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I need Direct On PC internet
I need internet on my farm in rural Liberia. What do I have to do?
I need Direct On PC internet
I need internet on my farm in rural Liberia. What do I have to do?
Request for Businesscom Networks Quotation
Dear Support, Kindly share the cost of 25 Mbps up and down for a dedicated connection in Liberia, Monrovia Thanks, Mogras.
Satellite internet
Need satellite package and equipment
LocalNet Internet Services and Domains Hosting Platform
Global Infrastructure Hosting Platform
Orange - Internet Pro
HI, I would like to purchase Internet Pro packages but I don't how to find my User ID. I have a new modem but don't know how to get the ID. Thanks. Greg
Need K3 Liberia package
How much for a package and the monthly subscription
How can I purchase any of the Orange aforementioned monthly package. Regards.
K3 Liberia Internet service
Upcountry village near Gbarnga.
Office and Home
to be used at home and office .
Hello, I’m looking to get internet service for my small business In Monrovia Liberia; what are your prices please.
K3 Liberia Internet connection
Mega internet
Internet services
Internet services
end user
limited service
K3 Liberia Mega
Order internet
I want a new K3 Liberia subscription
Wireless internet ASAP
My sisters and family members need Orange internet access ASAP
Internet broad band
I want internet broad band connection
Request for quotation
I run a local not for profit in Margibi County on the outskirts of Kakata City, and our office is situated in a remote community that makes access to GSM service almost impossible. Me quotation for the best service that will give us internet service and boost telephone network in and around the building.
K3 Liberia Home
Internet service
High speed internet for my city buses automatic fare collection system and online teaching through video live streaming.
Orange Internet Pro
Hey Guys, Michael I need a Juch-Tech vsat package for my small of in Liberia Monrovia. Please let me know the equipment cost service charges for 1meg/256. Thanks Michael
Internet Digital Business
Dear Sir/Madam, I am planning on bringing a business to Liberia which requires stable internet connection. I want to know if your company can provide services to upcoming business. Thanks, I will be glad to hear from you soon.
Reliable IP access (Internet) connection Gbarnga Liberia
Hello, We're a Swedish development cooperation working globally with work with human and civil rights issues. We're called Forum Syd. We have an office in Gbarnga Liberia where we're looking to have a reliable K3 Liberia Internet connection (4-10 Mbps) installed, We would be interested in receiving a quote for connecting this location to the Internet. Thanks, Sincerely, Stefan
VSAT Antenna & Satellite Routers
Dear Sir / Madam, We have a project in Liberia that requires installing a Businesscom Networks VSAT Antenna & Satellite router in the following 3 cities; Robertsport, Sanniquellie & Voinjama. The installations are in small /medium sized offices with about 15 users in each city. Urgently send us a quote listing the equipment, installation fees and bandwidth costs. Thanks and regards.
Internet Service
Cost of Businesscom Networks internet Service upload speed of 10 Mbps
Request for quoation and recommendation
Dear Sir or Madam, Leica Geosystems AG Switzerland has received a “Request For Quotation” from the “Liberia Land Authority” in Monrovia. This project is about the establishment of a Continuously Operating Reference GNSS Reference Station (CORS) for the Greater Monrovia Area that will provide a framework for precise satellite based surveying and positioning. The CORS will make it possible to perform surveys by much faster methods and less expensive equipment. For this project we have to build a central data station in Monrovia. Surveyors and other end users will connect to this station to obtain data for surveying and other measurements. This station has to have a reliable Internet connection with the following minimum specifications: - Download capacity about 250 Kbit/sec - Upload capacity (towards the Internet) about 1 Mbit /sec - Latency not more than 500 msec - 24/7 uptime - Fixed official IP address at the station Please send to us: - technical specifications of applicable connections as above, including the routers we have to use - financial quotation of the applicable connection types as above The location of the site is at Fendel Campus of University of Liberia. Thank you and best regards Dr. Thomas Leiber Leica Geosystems GmbH Triebstrasse 14, 80993 Munich, Germany Phone: +49 173 515 3919 E-Mail: Website: Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon,o-31
Internet service for computer class
I'm running a nonprofit computer class in Saclepea city, nimba county, Liberia. I have about 50 device needed to be connected to the internet. Based on the information, what are some of the affordable monthly plans Orange have?
Internet service
We are a university located 200 miles away from Monrovia. North Eastern Liberia. We are on a 25 acre land space and we need TS2 SPACE internet for educational purpose amongst the students and the staff and the rest of the world.
Broadband in Monrovia
Want to deploy mobile medical center trailer, want to discuss pricing
Internet service
I would like to know if your service is available in Liberia and if it is what is the price for personal home use? Respectfully yours, Victor
Satellite dish for Liberia
How can I acquire an Juch-Tech internet satellite dis for Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa through the support of your entity?
can you please send me inquiry on TS2 SPACE wireless internet, cost for school campus and computer lab
home unlimited internet (wi-fi) service
Hi my name is Kporser I'm a Liberian Living at the moment in the UK , will be going to Liberia for 1 year , i will need a very good internet wi-fi service . My house is a private house of 4 bed rooms and garden ,it is near the Liberian police academy . the internet need to connect to multiple devices ( 3-4 smartphones , laptop computers, smart tv ). Will like to know if you have a monthly and yearly plan and cost . thanks
Satellite internet
Home service
I want to resell internet in my communities.
