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satelite internet
FastIraq Coverage & Price
Hello, I'm contacting you inregards to your internet service. Next month I'll be moving to Mosul for a month for work and I would need fast internet connection. Can you please let me know if you have coverage in Mosul and what the prices.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services at the US Embassy Baghdad, Iraq
Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please provide a quote for the following items: Item Description Est Quantity Unit Unit Price/Month Price per Month Price per Year Dedicated Fully-Duplex High-Speed Terrestrial Fiber Optic Internet Circuit-Base Year (Including Service Support and Maintenace) 001 Range 1 5-50 Mbps 105 MBPS/Mo 002 Range 2 51-100 Mbps 100 MBPS/Mo 003 Range 3 101-150 MBPS 120 MBPS/Mo 004 Range 4 151-500 MBPS 950 MBPS/Mo Dedicated Fully-Duplex Wireless Internet Circuit Base Year (Including Service Support and Maintenance) 005 Range 1 5-50 Mbps 145 MBPS/Mo 006 Range 2 51-100 Mbps 0 MBPS/Mo 007 Range 3 101-150 MBPS 0 MBPS/Mo 008 Range 4 151-500 MBPS 0 MBPS/Mo Item Description Est Quantity Unit Unit Price Price per Month Price per Year Locations in Kurdish Region (Erbil et al) Dedicated Full Duplex, High-Speed Terrestrial Fiber Optic Internet Circuit (Including Service Support and Mainetnance) 009 Range 1 5-999 MBPS 195 MBPS/Mo 010 VSAT Backup (download/up 65/25) 270 MBPS/Mo 3 Iraqi locations nationwide 011 Monthly Rate for Emergency, On-Demand VSAT Upgrade to 400Mbps / 300Mbps 5Mbps-160Mbps 610 MBPS/Mo 012 Daily Rate for Emergency, On-Demand VSAT Upgrade to 400Mbps / 300Mbps 165Mbps to 700Mbps 610 MBPS/Mo 013 Licensing Upgrade for Satellite Modem 255Mbps to 700Mbps 1 Lot 014 Value Added Tax (VAT) if applicable enter % ________________ percent 015 Monthly Price for DBA Insurance 1 month 016 Equipment for Installation phase 1 lot 017 Shipping and installation of Line 016 1 lot Subtotal Base Year
الاشتراك عبر الانترنيت
السلام عليكم اخي العزيز انا من العراق ويوجد لدي برج انترنيت كيف يمكن لي ان اسحب خدمة انترنيت منكم
a new rotana hotel opening
we need a leased iQOnline 10Mbps and 2 ADSL lines
Internet service but not able to connect Television
Greetings, I have the 99 dollar package for telephone service and internet, WIFI service for Iphone and Ipad are ok, but when I want to connect a Television I have signal but cant watch or log in. It I go to settings on TV is says connected, I go to stream and it does nothing but circle around and around, I have no reception. can you assist, I am in Al Asad
new connection
hi i live in iraq ,baghdad .. i would like to register to ur company .. do u have service in baghdad ?
FastIraq CCTV
Remot monitor
Free data
I am a student and i need Tishknet Internet Services internet outside but don't want to pay since i have intense at home so it nakes no sense to pay for 2 different internet instead of one
I'm on Alasad Air base and would like to get the fastest TS2 SPACE internet i can.
Internet contract
Dear staff of Baghdad Metropolitan Access Network, Good day. I am Maadh talk to you from Baghdad Iraq. My question is do you have any branch in Sabaa Al Bour city located approximately 18 miles north west of the city of Baghdad, and is located in Taji District of the Baghdad Governorate. Thank you in advance
شراء حزم لستالايت china 12
مرحبا نود شراء حزم china 12 ستلايت
Reactivate router
Hello there, I live in tent #6 Hovoc, due to the KBR construction, they unplugged the router. Would you please come and fix! Thank you
شراء الثريا IP
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP
100mbps with no data limit internet service
Dear Sir/Ma’am, We need OneWeb 100mbps with no data limit internet service in baghdad, al asad, iraq. Can you provide us? Thank you, V/R, Ozhan
VSAT satellite internet in iraq
What are the TS2 SPACE packages? Prices? Speeds? Data caps? What about the equipment delivery, pricing and installation procedure, is there any contacts, warranties, leases etc Are there unbiased reviews about this product?
hello dear sir/madam I want open internet simcard company in IRAQ-ERBIL please can you help me thank you
Provide Internet service in iraq
استفسار عن اسعار النت
السلام عليكم انا علي من العراق كم سرعة النت الحقيقية وهل سرعة جيدا YahClick TS2 2-7.1 Mbit/s 0.25-1.5 Mbit/s الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية to 1 030 وكم تكلفة معدات الاتصال و هل هي سعة مفتوحة او محدودة هل يوجد عدكم وكيل في العراق بصرة
Satellite internet
Upload and download speed FastIraq with monthly price First time price with all tools ? thanks
ISP avaliablity in iraq, baghadad
Dear spaceX I would love to know if you have any offcial offces in iraq, baghdad... If so may i get the information on rhe geograpic areas you cover and how the prosegur gose. Best regards.
طلب وكالة في العراق
اريد ان اكون وكيل شركتكم في العراق
كيفية الاتصال
كيفية الاتصال والسعر في دولتي Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Taji 102a very slow tonight
Internet is almost useless tonight
Internet Service In TAQ TAQ Filed
Dear, Did you provide the Internet Service In rig site in TAQ TAQ Filed if you can, send me quotation for that and advice me about speed we need to transfer data from rig site to main office in Erbil
how much is the price
FastIraq - Baghdad Metropolitan Access Network
Pricing on the spacex broadband
I have seen on your website that spacex broadband is available in iraq, i would like to know the pricing and what is the hardware requirements to be able to connect
1:1 deticated
dear all , please send me the price list of the TS2 SPACE satellite internet , on c band or ka band , also if there is one way internet (downlink) Many thanks
one way internet
Dear sir We are need Alriyada Internet Networking internet one way in Baghdad Iraq What is the price list and does it up to 100 mb ? Many thanks
I'm at Camp Taji. I have already paid for the internet.
