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Grupo Megatel Megatel’s Fixed Lines 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Leased lines $price on request

Last Inquiries from Guatemala

Felipe López
Hola me gustaría saber sobre algún servicio de Internet para un centro de Internet, que sea económico y con la señal estable en bajada y subida de datos... gracias. me gustaría recibir una oferta lo mas pronto posible.
information for internet plans
Hello, I am renting a house in antigua and looking to have TS2 SPACE internet installed so i can work from home. can you please let me know how this works? what are the available plans and costs.
Internet sately
Would like information of download and available TS2 SPACE plans thanks
WiFi and internet
Good morning TS2 SPACE. I would like information about WiFi internet and satellite prices. I am moving to the jungle in Lanquin, Guatemala. I would like prices that I can understand. You webpage is somewhat confusing. I want the WiFi to be able to handle up to 12 people. Thank you. Brian
Satellite Internet
I am a Satellite Internet Installer, I am looking for a satellite internet provider, please send me information. I sell and install VSAT systems in iDirect and Hughesnet Brands.
Internet installation services
I'd like to install Outremer Telecom internet services on my property and would like to know if it's possible thank you
buenas servicio de internet
Wifi recidencial
Me gustaria saber los planes de wifi que tienen
internet service
speed must be sufficient to download simple web sites and send e-mails, bank instructions over the internet
Satelite internet service
I need dependable internet service in a rural area. I would like to know the price plans and availability in Jutiapa, Guatemala area.
cuanto esta costando el servicio mensual y los planes que tienen para mejor velocidad

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