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Macau boasts of the sophisticated communications market that is independently. The gradual liberalization has been able to fully open the telecoms market with full impact slowly becoming very evident. The fixed-line subscriptions in this country have continued to fail. Macau’s fixed-line market has been transitioning to the fiber broadband market as the CTM injects investments heavily in the fiber access networks, the project made possible given the Macau’s high population density. The fixed-line broadband penetration has developed slowly over the last five years in the highly mature market.

In the coming five years to the 2023 growth has been expected to subside further as the remainder of ADSL customers have been predicted to migrate to the fiber access. The competition has been intense in the Macau’s mobile market with 4 mobile network operators as well as the mobile virtual network operator providing various services. All the four operators’ providers the 4G LTE services. The mobile subscriber, as well as the mobile penetrators, have been high, exceeding 300%, this very high figure has been due to the excess of over 20 million visitors who get to visit the Macau yearly and usage of the many sim cards by the mobile subscribers.

The mobile broadband has been able to present the mobile operators with more revenue growth opportunity driving the investment in the 4G LTE as well as the 5G networks. As a result of the introduction of the global 5G standard, the CTM has started the testing of the 5G wireless technology. If the 5G license, as well as the spectrum arrangements, progress well, then the 5G in Macau is going to synchronize with neighboring regions that plan to be able to launch the 5G services for the commercial use in the year 2020.

Macau’s smart city project has been developed outside mainland China. The project is going to span various areas such as the medical services, tourism, e-government, and transportation with some specific aspects getting implement by the year 2019.

Some of the key developments include:

- The market liberalization, as well as the network coverage targets on the new entrants, have been driving the fiber investment.
- Macau’s smart city project has been developed outside mainland China.
- The CTM launched the data center in Hong Kong.
- Fiber has been cannibalizing Macau’s huge ADSL based broadband subscribers base.

Some of the companies that have been mentioned in this report include Macau Cable TV, MOOV, SmarTone, China Telecomm, etc.

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