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Kazakhstan is among the most advanced telecoms sectors that are found in Central Asia. It has got some of the most extensive 4G networks. About the other Asian nations, Kazakhstan has very low fixed and fixed penetration broadband penetration, high mobile penetration as well as the moderate mobile broadband. Fixed broadband market in this country has remained fairly underdeveloped due to the dominance of mobile broadband that is in turn being driven by mobile sector. Number of the fixed telephones lines in Kazakhstan has been declining slowly due to dominance of mobile segment.

Digital Kazakhstan program between the years 2017 to 2021 has aimed in being able to strengthen national digital infrastructure and also drive the economic development as well as the competitiveness. Kazakhtelecom has recently completed first stage of the multi-platform IoT/ M2M network. Moderate development has been predicted over the coming 5 years to 2023 in fixed broadband market as well as the mobile broadband that will continue to dominate broadband segment. The mobile subscriber development was a bit slow in Kazakhstan during the years 2017 to 2018 in the highly mature as well as saturated market.

Kazakhstan has a very extensive 4G network about the number of the other Asian countries in this region. More slow growth has also been predicted over the coming five years to the year 2023. Kazakhstan has enjoyed a strong increase in the mobile broadband penetration rates over the coming five years. The market penetration expanded rapidly up to the year 2013. Since market stabilized and has grown at a very moderate rate due to the saturation in mobile subscriber segment. Moderate development has been predicted over the coming five years to the year 2023. Mobile broadband market is being driven by the increasingly fast speeds offered by mobile operators as they do roll out their 5G and 4G networks as well as improved tariffs due to the strong competition.

Some of the key developments in this report include;
The fixed telephone penetration has continued to decline as the mobile segment continues to grow.
All the major mobile operators now do offer the 4G LTE services. The 5G services are going to be launched in the coming years.
Kazakhstan’s mobile market is reaching the saturation point. The slow growth predicted through to the year 2023.
Mobile broadband has been growing, being driven by the mature mobile market.

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