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Orange Liberia Internet Pro 1.95-29.3 Mbit/s 256 kbit/s Home Internet $49 to 479

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One way internet
I live in Liberia, West Africa. I want to find out if Liberia is covered. Any information will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Alexander
internet services
Agent for service provider
Request for quoation and recommendation
Dear Sir or Madam, Leica Geosystems AG Switzerland has received a “Request For Quotation” from the “Liberia Land Authority” in Monrovia. This project is about the establishment of a Continuously Operating Reference GNSS Reference Station (CORS) for the Greater Monrovia Area that will provide a framework for precise satellite based surveying and positioning. The CORS will make it possible to perform surveys by much faster methods and less expensive equipment. For this project we have to build a central data station in Monrovia. Surveyors and other end users will connect to this station to obtain data for surveying and other measurements. This station has to have a reliable Internet connection with the following minimum specifications: - Download capacity about 250 Kbit/sec - Upload capacity (towards the Internet) about 1 Mbit /sec - Latency not more than 500 msec - 24/7 uptime - Fixed official IP address at the station Please send to us: - technical specifications of applicable connections as above, including the routers we have to use - financial quotation of the applicable connection types as above The location of the site is at Fendel Campus of University of Liberia. Thank you and best regards Dr. Thomas Leiber Leica Geosystems GmbH Triebstrasse 14, 80993 Munich, Germany Phone: +49 173 515 3919 E-Mail: Website: Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon,o-31
Providing Internet Services and Satellite Accessories & Installation
I have just established a new internet, that needs to be well equipped with internet services materials. I am the CEO of the business. TS2 SPACE - NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Request for Businesscom Networks Quotation
Dear Support, Kindly share the cost of 25 Mbps up and down for a dedicated connection in Liberia, Monrovia Thanks, Mogras.
Satelite Internet
Internet Satelite Liberia
MPLS/VPN services
I need a company that can offer WAN services between a head office and some remote sites within Monrovia.
Vsat in voinjama. How much and how to get?
Orange - Internet Pro
HI, I would like to purchase Internet Pro packages but I don't how to find my User ID. I have a new modem but don't know how to get the ID. Thanks. Greg
Internet for my home
I am interested in an Businesscom Networks internet for my home only. Equipments use will be Laptop(2) and and phone when home.
Internet service
We are a university located 200 miles away from Monrovia. North Eastern Liberia. We are on a 25 acre land space and we need TS2 SPACE internet for educational purpose amongst the students and the staff and the rest of the world.

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