Quota request
I Ahmed from Iraq. I am working as medical editor of a medical website, which I do from working online from the vicinity of my home. I was working previously from Turkey, but now I am planing to move to Iraq. Thus, I will need a high speed Sky Stream internet with more than 150GB usage per month. What are the option that you have as a YAhsat??
نصب منظومه انتر نت فضاء
اريد ان اعرف كيف يمكنني ان اتصل بكم لنصب منظومه انتر نت فضاء وكم هي الكلفة للمنظومة والاشتراكات علما أني في مدينه البصرة في العراق BusinessCom VSAT
اريد سحب إنترنتي فضائي
أأنا من بغداد ااحب الأستفسار عن سحب إنترنت فضائي كيف يمكنني الأتصال و ما هي العروض لديكم FastIraq
Al Maaqal, Basra
Hello, I live in Al Mohandiseen street in Al Maaqal, Basra. Could you please send me an email letting me know if FastIraq services reach here and if it does, how much it would cost for like a 10mbps line with atleast 0.5mbps upload or something similar. Also, please tell me all of your services that reach to my area if you can. Thank you very much. Basil.
Satellite internet
I would like to purchase my own satelitte for internet and be able to stream videos and video chat. Im surrently in Saad Iraq
iQOnline Services
Full list of cheapest subscriptions in iraq
SpaceX Coverage and speed and is weather affecting of signal
About yearly subscription and my location is Baghdad alshalaa
EarthLink Telecommunications Yearly subscription!
الاستفسار عن الانترنت
ارجو تزودي بحزم واسعار الانترنيت الفضائي علما لا تتوفر لدي الادوات وما هي الادوات TS2 SPACE - New Ka-Band Internet on HYLAS 2
Quotations for VSAT services
Please send me the contact details for VSAT providers here in Iraq.
Internet access
reliable access to TS2 SPACE internet in Iraq please.
Satellite internet access
My company needs reliable access to the SpaceX internet all time.
Internet access
My company needs reliable TS2 SPACE internet access via satellite.
Looking for isp by satellite
Hi. I looking for company able to provide me net by satellite, i hope you can guide ne to right choices. Thanks
Can you please give me a quote for TS2 SPACE 100 mbit satellite internet in the city of Basrah, Iraq.
Fast Internet Connection > 50 Mbps
Need FastIraq Internet connection, something more than 50 Mbps. Area is is around Baghdad Airport. can I have a quote and service estimates please. Thank you
unlimited internet
Asking if you have service in Iraq
Hello I ask if you have Businesscom Networks service in north of Iraq city Erbil , if yes how much does it cost the total sum installation , buying and the monthly some .....etc .... I need SATELLITE INTERNET LINE with at least 15 mega byte per scond .... Regards Sarim
التفاصيل المنتج
سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته..... انا مشترك جديد واريد ان اشترك معاكم ممكن مراسلتي.. شكرا جزيلا
عفوا شنو لخدمات لمقدمة وشكد الاسعار واحب اعرف اكثر FastIraq
Business internet
I need pricing on Businesscom Networks internet service in Baghdad
Internet access
We are a company based in Baghdad and would like to have a proposal for FastIraq Internet access 10Mb bandwith. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
dear sir, I have a dw6000 of hughes modem, I hope to buy an internet service from Tishknet Internet Services NOC. If it is possible inform me about you plans and prices for your service. looking forward hearing from you..
Hey I’m currently emailing you from Iraq Baghdad I was just wondering what is the price on the TS2 SPACE 100 MbT what is the price?
نوع الاشتراك
نوع الاشتراك
100 Mbit/ s price for Iraq
Hello dear Please I want to know price of TS2 SPACE 100Mb/ s vsat internet speed for Iraq For my company
100mbps internet in Iraq
We are looking for a reliable TS2 SPACE internet provider in the southern part of Iraq to be able to handle at least 10x devices. Please provide us with costs for monthly subscription as well as installation cost. Kind regards Gert
dedicated internet pricing
Dear all , i wish to get the price of the dedicated TS2 SPACE internet for band 200Mb TX/RX in Baghdad and what is the devices needed for that ? Many thanks
GHz Wireless
internet najaf
need FastIraq internet for najaf unlimited. what are the speeds and prices
internet service cost momnthly
internet service cost momnthly
How to be one of your partners
Initially will give you a short summery about Scopesky , as we are the 1st licensed ISP company in Iraq from MOC since 2009 providing internet service and end to end telecom services to Mobile operators , oil & Gas companies , banks , in addition to the government entities.
