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Last Inquiries from Guyana

Hello whats the cost of buying your equipment and reselling it back within my country i know their a few people within my country that uses your product whats the bulk amount i have to buy etc.
SpaceX Satellite internet in remote area
I need an internet provider in an area with no power or internet service. Can you provide service?
Satellite Internet
Would like to know the cost for internet at a remote location in Guyana for a business set up
Digicel Guyana Internet
That can be used as wifi in the interior / Digicel service available in the area
Guyana Net
Home internet connection
Guyana Net
Home internet connection
Home internet
I will like to know a different kind of service. The prices for home internet, how many days for connection? Is there unlimited internet?
Digicel Home internet
Price for home internet
65 sheet anchor village east canjie berbice
Guyana Net Home internet connection
Internet quote
I need to get a quote for ypu internet service in berbice
Becoming a Small Internet Service Provider
Hello i am interested in knowing whether digicel offers wireless internet that is sharable so as to develop a small ISP in a newly build living area.
Request for Information
Do Guyana Net provide internet service for Region 6 in Guyana?
Need your service
Tell me more about your service
Internet servive
Do Digicel provide internet service to cotton field essequibo coast...and what price and plans do you have?
Internet Service
Hello I am a citizen of Guyana, living in a rural area with limited access to internet and I need to study and work from home. Are TS2 SPACE able to provide such a service at my location.
net service
TS2 SPACE price
Application for wireless internet
GuyanaNet Services - How can I sign up
Phone internetwork
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN - Network for phone
SpaceX Price quote request and availability
Please do provide a quote on a residential ISP connection to my home in Berbice, Guyana as well as availability. Thank you dearly.
internet service
how do I get TS2 SPACE and the price an is it possible in guyana and the payment system and all I should know about this Internet provider
Email Service not working
Dear Sir/Madam, The name is Desmond and I have the email service with Guyana Net organization, which is very important to my business. The email is not connecting to your server, since it written "working offline". I logged this issue several days ago on this same medium and I received a call from someone enquiring about the problem and that was it!!! Please follow up URGENT!!!!! I need this fixed. Regards
Hey im interested in the TS2 SPACE 100 mb download internet in guyana was wondering how much it would be in US dollars monthly.
Email Service offline
My name is Desmond and my email service with Guyana Net company is currently offline. I need this fixed URGENTLY!!!!
Home internet
Would like to know I’d Guyana Net internet service is available in region 9 aishalton village
internet request
hi good day i would like to no abt Guyana Net internet avalibilty options and relative info thank u
Internet connectivity with Static IP Address
We are interested in TS2 SPACE service at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (Guyana). We required a Static IP Address to configure IPSEC tunnel to our Main office resources.
Wholesale bandwidth or redistribution
i would like to know the cost of a Businesscom Networks 100Mbps connection and what is the max speed u can provide in Guyana.I would also like to know if the service is unlimited as i wish to use it to resell bandwidth directly to clients in a few rural areas that do not have access or provide a better faster connection that what is available in that area.
Internet service at home
Would like to set up Digicel Guyana internet service at my home
Need Guyana Net internet and phone
TS2 SPACE Wifi plans
So this should work just as well or supposedly far better than regular local wifi anywhere in Guyana right? So about what least and most amount of download and upload speeds should I expect to get from this internet service provider? What will it cost monthly? How will the setup process go? Will you guys actually send technicians to fix it up directly the modem and everything directly at my home? Can you absolutely guarantee that this service will be totally reliable, sufficient and trustworthy for overall internet access experience? Hope I get a reply soon. I'm really interested and intrigued by your internet service! Sound great! Thank you for your time and have a blessed day!
Home internet and tv service
I live in Guyana and would like TS2 SPACE internet service that isn’t available through local service providers. Will this service work and what are my options.
I will like atom have internet offshore Guyana and
Good Sir/Madam i will like to have internet if it is passable it will be alot more workers are needed the service in the oil field looking forward to hearing from you soon Regard Shawn
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Hi I'm from your neighbouring Guyana. I would like to find out about TS2 SPACE internet services as I am interested in providing internet to interior locations in my country.
