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Last Inquiries from Guinea

Bonjour, je voudrais avoir un Wi-Fi chez moi pour 3 personnes avec minimum 2 mbits par seconde de vitesse. Ça me coûtera combien ?
Commande en Guinée
J’aimerais commande un kit en Guinée si possible
It's available in guinea ?
Demande Starlink renseignements
Bonjour je suis intéressé par vos services. Veuillez me contacter svp
SpaceX Internet connection
Hi, I need internet broadband connection in the Conakry, guinea
TS2 SPACE Internet par satellite
Bonjour je voudrais savoir un abonnement internet par satellite s’il vous plaît
Je voudrais une connexion par Starlink satellite je suis en Guinée Conakry
Je voudrais avoir le coût pour ma maison maximum 15 Appareils illimité et les prix????
TS2 SPACE - Thuraya IP Satellite internet connection
I really need a internet connection
Connexion internet
Le prix mansuel est a combien
Portable wifi
HI, I'm going on holiday to Guinea (Conakry) next week for 2 weeks, I was wondering if you offer portable wifi that would work there?
طلب اشترك
Bonjour Businesscom Networks je viens auprès de vous pour me renseigner les procédures d'abonnement, Merci !
fournir TS2 SPACE internet
je souhaite crée par le biais de votre matériel une entreprise de fournisseur internet en guinée.
Je cherche une offre pour un client qui veux connecté tois sites 10mega; 15 mega, 20 mega
Internet Service in Remote area of Guinea for mining company
To whom it may concern, We are looking for an internet service provider who will be able to make a quote to install an internet service option at our base. Whether it be through satellite or a fixed wireless service. Please contact me at the email provided Thank you, Adward
I need TS2 SPACE Internet service for my residence
Hi; I need information about your internet services.
Freenet services
La connexion illimitée
Bon j’ai du mal à avoir l’accès a l’internet sur ma tv mon phone donc je suis à la recherche d’une connexion illimitée
Internet Wifi
Home VDCTelecom Internet Connection Wifi
Price request
What's it take to set TS2 SPACE up?
I need to get SES4 internet connection at my house in Kindia Guinea
Hello, I am contacting you to know how and what price I should pay to get good internet service in Kindia, Guinea.
we want use TS2 SPACE internet like 10M/S speed . can you provide price list? we want install it in the Kouroussa area ...village name is BOROTO. please let me know thanks
we want use VDCTelecom internet like 10M/S speed . can you provide price list? we want install it in the Kouroussa area ...village name is BOROTO. please let me know thanks
we want use Businesscom Networks internet like 10M/S speed . can you provide price list? we want install it in the Kouroussa area ...village name is BOROTO. please let me know thanks
Bonjour j'aimerai savoir comment faire pour prendre un TS2 SPACE abonnement internet chez vous via satelite
Internet connection
SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas
T2 line for Call centre
Hi, Do Juch-Tech provide services for a T2 line call centre in Guinea Many Thanks, Prav
Internet Connection
We have a building in Conakry, Guinea. We would like to have a satellite AfricaSat-1a C-BAND internet connection. Could you please assist us on this request?
Reliable internet connection
I am a freelancer, so most of my work require an uninterrupted access to the Juch-Tech Inc. internet. I am using rightnow a wifi box but it's not reliable
hi we want to installation TS2 SPACE internet in GUINEE. which is located KOUROUSSA IN GUINEE. please let me know price of installation and monthly cost. thanks 50mb or 100 mb or 30 mb
hello how are you? I'm in Guinea presently and i want ITC Global West Africa home internet for 1 months unlimited how do i go about it?
Broadband for an ISP start up in Conakry
Hi, I am working on set up an ISP company in Guinea, Conakry. I was wondering what services you provide and the pricing for Broadband for Guinea. Thanks
Need ISP provider
I need an ISP provider in guinea through whom we can provider a channel to a company in India.
J'ai besoin de votre service internet en Guinee à l'intérieur du pays
Prise contact
J'ai besoin des équipements de réseau wifi public payant et accès à l'Internet,
New ISP service in Guine-Conkary
Quantis I am opening an ISP service in Conakry, Guinea. I am trying to get your rate and whether there's a data limit and if you do throttle your network.
Cost and Bandwith
I am trying to open an ISP in Guinea and was inquiring about the feasibility of using TS2 SPACE systems.
High Speed for multiple locations
Hi I am interested in setting up TS2 SPACE internet services in multiple locations in Guinea and would like a quotation.
International private line between guinea and Paris
Contact me
Shared bandwidth between two sites on SCPC Link
we are in process to recruit provider who can give us scpc link with cdm570 modems
New Connetion
Hi, Need your details
Estou em Malabo para trabalhar e preciso de SpaceX internet acima de 2G
internet satellite connection
I would like to install an internet satellite connection for work.Will need to connect 1 laptop in in Guinea via VPN to a remote PC in the uk . Thanks for letting me know the prices and the procedures.
capacité de connexion
Augmenter la puissance internet
je veut de l'Internet gratuit
MLS, Season 3 and other
Good morning. Please, send me your price. Thank you
Je veux avoir accès à internet gratuitement
afrique de l'ouest
Hello, I'm in Guinea Conakry, I want a contract between your company and my company to sell satellite and collaborates counting on you.
subscription pakcages
Hi, Does the minimmum requirement of 1.8m dish, 5w buc, lnb, idirect modem are included in one of your subscription packages? Do you have compariosn of quotes if we provide our own equipment?
vsat for the proposed two base camps somehwere in Guinea
Hello, I am an IT-designer working on a Wi-Fi network for two camps that require internet and satellite tv services to 115 users and 738 users to each respective base camp. My inquiry: Do you have a package subcription/solution available for data/voice and video that can be recieved by a single dish,modem,buc, pii lnb setup or INTERNET AND TV needs two separate SUBSCRIPTIONS: 1 FOR INTERNET/DATA AND 1 FOR TV/VIDEO SUBSCRIPTION AND TWO SEPARATE DISH/MODEM SETUPS? yOU MAY INCLUDE THE COST MINIMUM SUBSCRIOTIN THAT CAN SUPPORT 115 AND 738 USERS. SUMMARY: 115 USERS CAMP: NEED DATA + TV ->does it require 1 or two subscription? with 1 or 2 dish/modem setup? 738 USERS CAMP: NEED DATA + TV - ->does it require 1 or two subscription? with 1 or 2 dish/modem setup? Please provide minimum subcription bandwidth/speed for the 2 camps
satellite providers
dear sir
I like to ask the price of braod band wifi I'm ahmed
we require satellite service for our location in Conakry
internet connections via satellite or cable
Radio broadcasting
For to connecte 1 station ,conakry for to 4 auther terrestrial station
Can you tall me your price for the VSAT please


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