Internet access request
Hi, We would like to order a Businesscom Networks 10/10 Mb Internet circuit for our bureau in Bagdad. Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks
ich wohne in dutschland und ich möchte ein intrnet für meine fimile die wonen in irak
TS2 SPACE intrnet durch stliten
انا مقيم في دولة المانيا وعايلتي مقيمة في العراق اريد ان امن لهم انترنيت
انترنيت من اقمار الصناعية TS2 SPACE
انا مقيم في دولة المانيا وعايلتي مقيمة في العراق اريد ان امن لهم انترنيت
اريد قنات انترنيت من القمار الصناعية في دولة العراق
Request for price to a network company powerd by you're V-SAT
I want the price for a network company in erbil powered by you're V-SAT and know how much it costs
quote request
Good evening Admin, We are Live Link Company, Can you please provide us with an official quote for the below-detailed BW along with complete setup. Please provide us the quote as soon as you can and please mention all detail about the system setup. The setup we want to set up at 1- VSAT Equipment Include 1.8 Antenna with activation for the sire. 3MBps DOWNLOAD / 1 Mbps upload 1- SCPC Modem system ( 1 Direct x5 ) 2- BUC KA 4w 3- LNB 4- Stand 5- Coaxial Cable kit. 2- VSAT Equipment includes 1.8 antennae with activation for the site. 5MBps DOWNLOAD / 2 Mbps upload 3- 1- SCPC MODEM System ( 1 DIRECT ) 2- BUC 3- LNB 4- STAND 5- COAXIAL CABLE KIT
Satellite Services
We are a multinational Company holding our branch in Basra, Free Zone area. Kindly share with us with details that how may we utilize Tishknet Internet Satallite Service in Basra with your quotations Thanks Rizwan
Unlimited monthly internet
Hi wanted to know how much your speeds were and how much it would would cost monthly if it was unlimited
home Internet in a military base in Baghdad.
Please send me the services for iQOnline Internet in a military base in Baghdad that you offer and their prices.
Different Broad Band Internet Options
Please send us Businesscom Networks pricing of different solution for fastest internet connection that you may have.
Satellite Internet
I operate 8 earthquake stations in many parts of Iraq and would like to have Satellite Internet available at these stations. Each station upload real-time data to my server in USA. Each station upload about 80 Mb/day only. I need a quote or someone to contact me
Satellite internet for home use
Please send me the suitable options for TS2 SPACE satellite internet internet for home use. Thanks in advance.
Purchase Receipt
DAR AL SALAM can you please email my Purchase Receipt to to me. I purchased 1 week service and need a receipt. Thank you very much. Mr. Stuart Orozco
requesting new internet service
hi i am interested in purchasing a TS2 SPACE monthly subscription i am in basra , iraq please email me if this service can be installed. looking to get 75-100 mbps
What is your price for each subs?
I always wanted a fast and secure internet so i searched online and i fond FastIraq so what your plans regards...
FastIraq - Basra Regional Access Network
How much are internet prices in taji iraq
SniperHill Internet Services
Internet access Najaf and karbala
Hello we are looking for stable YahClick TS2 internet connection for our clients in Najaf and Karbala iraq. Please do get back to us with what you can offer
quote - Médecins Sans Frontières
Good morning, My name’s Ahmed , I’m working with Médecins Sans Frontières - France in Baghdad We’d like to have a New Ka-Band Internet on HYLAS 2 V SAT internet service in our offices in Baghdad, Equivalent to 5 Mbps. Can you please send me as much as possible info. About the service you provide & is it possible to do all the installations ? Thanks in advance.. Regards!!
global phone
I would like to visit Iraq for three months and I would like to have globe phone and Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN internet for search, email, and VoIP calls Can I have optimal available choice, please?
Requesting satellite internet
TS2 SPACE Al-Qa’im, Iraq
satellite services
I inquiring about what services are provided in the country of Iraq along with prices. We have 20 people that are interested in getting faster internet with reasonable amount of GIGs. Also, how much does the equipment cost to get it out here etc.
Erbil, Iraq
Hello - I require 155 Mbps dedicated Masarat’s IPLC internet connection in Erbil - can you assist? Thank you, Adam
50MB VSAT Services
Good afternoon, I'm a Network Engineer working in Iraq and I'm inquiring about TS2 SPACE VSAT services with a bandwith around 50Mb. Please contact me and we can discuss further. My name is Anthony
I want a Businesscom Networks internet previder that has a good speed and download and I hope you except I'm from iraq,kirkuk
internet service in amarra
how much TS2 SPACE - New Ka-Band Internet on HYLAS 2 will cost and internet service with 15 MP speed
Hi, like to have a quote for MPLS to Iraq. Please contact me. Thank you.
Vsat Yahclick
Vsat Yahclick lite 5 GB and 10GB Price Also token price ASAP Thank you
Fast reliable connection
Dear sir, I would like to enquire about FastIraq ability to provide a fast reliable connection for a home as I have small business needing a fast connection. I am looking for a reasonable price so kindly get back to me as I am looking for offers. Thanks and Regards, Rami
sattalite and vsat
Sky Stream - Yahclick Iraq 5 GB and 10 GB
VSAT internet
Dear Sirs, We would like to send you a Quotation Request for Businesscom Networks VSAT internet connection. Please provide us your email address. Thank you Wojtek
Dear Sirs, We are looking for our office in Anah the internet provider. If FastIraq operate in this area could you kindly send me your offer? Thank you Wojtek
Cost please on 50Mbps Satelite
Can TS2 SPACE please price the above.
Curious about Internet Plan
YahClick TS2 Al Assad
seek internet provider
I'm trying to provide satellite FastIraq internet in iraq and found your company please send me the details and the price for the service
dear sir i want to know price of TS2 SPACE 100mb
Internet Conectivity in 5 area in Iraq
We need high speed SpaceX internet connection in 4 different locations in Iraq Please contact me if you can provide the connectivity in those area. Regards,
VSAT Satellite Services
dear Gents please can you share with me your offer for TS2 SPACE internet services via vsat, for 3 locations Karbala (6M) Hilla (8M) and Baghdad (6M, please share the band prices and devices price, if you need more info you can call me or share email with me.. waiting your offer ASAP please... thanks
I will be at Al Asad Air Base in a couple of months. I have heard there is wifi on the base but it is slow and un-reliable. Is this the same service you provide? If not, how does your service work, cost, and what equipment is required?
VSAT in Iraq, Baghdad
Hi, We need TS2 SPACE VSAT in Baghdad, can you deliver, and can you send us your price list? We also need to know how fast you can deliver! Hope for quick feedback! Kind regards Jazem
Internet Options for Iraq
Can SpaceX provide satellite, BGAN, and other personal internet options available on a month by month pricing.