I want to resell internet in communities in Monrovia . I don’t know the technical details concerning this. Please advise me which package to sign up for and the price for one month subscription. Thanks in anticipation.
Hello, I'm looking to start an ISP company in Liberia, I'm looking to see what are the options available in Liberia.
One way internet
I live in Liberia, West Africa. I want to find out if Liberia is covered. Any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Alexander
Wifi connection in Sinoe
I need a connection in sinoe
Do you provide individual internet service in liberia west africa
I have move to Liberia and interesting in a reliable internet service and how must is the monthly cost.
internet at 5mps speed
needed for a telephone triage Businesscom Networks service
Info about your Internet Service
Hi, Am Michell a Liberian I want to know more about TS2 SPACE service.
Internet Satellite
I have a farm outside of Monrovia and have no GSM service. I need to know the TS2 SPACE packages offered. Kindly, I would highly appreciate your response. Dobli
Hello dear Sir/Madam, we are a company that has a work staion in Sinoe county, liberia. We need internet there for 15-20 people. Can you give us a quote please? Many thanks Rawand
Internet Service
OneWeb Broadband Satellite
Providing Internet Services and Satellite Accessories & Installation
I have just established a new internet, that needs to be well equipped with internet services materials. I am the CEO of the business. TS2 SPACE - NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Inquiry of satellite internet For Liberia
we need Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network for broadcast live in Liberia
Satelite Internet
Internet Satelite Liberia
Business High Speed Internet
Would love a monthly price for the highest SpaceX speed internet package you have accesible in jungle environments in Liberia Africa with clearing. 5 person capacity at once. Thank you, Jullinnar
Businesscom Networks Internet for my home
Best and good speed internet needed
We are seeking for the best and good speed internet provided here in Liberia. The name of the provider or providers will be very importtant for us as institution(EQUIP Liberia) Local NGO serving the people of Liberia.
Like to enquire about TS2 SPACE internet services in Liberia preferably if you can send your contact address so I can have a chat with your representative. Thank you
Like to enquire about Businesscom Networks internet services in Liberia preferably if you can send your contact address so I can have a chat with your representative. Thank you
Vsat internet
I wish to enquire for a TS2 SPACE service the rural part of Liberia, could you give me some details as to how much it will cost for 10Meg...I want to retail the services to offices..Thanks
My name is Solomon I would like to know much about you guys service.
wireless internet service in office size of 12 computers(mostly Laptops and printers)
Request for Quotation
Need a quotation for Juch-Tech 1.5 to 2Mbps/512kbps. Please state clearly costs for shared vs dedicated. Please also include access to required equipment and whether you have a local supplier and installer for this.
residential service
BusinessCom VSAT
Internet for my home
I am interested in an Businesscom Networks internet for my home only. Equipments use will be Laptop(2) and and phone when home.
Quality How many meg and what is the Foxcom price in US dollars?
internet services
Agent for service provider
Juch-Tech Ku band wifi connection
Just b a good conten, of products for the ground !
MPLS/VPN services
I need a company that can offer WAN services between a head office and some remote sites within Monrovia.
internet service
Need more info
IT Assistant
in which year AfricaSat-1a C-BAND was established
hello! I need a broadband of internet service for my communication business that I want to open located in monrovia ,bushrod island ,new kru town.I need a subscription from your service.this is my number +231880346673
i need your contact location and number
i need your contact location and number
Vsat in voinjama. How much and how to get?
Hi, I am the Medical Director of a local hospital and interested in obtaining an internet broadband service for use for the hospital staff. This service is required to access digital online library content and educational resources. Can you please provide help
Establishment of internet cafe with services provided by satellite providers
we are interested in subscribing to your internet service provider for our newly established internet cafe. we are located in Virginia Iron Gate near Libreville. Tel: 0777228884
I want to know howmuch internet satellite sets cost or dich
internet satellite sets cost
I want to know howmuch internet satellite sets cost or dich
internet satellite sets cost
VSAT for Office - 4 Mbps dedicated
Can you contact us with quotes?
Intenet for home and office use.
hello Sir/Madam I just started my online business and I am looking for high speed internet to use in my office and at home which are located in the same compound. I would like to get info on your different services and quotes. And which you think suit what I am looking for. Sincerely yours, Jessica
I need satcom services
I need satcom connection at my house
Request for quotation of internet service at Phebe Hospital, Bong County, Liberia
Phebe Hospital & School of Nursing (Office & School) location: Suakoko, Bong Co. Liberia.) Needs quotation: 1. size of internet recommended for 30 to 50 staff 2. proforma prices including site assessment & choosing location/point, all materials to be used, labor, transportation. 3. Rule of payment (monthly or yearly or other)
Request for quotation of internet service in Plibo, Maryland County, Liberia
China Railway Harper Fish Town Road Project (camp&office location: Plibo, Maryland, Liberia.) needs quotation: 1. size of internet recommended for 20~50 staff 2. preforma prices including site assesment & choosing location/point, all materials to be used, labor, transportation. 3. rule of payment (monthly or yearly or other)
wireless installation
West Africa/ Liberia
VSAT service to Re-sell
Dear Sir/Madam, Having search the web for a VSAT service Provider, I am interested in becoming your partner to resell you product in Liberia. I am the CEO for Zoom Communication in Liberia and wish to offer internet service to all customers. It will be grateful if you can send details and Cost of your products.
sat internet
i need unlimited internet . how much that will be ?
Satellite service
Need VOIP and Satellite Internet service in Monrovia, Liberia


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