I have a house in Guyana. I would like to get Digicel internet service at this location
Smart satellite phone
Looking for a smart sat phone. Pre paid that can work in guyana
Internet provider
like to know the cost per month for internet connection
internet sevices
GuyanaNet Services
new equipments and connection
Location is Corentyne, Berbice. I will like to connect to a computer and security camera. ??? price, please.
To purchase home internet
I would like to buy an Guyana Net internet package,please state cost
Internet by satellite services
Please provide me with a system that can deliver internet service via satellite to remote interior locations via the KU band
Satelite backhaul
Hey I am planning on starting up a network in the remote areas of guyana and I am currently looking for a satelite Internet provider to provide internet backhaul for my network Thank you
Guyana Net Internet
I need internet in Guyana.
Internet service
Can i get this service in hubu east bank Essequibo guyana
What is the price for Businesscom Networks internet for a month.
I’m interested in phone and internet connection for my family in guyana
I wanna know if connection in linden is possible I’m interested in phone and internet What is the cost ??
Home internet
Dear Sir/Madam, how can Guyana Net service be installed and what would be the cost?
how to get Guyana Net Wi-Fi service
necessary document needed
satellite Internet
need Guyana Net satellite internet and last mile connection in Georgetown
home internet
Hi, How mutes the monthly cost of wifi internet for home use? Regards sara
Cheap and fast installation
Need internet in paradise housing scheme
Need SpaceX internet for my house
Internet Service for Bartica
I would like to inquire about internet service for the town of Bartica, I wish to open an internet based business, Superbet and would like to know if there is available internet suitable for that.
whats the price for installation n service per month
OneWeb Broadband Satellite
Service in West Watooka Linden
Hi, can you please give me price for Guyana Net intern service in the subject line address if it’s available in that area. What packages are available and if you can paid yearly or every 6 months.
Satallite Internet Inquiry
Which island(s) in the Caribbean Is SpaceX service available and what are your rates?
Interested in home data usage
Information on the Juch-Tech Inc. 110usd package for home usage.
Satellite Telecommunications Service Provider
Skyridium Communications is a cutting-edge Satellite telecommunications service provider in Guyana. How can we be listed on your website so prospective clients looking for services in Guyana can find us? Thanks much
Good morning, I would like to know the cost of the monthly OneWeb plans available, installation fees and payment options.
Satellite connection in Skeldon - Guyana
We are looking a connectivity solution to one of our location in Skeldon, Guyana. Could you make me an offer based on this requirements: 1. Bandwidth 5Mb 2. 24/7 3. No firewall restriction. The purpose of the usage is for email, Internet browsing and the most important part is the connectivity of our CISCO router, that is the requirement: TCP 10000 • UDP 4500 • UDP 500 • Protocols 50, 51 • Traversal NAT enabled • No data compression Send me a quote, requirements and time for the implementation.
Service enquire
Hi I would like to to get in contact with your company to discuses Inter - Corporativo 10M Unlimited satellite internet connectivity in Guyana.
Internet with out line phone
Internet Service
Hi...My Name is matthew and i work from home for Overseas companies and i'm in desperate need of a solid internet connection. Please contact me asap.
wifi internet for home use
i am in central lethem and need wifi internet for home use
TS2 SPACE remote internet access
the location is in Guyana. we are looking for a better internet provider.
Looking for monthly payment for Guyana Net dsl service (basic internet)
home internet
Guyana Net wireless internet for a home
Wifi internet
Hi .I am looking for wifi internet for my home .I am interested for the wifi internet to used on my lap top , smartphone and Amazon fire stick as well . thank you
Internet service for Home Use
Please advise if you offer internet in Kuru-Kururu, on the Soesdyke Linden Highway.