هل تعمل في العراق وكيف اسعار الاشتراك
Provide internet
Can you provide me (my house) with your internet service? if yes please send me with your quotation, we are 2 persons with 4 to 6 devices.
Satellite Television Channels Broadcasting Services
We are interested in satellite television channels broadcasting services for our clients in Baghdad International Zone(IZ), Basrah and Erbil. Monthly Broadcast of 30 Satellite Television Channels at customer's compound in Baghdad in IZ with maximum quantity of viewing point of 2000 . Monthly Broadcast of 30 Satellite Television Channels at customer's compound in Basrah with quantity 1500. Monthly Broadcast of 30 Satellite Television Channels in Erbil with quantity 500. provide a package of 30 English premium satellite television channels to broadcast through a satellite television signal to the cable television headend facilities at the customer's facilities. provide at a minimum the following broad categories of premium satellite TV programs:  24-hour News  Sports  Movies  General Entertainment  Educational
Internet Services in Hamam Al Alil
Do TS2 SPACE provide services in Hamam Al Alil
Request for internet
Hi, This is mohammad from iran. I would like to ask you how I could access FastIraq internet in Karbala, Iraq. As my wife is now in Iraq I want to provide her internet connection. I appreciate you in advance. Sincerely, Mohammad
Businesscom Networks i want build network wfi for 100 users 10mb dawnload or 10 mb upload sharing ?
Sales - Cost of wifi internet service at military locations
Can you provide me the monthly cost and plans of wifi internet service at military locations in Iraq
KU band bandwidth services
We need Juch-Tech VSAT satellite bandwidth quote as per below mentioned query. KU band 512/1024 Contention ratio 1:2 and 1:4
طلب خدمة انترنيت عبر الأقمار الأصطناعية
السلام عليكم اريد خدمة انترنيت عالية السرعة كيف احصل عليها وكيف احصل على الأجهزة اتمنا منكم استجابة سريعة
طلب اسعار خدمات
تحية طيبة ارجو ارسال اسعار باقات وخدمات دايركت ka/ku شكرا
Satileete options
I'm seeking information on setting up TS2 SPACE satellite internet services for our company in al Assad. Looking for pricing information and data streaming capabilities. Thank you eric
Add our company to the website
Good Day, We are DeltaNet ISP,we ar biggest national internet provider all over Iraq.One of major products all over country is satellite internet services from two famous international VSAT provider such as Yahsat and Freedomsat,we have a large number of customer base exceeding over a thousand user nation wide ranging all segments of the market such as NGO's,governmental,Oil and Gas,residential and SME's,therefore we would like for your popular website to host our profile as satellite internet provider in Iraq. Best Regards.
VSAT & Fiber P2P internet service provider
WE are professional internet service provider for VSAT Dedicated & Shared service Also we supply Wireless P2P internet service & complete IT Solutions we are ready to install in ALL Iraqi Lands Also we have Marin VSAT & FLY WAY tracking VSAT Plz contact ( Mr Firas )
Quotation Request
Dear Sir. I am looking for a quotation for an Tishknet internet upgrade at our Office in the Talibani compund in Al-Jadiriyah We require a quotation for an internet speed of 30 or 50 mbps if you can provide this and the set-up fee and the monthly cost. Can you provide an offer? Many thanks James
Camp swift umm Qasar iraq
Quote on how to get better TS2 SPACE internet into camp.
Hy sir my name is shahzad I m work Basra Al zubair city I need internet I have some net for other company but is no good using for 12 guys u have some u send my I'm contect u
Need information about satellite internet connection in iraq 32Mbits
Hi As in the subject i need TS2 SPACE 32 Mbits connection in iraq country.
EarthLink Telecommunications
ISP to support 100 users
I am looking to support user base of 100 people with ISP services for internet, phone, email and instant messaging. I am interested in TS2 SPACE 100mbit /s upload and download connection. Can you please provide me with more details as soon as possible? We are looking to get started within the next 30 days. Thank you! -Shane
ISP needed for 167 users.
I am looking to support a user base of 100 people with ISP services for internet, phone, email and instant messaging. I am interested in a FastIraq 100 to 1000 Mbit/s connection. Please provide details as soon as possible as we are looking to setup within the next 30 days.
We need a reliable bandwidth to distribute in Anbar (Ramadi) and cities along Euphrates river.
Internet supply via satellite
we need to provide different cities in Anbar Govervnorate with internet, these city lack infrastructure on the ground. Range of supply is 1000-5000 users according to city population. A minimum of 512Kbps per user is required.
im looking to get FastIraq internet service im currently living in al samawa ,iraq please email me with prices and details
Erbil Internet Service Inquiry
FastIraq Service is needed for a single user near the Erbil International Airport. What is the cost of the service and what uplink and downlink speeds are possible? Thank you.
VSAT C-band SCPC in Iraq
Dear Sir, A customer is asking for a VSAT service / C-band from a Chinese ISP.Is the teleport location in China? If yes, then please quote for the 7 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up SCPC and inform me the required equipment or you can supply the equipment yourself. The location is Kut. Thank you, Best Regards, Mohammed
internet plan
good morning. I am an employ of Italian Embassy in Baghdad. I would ask You if you can provide an limitless 24/7 internet service for almost 60 people. Italian Embassy is located in the green zone and we already have a tower ad routers and switches.
