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* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
GTA GTA Fiber Internet 50 50 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $85
GTA GTA Fiber internet 25 25 Mbit/s 25 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $75
Wisp Guam WISP Fiber Optics 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request

Last Inquiries from Guam

TS2 SPACE Internet service
Do serve in Guam what is cost if you do?
Services provided in Guam and Saipan
I need to see if you provide Satellite Internet services to both Guam and Saipan. If so, please send me a pricing sheet to review.
Starlink Internet services available?
Is there availability on Tamuning, Guam?
Pricing and availability
I just wanted to see if TS2 SPACE services were available in Guam and the pricing. Thanks!
I'd like to get a quote TS2 SPACE internet service for home in Guam.
Household internet
What are OneWeb options for internet access and what are the prices for Guam.
Starlink Application
Do you have services on Guam?
local tel. no. on Guam?
Please give me your physical location, telephone numbers, e-mail address and fax no. on Guam USA. Many thanks, Ben Abrams, (cell: 1-671/988-5651)
is it a scam
A guy text me and said I won . Is it a scam?
Inquiry for your Internet service options to use for encoding and live streaming
I am from a company located in Tokyo, Japan, specialising in film and broadcast production/technical services. The reason why I am making this inquiry is because there will be an annual golf tournament in Guam commencing in February next year, and we will be broadcasting towards viewers in Japan and we are in need of a very high-speed internet connection in order to do so. (Preferably 4-5Mbps upload speed) I've previously used local ISP (GTA, DocomoPacific) services for the same operations, though the service that they're able to provide in the venue area is poor. So wanted to know if the Sattelite Internet can be an alternative. Could you please let me know the available services that can be provided that meets the requirements and the ballpark estimate for the options that can be suggested. The location is Leo Palace Resort, Thank you
Global satillite internet service
I live and work aboard a ship that is in Saipan and am looking for a satellite internet service. do you provide the equipment and a reliable service?

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