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Masarat Telecommunications Ltd. Iraq IP Connectivity 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request
FastIraq MPLS & Private Ethernet 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request
ScopeSky ScopeSky fiber optic backbone 1 kbit/s 1 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request

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Quotations for VSAT services
Please send me the contact details for VSAT providers here in Iraq.
Internet contract
Dear staff of Baghdad Metropolitan Access Network, Good day. I am Maadh talk to you from Baghdad Iraq. My question is do you have any branch in Sabaa Al Bour city located approximately 18 miles north west of the city of Baghdad, and is located in Taji District of the Baghdad Governorate. Thank you in advance
internet cost
Hi Dear, I want to ask you about the cost of : - A minimum uncapped download rate of 3.0Mbps - A minimum uncapped upload rate of 3.0Mbps and the cost of equipment ... thank u Eng.Hussein Abbas
VERSAR Mosul Internet Requirements
Below is the SOW: Provide dedicated internet link: Option 1 - 2mbps DL/1mbps UL Option 2 – 4mbps / 2mbps UL Internet Technology: Wireless/Broadband/VSAT (please state band in proposal) 2 Units Wireless router switch with 4 ports Ethernet port 2 Units 1 KVA UPS Structured cabling for the two wireless router switch and LAN cable provisions for 2 printers All Equipment, labor and logistics are c/o ISP’s. Any future link upgrade, VERSAR will notify ISP at least 3 days prior. VERSAR will only provide support in securing access pass and work permit in VERSAR office. Please state SLA and how you will handle any future on-site support when technical problem occurs. Please state how can you install and activate the link. Quotation cost should be presented in US$.
Internet service but not able to connect Television
Greetings, I have the 99 dollar package for telephone service and internet, WIFI service for Iphone and Ipad are ok, but when I want to connect a Television I have signal but cant watch or log in. It I go to settings on TV is says connected, I go to stream and it does nothing but circle around and around, I have no reception. can you assist, I am in Al Asad
Internet access request
Hi, We would like to order a Businesscom Networks 10/10 Mb Internet circuit for our bureau in Bagdad. Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks
internet in Sulaymaniyah
طلب خدمة انترنيت عبر الأقمار الأصطناعية
السلام عليكم اريد خدمة انترنيت عالية السرعة كيف احصل عليها وكيف احصل على الأجهزة اتمنا منكم استجابة سريعة
direct connection to satallite
Hi, I live in Baghdad, Iraq, Please can you tell me how i can connect directly from home to satellite to get internet for my house only, What are the required equipment, costs, fees per month, options, methods of payment, ...etc. in detail please. Thank you in advance.
DirectX 3100
Hello Modem possessed any DirectX 3100 Is there a service you have And how much the price of the service in 1024 --- 256 4 owned modems what is required to run
5 sites in iraq
Dear Sir Do you have ku band service on nss12 for iDirect x3 I have some site need service on this packages 512/128 1:10 1m/ 512 1:10 Hardware iDirect x3 , .12 antenna normal BUC and LNB If you have please service please provide me the price Best regard

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