I Direct Service in Iraq
I have a new requirement for Iraq, perhaps Businesscom Networks can provide this service. The client is a US contractor with private offices in Iraq in Baghdad and Irbil. I think in Baghdad they are in AL Mansour district and some other locations. They have five locations all together and they want VSAT service at each site. They would like a 1.024M/512K at each site, iDirect service would be fine. A key requirement is that the provider have proper licenses and what they call Host Nation agreement for the service (basically want to be sure the service is legal, and landing rights for the service have been granted by the government). They are a US based company so it would be best if the service lands in Europe or US. But the main point is they want reliable Internet and they will do some sort of VPN over the link to their US offices as well just browse the web. They would like the service installed by November 1 or soonest there after. Can you provide a quote for the services and provide documentation that it is a properly licensed service.
VERSAR Mosul Internet Requirements
Below is the SOW: Provide dedicated internet link: Option 1 - 2mbps DL/1mbps UL Option 2 – 4mbps / 2mbps UL Internet Technology: Wireless/Broadband/VSAT (please state band in proposal) 2 Units Wireless router switch with 4 ports Ethernet port 2 Units 1 KVA UPS Structured cabling for the two wireless router switch and LAN cable provisions for 2 printers All Equipment, labor and logistics are c/o ISP’s. Any future link upgrade, VERSAR will notify ISP at least 3 days prior. VERSAR will only provide support in securing access pass and work permit in VERSAR office. Please state SLA and how you will handle any future on-site support when technical problem occurs. Please state how can you install and activate the link. Quotation cost should be presented in US$.
VERSAR Mosul Internet Requirements
We have internet requirement in our MOSUL DAM office. What complete internet services solution Juch-Tech can offer? Please contact me
Add our Company to the List of ISP in Iraq
Dear Sir.. This is Mohamed Lateef , the Commercial Director of Scopesky , we are the 1st Licensed ISP company in Iraq we are providing Internet , Intranet , MPLS , IPLC L2&L3 services. I would like to add my Company name to the list of ISP in Iraq here is our website:
İnternet hizmeti hakkında
Merhaba.. Biz şirket olarak Basra bölgesindeyiz. 50 MB hızında fiber altyapısı olan internet hizmeti almak istiyoruz.. Bize fiyat ve hizmetiniz hakkında bilgi vermenizi rica ediyorum.. Saygılarımla..
5 sites in iraq
Dear Sir Do you have ku band service on nss12 for iDirect x3 I have some site need service on this packages 512/128 1:10 1m/ 512 1:10 Hardware iDirect x3 , .12 antenna normal BUC and LNB If you have please service please provide me the price Best regard
VSAT Internet request
Hello I am looking for VSAT internet provider for private investment project in south of Iraq , please let me know if you are able to move on with this project . Regards
Internet services
Internet services
sat system
dear sir or madam, I would very much like to receive a quote to have a TS2 SPACE sat system installed at my office in Erbil. 6 - 8 laptops unlimited download Looking forward to hearing from you sincerely Werner Director
To whom it may concern: Good day! Hope all is well. We would like to register our company on these website as our company is also an Internet service provider. We are looking forward for your response at your earliest. Kindly send an email confirmation to ; ; or Thank you for your assistance.
Internet ISP option
Hi, I'm looking to run a small business back home in iraq, basra the post code will be 61001 as an ISP and wondering what are my options what Internet I can get ? What are the costs ? Is there any special device required for connection ?
ISP blocking company website links
Has something change in EarthLink Telecommunications firewall appliance. Company Employees claim that they had access to PAE Company sites two weeks ago while using EarthLink on their phones and now they cannot connect to OWA.PAE.COM and other internal websites.
Please can u send me the price of Yahclick service. Thanks
internet service for 60 people
good morning sir, we are a group of people that live in Baghdad inside the International Zone and we need to have a good internet connection that allow us to work and communicate with our relatives and friends that live in Italy. We would like a stable YahClick TS2 connection for all day long. Please tell me witch kind of service you can offer. thank you
Internet Connection In Basra
Hello I would like a quote for high speed TS2 SPACE internet installation and connection, please. This would be at a family home in Basra, Iraq, and the connection would need to be sufficient to complete international video-calls. I would be grateful if you could provide a quote indicating the installation cost separately from monthly internet connection charges, as well as any other costs. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Catherine
الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية
الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية
سلام عليكم هل الجهاز يعمل في العراق على الاقمار الصناعيه وما هو انسب سعر للإشتراك؟
Need Unlimited Internet Broadband connection in MRF 5 Towers, Near Holland Bazar 7
Dear Internet Service Providers. I require an uncapped unlimited internet connection for studies purposes, on the above mentioned address. Please contact me with the relevant options that I have. I am new to Iraq and am unaware of the options I have.
scratch card manufacturer
Dear Sir/Madam, We at Baykart Ltd are the major producer of Scratch Cards in the region based in Istanbul, hereby offer you a special unbelievable price and immediate deliveries of all your scratch cards needs. This offer is for a limited period. We hope you will profit from it. Offers are sent directly to your mail. Best regards
To whom it may concern; Sent a inquiry earlier, but not sure it went thru. I work for L-3 Communications and we are here for the long haul. That being said we need a internet provider. Kindly send me quotes and let me know what we need to do to get TS2 SPACE started. Regards, Ryan L-3 Com
انترنت يعمل على الاقمار الاصطناعية
انا اقيم في قرية تابعة لقضاء عقرة تابعة لمحافظة دهوك ولا يوجد تغطية الانترنت واريد انترنت يعمل على الاقمار الاصطناعية وشكرا
internet Service
128 KBps dedecate iraq beam whats the coast monthly 10MHz Dedecate Just UP in iraq Beam coast monthly oe depend on use by hour
TS2 SPACE AfricaSat-1a C-BAND
انا اريد الارتنت عبر الاقمار الصناعية
قنات البغداديه
How to get Tishknet Internet for free please help me How to yourinternet unlimited . Thanks
جهاز هيوز
منظومة منزلي
Requiring you service in iraq. Is there any office in iraq can help me to get Sky Stream service?