Need a connection
Hello, I have a few locations that need internet access and I'd like to speak to a customer service representative to workout the details. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you P.S An English speaking Sales Rep would be wonderful
wireless Internet
Looking for companys in Guyana that install wireless Intetnet
Gtt internet services
GTT PrePaid Plans
Internet Satellite in Mabaruma Guyana
Good Morning, I would like to know what it would take to setup TS2 SPACE internet in Mabaruma Guyana. We are looking to get pricing and speed values Unlimited 10 to 25 download and at least 5 upload Mega bytes per second. Please email us pricing and other details. Kenneth
Satellite internet 100mbs
Hello, I live in Guyana and interested in TS2 SPACE satellite internet 100mbps, I would like to know the price and set up cost Thank you
Sat internet
I need TS2 SPACE satellite package 100 Mbps, please let me know how much per month and other details Thanks
We're interested in Guyana Net internet broadband or satellite service for Linden Gyuana. Do you offer either or both?
ku-band satellite internet for guyana
do Businesscom Networks provide satellite internet to guyana
Internet and satellite
I was looking to get the above package installed into my home in Guyana East Berbice
Satilite backhaul internet for small ISP
Hey there, I am looking for a bandwidth provider for a small WISP in the Guyana location .. south america. . I would like to know what would be the various cost for various speeds of unlimited bandwidth TS2 SPACE connection from your company. Thank you
purchasing sat phone
Hi Good Morning I'm interested in purchasing the iridium extreme sat phone would like to know cost where can I go in Guyana to make the purchase and the plans that will be available to me
Do Digicel Guyana provide a cable broadband service package, how much does it cost and do you access credit card or visa Regards Kwabena
broad band 100 up 100 down
TS2 SPACE price please and discription
Quote for Internet Provider in Guyana
Good Afternoon Businesscom Networks, I need a quote for our new office in Guyana, what option do you have to this address: GEORGETOWN, GUYANA Thanks a lot.
Internet Service
Hello I am looking for details including OneWeb pricing and speeds for Guyana South America.
information request
can TS2 SPACE company provide satellite uplink to support security video surveillance network in guyana. my company is prospecting such a venture but we are exploring the fastest and most affordable option to support the same! tk u rvsp
Pricing for Guyana satellite internet
Hi there please advise me on the pricing for a TS2 SPACE 10mbps download speed connection (And other tiers if you have the information) the local company has 1.5, 5, and 10 plans and we are using 10. I wouldn't mind more but it all depends on the price
Internet Cable installations
I would like to install internet access via a modem, as I work between the UK and Guyana. Does Digicel provide this service
Home Internet
Need home Internet on the East Coast. what plans do you offer Gary
How can I sign up for TS2 SPACE internet in my community? I would like to stream videos on my smart tv but the ISP I'm using makes streaming difficult as the movies take a long time to load or buffers a lot.
Price for setup
Hello Good morning id like to find out if it is possible for me to get Businesscom Networks 10mbs here in guyana via sat and the cost.
Internet Rates and Installation
Good Day, I would like to quote on all Businesscom Networks available packages for Broadband Internet and installation cost.
Need to connect home internet
Guyana Net
we need Digicel internet service for our call center in Guyana
we are a call center headquartered in USA and want to establish operations in Guyana
Price of High Speed Internet for Businesses
We are pricing out the cost of high speed internet providers. We would like to know the TS2 SPACE price per month, installation costs, and any other associated costs. Please get back to me as soon as possible as we are opening our office in about 10 days. Thanks, Casey
Can TS2 SPACE give me a quote and explain the services I will acquire upon purchase?
