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Last Inquiries from Kiribati

Internet Access in Kiribati, Tarawa
I will be relocating there soon and would like to learn what is available and what it would cost. Thanks, Andrew
Starlink Satellite internet connection
I am based in Kiribati for a year and looking for satellite internet options. Thanks in advance for sharing required details.
Partnership for the locals
If its possible from your side to become your distributer for your product. Im an IT and mostly interested in sharing the internet to the locals via requirements considering plans Best regards TechKoz Services
Dedicated internet
Requesting quote for dedicated internet in Kiribati. Please include options for 2Mbps , 5Mbps and 10Mbps up/down.
Enquiring about the satellite internet installation on the island Tarawa
Hi, I'm just enquiring about the cost of installing a satellite how much would it cost to get one installed at my house and for my business as well. what would you recommend that's good and the fasted. hope to hear from you soon, Thank you.
Broadband internet
Broadband internet
If there's free services I can have for educational use
Satellite Internet Access
I live in a remote area in the Pacific region, a country/island known as Kiribati (capital city: Tarawa). And I am in search for internet access through satellite connection. Specifications will include: speeds, consistent internet access and simple installation and maintenance. I would like to get a quote on the service and the price.
Satellite Internet Service for Kiritimati, Kiribati
Good afternoon. I was wondering if Juch-Tech Inc. could please tell me the cost and equipment needed to set up an internet service for a project that will be installed on the island of Kiritimati, Kiribati. The connection speed should be at minimum 300 kbits/s Download and 300 kbits/s Upload. Equipment should be compatible with Australian electrical circuits (220V, 50Hz). Please let me know of servie and where to purchase needed equipment. We will provide network switches/routers. - Thank you, Zsolt
Vsat voip and internet
Can Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network satellite connect tarawa and kiritimati island?
satellite internet
Hi, Im from kiribati and im running 2 small internet cafe on the island capital of tarawa. I am currently using the islands only internet service providers thats also operating internet cafes. I am looking for other options and if SpaceX satellite internet services is available for my area and whats are the cost etc. I will appreciate any helps and suggestions. Thank you. kaiea
Vsat Internet needed
Our company seek out for better ISP global communication with fast accessibility via Internet at the lowest cost.
Internet service for Kiritimati island, Kiribati
Dear OneWeb, As part of a project in Kiritmati island, in Kiribati we are looking for a reliable internet connection. We will use it mainly in upload, at 20kbps but 24/7. Thank you for sending me your best offer for an easy solution which can fullfil these needs. regards, Maxime
Internet pour ile kiritimati
Bonjour Juch-Tech, Dans le cadre d'un projet sur l'ile de Kiritimati (Christmas island) au Kiribati, nous aurions besoin d'une connexion internet pouvant envoyer en upload au moins 20kbps 24h/24 et 7j/7. Quelle type de solution et matériel pouvez vous me proposer pour cela? Merci de fournir votre devis dès que possible. Cordialement,
VPN Connectivity
I'm looking for reliable and affordable VPN Connectivity for my company. Let me know if Pactel company can provide this service. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Internet services need
Internet service need at our home want to know how much
C-band Circular Feed horn
Mr Tuen Pedro
Hello, I want to order equipments and bandwidth for the 2048/512 kbps usd 0 unlimited. We want to use for our internet cafe in kiritimati Island in the republic of kiribati. Awaiting your response, Tuen Pedro Managing Director JBO Trading co
PIPA Information, Media and Outreach Officer
I want the satellite phone that I can use from the remote islands of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area to communicate by talking and emailing (text) to Tarawa the capial some 1,700kim away. A small size battery powered satellite phone will serve this purpose. Awaiting your quick help so I can arrange quick purchse.


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