Requiring Businesscom Networks service in iraq. Is there any office in iraq can help me to get your service?
what price 2008
haw many price ddevice idirect technologies namber 3000 series satellite router in yeer 2008
If i have 100 users and I want to buy a bandwidth to divide it among them considering each user should have down speed not less than 100KB/s(not kilobit).what should I buy? please give me more info. best regards.
Vsat Quote
Dear all I am looking for a Vsat Service that can cover my following Requirement: The needed WAN specs: 1-WAN: 10Mbps upload , 5Mbps download, maximum 50ms latency for satellite site connection (recommended < 20ms) less than 0,01% package loss. 2-VPN tunneling solution for satellite connections, high performance dedicated VPN router hardware (i.e. Cisco or similar), with soft-or hard tokens available for remote login. The LAN infrastructure: The local area network that will be interfaced to the A/M WAN specs is: LAN: full duplex 1000Mbps / max 2 ms latency for backbone connection and between servers, 100Mbps / 2ms latency for (recommended 1Gbps), less than 0,01% package loss Purpose: The purpose is to send images via WAN with the below rate: Daily / 100 Case (average) / 350 image per case (average) / 512 kByte per image Hope This will Help you decide which service we need Our Company is Located in Iraq Best Regards
We need VSAT service in Iraq,
خدمة انترنت
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته انا من العراق اود ان افعل خدمة الانترنت الفضائي على الشركة الخاصة بك ارجو تزويدي بالمعلومات عن الشركة الخاصة بكم عن الخدمات الشركة يوجد لدية 4 مودمات نوع اي ديركت (اكس3 على الباند ku راجين تعاونكم معنا والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Internet service avaliable
Dear All, We would like to inform you that we are providing safe, reliable and high-speed satellite internet (on Ku, Ka and C Band) Contact information: Skype: sahaya.vivek contact no: +971564088625 Mail:
اﻻنترنت - internet of Iraq
Internet services
Dear We need good internet service for our company in Iraq Basra (Rumaila shumaila near Artawi Gate). I am looking forward for your reply. Have a nice day.
we are Elsuhd Net Ltd. Company, a Tier-3 ISP located at Iraq since 2006. we provide internet connectivity via Satellite and fiber connections with professional services. you are kindly requested to advise how we could list our name in your list.
Home internet
I would like to get latest info about all tariffs of your internet
Iraq re-sellers
Hi, I'm trying to find some re-sellers in Iraq selling satellite consumer broadband (ka band). Do you have any contact details you could provide, please? Thanks, Matt
ISP provider
Elsuhd Net for Communication and Professional Services Ltd, is an ISP tier 3 provider via Satellite and via terrestrial connections. please list my name in ISP provider list and send me copy of your customer inquiries. i am kindly requesting you to became a partner with , for more info you could contact me at
Dedicated VSAT
downlink minimum: 4 Mbit; uplink minimum: 1 Mbit; dedicated 1:1 plus VoIP
hello im now in mosul north iraq there are no net just satellite servers . so i want make subject for internet with high speed net and low money for users by ur company . if ur ready ill begin to make this subject in my city.
Is there Internet at FOB Balad for contractors?
Hi, we need your support to share with us the price list for VSAT subscription in Baghdad Iraq. BR Samir Mohammed
internet cost
Hi Dear, I want to ask you about the cost of : - A minimum uncapped download rate of 3.0Mbps - A minimum uncapped upload rate of 3.0Mbps and the cost of equipment ... thank u Eng.Hussein Abbas
RFQ for VSAT provider
Dear Sir/Madam I currently have 6 installed VSATs totaling to 12Meg Down and 6Meg up. They are all SCPC and working on COMTECH570L. I would need to transfer to them to a competitive price and quality. Please send your offer to me. They are all in Iraq(Baghdad, Erbil, ...). Regards Andre
Looking for Internet Service - Basra
Dear Satellite providers, We are looking for internet service in Basra .please do cal me @07807900768 for further discussion . Regards, Vijay
too way
does the tooway works in mosul iraq and if it does how can i order one?
get service
Hi, I want to get home internet Vsat, send to me all the package service plans and prices. I'm looking for your response, Harith A. Hussein
Private service
I want to subscribe to one of the packages available to you, but I do not know how to pay, and to communicate with you I liked your performances and I want to communicate with your company directly without the need for a broker I can pay and transfer money to you in a place and I want to subscribe to this package 2 Mbit / s 1Mbit / s Satellite broadband monthly 5: 1 Unlimited my modem is unlocked and i have KU-transceiver and i have 1.20m dish and my locition GPS Mosul, Iraq Please rapid reaction kinder
Satellite Internet Services /Voip
Hi Dear, we would like to esquire about the possibility cost of 5 line holding 1Mbp (Download/Upload) each including the equipment and monthly charges located at Khor AL Zubai Free Zone Basra IRAQ. Waiting for your feedback. Thank You. Muhammad Abid. Accountant ALE-IRAQ
Subscription information
Hello I want to subscribe to one of the packages available to you, but I do not know how to pay, and to communicate with you I liked your performances and I want to communicate with your company directly without the need for a broker I can pay and transfer money to you in a place and I want to subscribe to this package 2 Mbit / s 512 kbit / s Satellite broadband $ 775 monthly 10: 1 Unlimited Please rapid reaction kinder
مرحبا ماهي هذه الخدمة وكيف تعمل وهل تدعم العراق وهل هي رخيصة وحقيقية بدون تعقيد هل توفرة ام لم تتوفر مجرد مشروع اريد ان اعرف عنها كل شيء اذا ممكن وكيف يتم طلب المنتج وهل هوه بسعر منسب وبمتناول الجميع ام باهض الثمن وشكرا
Satellite Internet
Hello I need a Satellite internet network for a small office for example download: 2-6Mbit/s. My office is in Erbil-Iraq. Can you help me please. Best regards
We would like to be Local ISP.
