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The Statistics and Analyses Guinea’s telecommunication sector has been given the tremendous boost, and this is following entry of the MTN group as well as the Orange group. The following years, a number of subscribers has grown stronger while the revenue has also increased steadily. Mobile market by the year 2006 including the four competing networks as well as though a number of the subscribers dipped slightly in the year 2016 was due to removal of the dormant sim cards among the various operators. Debt-stricken, the incumbent fixed-line operator by the name Sotelgui, got to operate the Lagui mobile unit before it got to be closed down in late 2012.

In the year 2013, Sotelgui got to be declared bankrupt and though there have been various announcements regarding the revival the government in late 2017 confirmed that there was no any
prospect of the return without the public-private partnership to be able to inject substantial cash as w ll as equip the company with the skilled management. Heavily indebted 4 th mobile player internet got to be obliged to the close down the network in late 2018.

The broadband services have been limited and also expensive. Landing of a debut international fiber-optic submarine cable in the year 2012 and also setting up of the IXP in the id 2013, has gone on some way to growing nascent broadband market develop by being able to reduce the cost of the internet bandwidth as well as improving the reliability of the infrastructure. The national backbone network has been nearing completion, connecting the administrative centers across this county, though in practice almost all the internet connectivity is going to remain via the mobile infrastructure.

Some of the key developments do include:

- Report update includes the regulator’s annual report for the year 2017, the market data to September 2018, the operator data to Q3 2018, the recent market growth.
- The launch of the Cellcom Guinea 3G+ services, enhancing the widespread network.
- MTN got to sign the management services contract with the Huawei.
- The mobile smartphones as well as the apps that have been deployed to be able to tackle the outbreak of diseases.
- There has been a very strong customer take up when it comes to mobile money services.
- Almost completion of the National fiber backbone.
- Government shuts down the Intercel.
- Mali and Guinea got to sign the agreement to be able to abolish the roaming as well as the harmonization of the interconnection rates.

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