Possibility of using Satellite Providers in Guyana
Hello, we would like to inquire the information about the possibility of using your services of internet and Cable TV in Guyana. We are Innovative Mining Inc. Please let us know who we should contact to talk about the before mentioned services. Waiting for you reply, thanks
GTT PrePaid Internet
Sales to installation
Hello please send me a quote of the prices regarding the hx90 terminal. Please send me all relavant information.what would be the price for 5 hx90 system (without mount)only dish, crown,arms and transmitter and also your monthly subscription.thank you
Hello,I would like to know what would be the price for a TS2 SPACE package of 5 v sat (hx90) preffered. Also what is is the location of the satellite and the coverage area in Guyana. Best regards Oliver
High speed Internet
Looking for high speed TS2 SPACE internet service in Guyana
GuyanaNet Services
We currently are a subscriber in one location within Guyana. Looking to be in a second location there. Need "static i.p. addresses"
In order to communicate with our parent company's systems in the U.S., it is required that we do so using static i.p. addresses. We inquired of the local field technician in Guyana and was told GT&T could not deliver static i.p. addressing via satellite. This is offered in the U.S. by all satellite internet providers we utilize. Hopefully, GTT can provide also and the technician was just mistaken. Please advise.
50 mbs
i looking to set up sat net in guyana sa and would appreciate a quote for the following service TS2 SPACE 50mbs download 15 mbs up
Oplata internetu
chce oplacic internet dla znajomej w Guana
provide satellite service in guyana
i have the X1,X3and the infinity 3000 an 5000 an i will like u to provide service,please send me the price for 20:1 an 10:1 connection. you can call me on +5926762015 thank you.
Vsat systems & Services reseller
Skyridium Communications Network is a reseller of vsat equipment and services in Guyana. We are looking for competitively priced vsat equipment and bandwidth for Guyana. Please contact us asap to discuss your options available to us. Thanks in advance for your time
Vsat systems & Services reseller
Skyridium Communications Network is a reseller of vsat equipment and services in Guyana. We are looking for competitively priced vsat equipment and bandwidth for Guyana. Please contact us asap to discuss your options available to us. Thanks in advance for your time
cost for equipment and bandwide
send me details on equipment and monthly cost
Internet Service Enquiry
Hi, I have a small business and a home in the interior of Guyana. We typically use about 25Gb per month. Please let me know your prices for installation, setup, and monthly rates, so that I can do some price comparing. Thanks, John
je suis particulier.j'abite dans une zone isolé, est ce que je pourrais souscrit un abonnement internet par satellite haute début che votre founisseure
Je souhaiterais avoir plus des information sur la formule n (1) celui le moins cher .merci
satalite internet
I am interested in satalite internet service in linden guyana. Would like to find out the possibilities and prices. Thanks very much
je veut localise des personne par satelit.
intrested in a satellite phone
I would like to know what satellite phone to purchase for guyana and if satellite phone connect to a network
cable and public broadcast
i am starting a broadcasting company in Guyana and need help with setting up the system.
can your system work here in guyana
can your system work here in guyana and what is the cost for equip. and per month.
Satellite Internet in Guiyana , South America
Good day . I am looking for 512kbps connection to supplement my 2Mbps DSL connection .
private home/rooming
internet service
satellite internet
Need satellite internet for my rual locations.
Good day I have sattilite service but I would like to change service providers as the prices are too hight for my budget I am using broadband sattilite idirect x1 series modem on my dish I am in south america guyana lethem region 9 next to brazil border Thank you for an early reply Your respectfully Dion nascimento
home installed hardware for internet and phone use
access to www and phone use . regular personal use . equipment cost and monthly fees.
New Service Contract
I am looking for the best solution you have, I am starting a new ISP company and need an internet backbone. I would like to know if I can get a custom service, 10 Mbps down, 2Mbps up. Please advice soon Regards Clifford B Barbados
services enquiry looking for a fix vsat provider for Guyana. We are currently connected to a provider and we are looking for another more stable where we can migrate to. Please send me the bandwidth costs with contentions and your phone contacts.
telefone satelite globalstar
telefone glabalstar for Guyana
satellite phone coverage in guyana
Do you offer plans for Globalstar coverage in Guyana? thank you
i want internet access in Guyana. what it the price for the device thank u
the Americas
I am looking for a reasonable Satellite Providers with attractive rates so I can be competitive herein the Americas. I would like to make an appointment for us to have serious discussions via telephone to initiate business arrangement.


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