We have 7.000.000 GSM Subscriber AND MORE 500.000 home user. We would like to get Fiber Internet True Turkey.
أريد افتح موقع الشير
How to subscribe to the Internet service via satellite
Hello. I would like to subscribe to the Internet service via satellite and how is the way? What are the devices, which devices should be out? What are the services and prices where I want to be distributed to subscribers via broadband. Thank you
Buy Internet Package
I Engineer Aqeel Zinni His office .. selling computers and networks, CCTV devices (security systems) .. like I deal with you to sell internet devices and Internet service and read the offers on-site all-services / Iraq ... I want to deal with you.... Especially following presentations ... with thanks 1- Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 2- Thuraya IP 3- Internet connections over Thuraya XT 4- Internet connections over Iridium phone 5- Internet connections over Isatphone PRO
internet unlimited
let me know the unlimited internet plan packages in iraq download speed 300 kb/s
Direct Internet Access
Sir, Please assist us on this request. This will be for Balad AB, Iraq. Direct Internet Access Terrestrial Fiber @ 5mbps ( 3 months services June 3 - Sep 2, 2015) Direct Internet Access VSAT @ 2mbps ( 3 months services June 3 - Sep 2, 2015) Appreciate your feedback.
Dear Sir can you tell me the the coast of the UP -DOWN KA Space Dedecate on HYLAS2 KA ANTENNA THATS COVERING IRAQ region for BAND WEDTH 1) 2MHz 2) 20 to 40 MHz
خط نت عبر الاقمار
احتاج 3 ميكا رفع و1 ميكا تنزيل عبر الاقمار الاصطناعية مجموط المطلوب 4 ميكا بايت مع صحن 120 سم واولمبي وسيرفر وكيبلات وشكرا
package request
hello, i have an idirect x3 modem i want to activate through your company how can i order package? and how can i pay online?
Satelite Internet
Interested to install Satelite internet and VOIP telephones in Erbil
iDirect pric
pleas send me the price of your product
Dear Sir / Madam, Good day. Can you please let us know how can we enlist our Company to your website? Looking forward for your response
Upload (upstream) bandwidth needed
hello we are based in Sulaymaniayh /Kurdistan-iraq , and we want to operate a radio station and our business is expanding we need a very high upstream (upload) bandwidth around 100-200 mbps at a reasonable price we are hoping you can deliver it to us and looking forward to your response
Hello we need a fast and stable internet connection in Sulaymaniyah. 15MB down and 5MB up Can you provide it or something close to it? What would it cost?
SAT Internet Service
Hello, I am looking for 1 year term of Satellite Internet Service of 1Mbps /1Mbps Dedicated and 100GB usage per month including equipment, please let me know ASAP. Thank you
internet in Sulaymaniyah
i need this pakge 200 mbps dwon
i have company How can call you ? And wait respon about subj
Hello Dear I am Mohammad Qasim from southern Iraq have to offer online service for companies investing oil center in southern Iraq, I urgently need to cooperate with the company that provides Internet service well on modems iDirect 3100 and X3 I hope to respond as soon as possible
SAT Internet Service
Hi I need SAT Internet Service for personal use in Northern Iraq that would be portable and give me 15Mbit/s Download and 3Mbit/s Upload 150GB/Month. can you give me discounted price for 1 year prepaid including equipment and installation ? let me know by email or phone me xxxx
Internet provider
We look for Internet provider to our system ( vast linkstar)
Internet connection
I am running a business in Basrah/Iraq. I need good internet connection.
Iraq: Babylon
Ahmed from Iraq Please help in the field Internet via satellite DirectX 3000 Please reply
Request to participate in Internet service
Possible request to participate in the Internet service, if you will allow me with a line check a day or two to check the dimensions of service and decide on any account claimed Link with abundant respect and appreciation Thanks
I want internet by sat in iraq
urgent +xxxxx
to get one vsat near bagdad
DirectX 3100
Hello Modem possessed any DirectX 3100 Is there a service you have And how much the price of the service in 1024 --- 256 4 owned modems what is required to run
bireysel internet
İnternet kurulum ve ücretlendirmesi faturalandırmalar nasıl olacak daha sonra devir yada iptal işlemleri nasıl yapılabilecek..teknik konular ve receiver yada bağlantı ile alakalı konularda ıraq erbilde teknik servis imkanı olabilecek mi...konu ile alakalı bilgilendirme alabilirmiyim..teşekkürler
Internet service request
Please I want service by Router ( idirect 3100) in Baghdad BUC Model: NJT5037F LNB model: NJR2784HH Please provide me with information on subscribing : Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month
buy the tooway
Hi i want this offer to iraq,, what is the hardware that i needed and how much for it Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month
Satelite Providers Umm Qasr
I was tooway listed. 20GB 70/month.. how do I sign up and how long before I can get service?
I have iDirect3000 modem
Hi I have iDirect3000 modem (satellite recever) and 1.2 dish ... Do you have any services offers for this modem ? thanks ahmed a.alwan
Service Request
Please give me the details of your services Can I get a service by Router ( idirect 3000) router in Baghdad Or by special Router ? If so, How can I get your router . and what are the payment method ? Please clarify all things thank you so much kareem biram
Internet service request
Please give me the details of your services Can I get a service by Router idirect 3000 router in Baghda Or by special Router ? thank you so much kareem biram
Resellers and Service Providers
I would like to know how can I buy the equipment and service plan from IRAQ, and if you can provide me with the contact information of these resellers and service providers ASAP.
