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TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite phones $2,76
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Thuraya XT 60 kbit/s 15 kbit/s Satellite phones $1,74
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s Satellite phones $0,85
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Inmarsat Isatphone 2 kbit/s 2 kbit/s Satellite phones $0,86

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Service Request
Please give me the details of your services Can I get a service by Router ( idirect 3000) router in Baghdad Or by special Router ? If so, How can I get your router . and what are the payment method ? Please clarify all things thank you so much kareem biram
dedicated internet pricing
Dear all , i wish to get the price of the dedicated TS2 SPACE internet for band 200Mb TX/RX in Baghdad and what is the devices needed for that ? Many thanks
Satellite internet
Hello My Name Is Hevar Kaftan , I am the Head of IT in H.K Inc. and due to the recent events in Iraq , there are rumors that Internet service will be off through entire Iraq . We have business and trades that we must manage online and we need internet , in Kurdistan region , What would you guys propose , is there away to get coverage here , you can ship the equipments through DHL or through our fright forward in Florida if you would be able to provide service for us , it would be just the sale manager's PC that we would need internet for
Need information about satellite internet connection in iraq 32Mbits
Hi As in the subject i need TS2 SPACE 32 Mbits connection in iraq country.
Fast Internet Connection > 50 Mbps
Need FastIraq Internet connection, something more than 50 Mbps. Area is is around Baghdad Airport. can I have a quote and service estimates please. Thank you
Full list of cheapest subscriptions in iraq
SpaceX Coverage and speed and is weather affecting of signal
FastIraq CCTV
Remot monitor
What is your price for each subs?
I always wanted a fast and secure internet so i searched online and i fond FastIraq so what your plans regards...
Different Broad Band Internet Options
Please send us Businesscom Networks pricing of different solution for fastest internet connection that you may have.
satellite services
I inquiring about what services are provided in the country of Iraq along with prices. We have 20 people that are interested in getting faster internet with reasonable amount of GIGs. Also, how much does the equipment cost to get it out here etc.
iQOnline Services

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