at home.
connect to
LIME Grenada needs to check my mail
Good day, Can I have some information on Businesscom Networks best internet package
Good day, Can I have some information on TS2 SPACE best internet package
Hello, I am requesting information on TS2 SPACE internet service and if you and your company offer iternet in Grenada in the caribbean and the monthly cost
Hello, I am enquiring about Businesscom Networks internet service with reference to the cost and if plausible connection to Grenada in the caribbean.
Internet service in Diamond, St. Mark, Grenada
I am planning to be in Grenada From January 6 to April 30, 2017 and would like to have LIME internet service in my unit. Can you provided me with service during that period and what will be the cost? Two years ago, we obtained TV but not internet service from you. If you now have a package of TV and internet we will be interested.
Satellite broadband Carriacou Grenada.
Hi. I need to find out if I can get Businesscom Networks satellite broadband in my area fast enough to stream multi media. I currently have 2mbs down and less than 1mbs up. I need faster home satillite broadband at a reasonable price. Please can you give me more info. Thanks. Regards Peter
Flow CAble installation
I am making an enquiry concerning my cable installation. is Thursday and I will like to be able to watch cable is rather insulting to know that I had to wait this long to get name is Sandra of lagoon road st George's..I live at the road going in by cleans garage in a green and white house


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