Satellite internet
Hello My Name Is Hevar Kaftan , I am the Head of IT in H.K Inc. and due to the recent events in Iraq , there are rumors that Internet service will be off through entire Iraq . We have business and trades that we must manage online and we need internet , in Kurdistan region , What would you guys propose , is there away to get coverage here , you can ship the equipments through DHL or through our fright forward in Florida if you would be able to provide service for us , it would be just the sale manager's PC that we would need internet for
Sattelite Internet
We need satellite internet for umm qasr port, basra iraq. we need no capping with download stream of 768mbps and 256 uploade
bid for satellite internet system
We are a Turkish Company in north Baghdad (about 25 kms from city center) and we need Satellite Internet system. Please send to us your price list and delivery terms and conditions.
Gents, i would like to inquire regarding to the satellite internet service, am basically working in Iraq as drilling engineer, my job require traveling across all over the country mountains, desert and wherever it may go, i was thinking recently why cant use the satellite internet as personal usage, would you please explain in term of - how much would cost me to buy the full package... - what is the monthly subscription for the personal usage, - how you suppose to deliver the package, - what about the installation, as am relocating my self from place to another couple times a months and i would make the installation myself but seriously have no idea how to do or i havnot done it , would you please advise - please any addition thought such have you got your own dealer here in iraq-erbil etc.... thanks
buy device with sevice
i ask about agency in kurdustan region -iraq address
استفسار حول وكلاء بيع جهاز الاستقبال بالعراق
السلام عليكم ارجو تزويدي بمعلومات اكثر حول اماكن بيع جهاز الاستقبال الانترنت في العراق
the prices of spare hardware and Modems internet
Greetings Dear Sir We want to list in the prices of spare hardware and Modems Greetings to all members of the team
Dear Sir Greetings I want to be in the province of Western Provyder IraqPlease send a list of prices in the system and how to access the system to Iraq greetings to all members of the team
Tooway - North Iraq Coverage
Hello, Our company located in Kurdistan, North of Iraq. I was wondering do Tooway cover this region? We would like to be your partner/reseller if you have coverage over this region. Regards, Armin Parayda Company
for coverage area
hi how are you before two year we use tooway internet in north Iraq. but later i think tooway was stop working in our area. is there a news about our area can we use again tooway in our location, we have 3 tooway user. can you please help me about this. thanks best regards. mr. sepan ahmed
i am isp in my area and i want to take a small band to test it and i want to understand how it work are the band of 30G is open to download or limit ?? can i get more information about it ??
Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month
could you please advice me on how to get the service in Iraq/Baghdad
satellite internet service
Dear sir, would you please send your quotationfor satellite internet service with 5 mpbs upload capacity and the same for download, what is the lead time to establish the service. would you provide the hardware in Iraq as well
Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month
Hi dear I am German citizen I live in the northern Iraq city sulaimanya and i want to order your internet package but i don't know how i have also english bank account Can you kindly let me wich satellite dish i must to order our wich receiver thank you Shwan
Internet via Satalite
Hi I live in sulaimanyah-iraq can i get there internet !! iwant used for email and online gaming Thanks
direct connection to satallite
Hi, I live in Baghdad, Iraq, Please can you tell me how i can connect directly from home to satellite to get internet for my house only, What are the required equipment, costs, fees per month, options, methods of payment, ...etc. in detail please. Thank you in advance.
Hello: I want to become an authorized distributor for Iraq have kindly send details to thank you مرحبا: انا اريد ان اصبح موزع معتمد لديكم في العراق ارجو ارسال التفاصيل الي وشكرا لكم
Need VSAT Service
SeenopeX Oil Services Need VSAT 2Mb/512 or /1024 unlimited at Zobier-Basra-Iraq. we need service which could support till 30 users. We need contact to sales man or support mobile and email in order to get more information. Thanks in advance.
Satty Internet in Erbil
I am in Erbil Iraq and would be very interested in your service. Please send all order and equipment info
i need detail about subscription in your service including features and cost in Iraq
30 Gb internet
I need modem and LNB and satellite internet in Iraq. Please where can I buy and how?
كيف احصل على الانترنت عن طريق الستلايت
كيف احصل على الانترنت عن طريق الستلايت وهل توجد خدمة انترنيت مجانية وماهي الادوات المطلوبه للاتصال والحصول على الخدمه
Internet service processing
I have idirect 3000 Router ( LNB NJR2784HH , BUC NJT5037F , Antenna 1.2m ) I want one service satellites covering Iraq. Please provide me with the information pertaining to your services, such as prices and payment methods and other things with thanks .
كيف اشترك بالخدمة في مدينة الموصل
Internet in Iraq
dear sir . i need further information about Monthly Quota per month
Hello I'm in iraq i want subscribe with you first i want good service because many company have and they have bad rules second i want internet with out limited download+upload third i want this package: Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00
Hello I am from Iraq. Can I subscribe in tooway pack? Is a constant speed packages tooway? And unlimited ability to download or open?
price and detail's
dear sir about your service is stable and this service only for clients or for provider also and can you provide bandwidth about 100Mbps or more on one dish and about price 60USD for every 20Mbps or for every 1Mbps last thing is this detect service or share in load time is drop thank you
تاسيس فضائية set up satellite internet
we intend to set up satellite internet in iraq so we need to know what we need please from first steps regards
Need Internet
Hello I am interested in the satellite internet connection please contact for more.
i have an interne cafe and i have about 20 pc i can pay about 1000$ each month but i want a good speed cause you know internet cafe need fast dwonload and use skype best regards dilan
Satellite Internet
Our company is located in the center of Basra. We are looking for satellite internet of speed of 4mbps. Please let us know about your services and prices. Your immediate response will be highly appreciated;
i need an unlimited package can you sent list of prices and give a telephone for your agency in iraq if you have one best regards dilan


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