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Need internet connection
In Villingili island, GA. Atoll
TS2 SPACE Residental
Hi i would like to get internet for my apartment can i get price and all the details
Starlink Internet
Infirmation for applications
Internet service providing
I would like to start an WiFi service in my island. It’s an small island where lot of people struggle with internet connection.
Unlimited TS2 SPACE internet package price and speed
Hai Checking whether TS2 SPACE provide internet service for maldives Thanks
I want to get the details how you are providing internet via satellite . i,e what equipment you are installing , how you do it , speed of internet and prices .
Request for Quotes
Dear Team, Kind please quote your most discounted quota for TS2 SPACE internet connection in Male’ Maldives for personal use. Connection speed: 100 Mbit/s Thanks you Mohamed
i need home internet
i need home TS2 SPACE internet our providers are useless
Quote for Islas Malvinas
Hi Businesscom Networks Team, I hope you are doing well! Could you help me with the firm prices please? 1) Site A: Mount Pleasant, FIQQ 1ZZ, Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Site B: 60 Hudson Street, New York, 10013, USA Service: ETH L2 with QinQ MTU>1600 // QoS Transparency BW: 2Mbps, 10Mbps Term: 12 months Lead time:? Access Technology:? 2) Site A: Mount Pleasant, FIQQ 1ZZ, Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Site B: 165 Halsey St, Newark, NJ 07102, USA Service: ETH L2 with QinQ MTU>1600 // QoS Transparency BW: 2Mbps, 10Mbps Term: 12 months Lead time:? Access Technology:? Regards, Wilda
New connection
I want to take the Satlink SL2M Limited ( 2GB ) wifi connection at Baa Atoll....can you provide?
Internet Access & Connectivity
I'm buying a home in Maldives but also need a "business" level of service on my internet because I'm an International Pilot and need to be able to do flight planning ect, so I need the highest speed of Businesscom Networks internet for computers and VOIP... can I get a business connection or what is the speed of service I can get and the APPROXIMATE per month cost? My home will be located at Medhufaru Island Noonu Atoll (Maldives)
satellite internet price
Hello, How much for the 2mbps unlimited Quantis option?
TS2 SPACE satellite internet price
GA.Gemanafushi is an island in the country of Maldives. At what price can you provide internet to that location
Satellite based internet service
Dear sir/madame, I am a single user whose interested on purchasing a satellite based internet service which i could depend on for continous speeds and connectivity. Kindly let me know BuddiesNet packages and methods of payment and required resources for the connection.
Satellite Internet
Hi, I would like to know the possibility of high speed TS2 SPACE satellite internet access in Maldives, the cost and minimum bandwidth and unlimited plans. Please do get back to me, Thank you
Backup comms access
Good Morning, I´ll be interested in quotate an TS2 SPACE internet Access in Maldives, where we have two hotels nowadays with an Ooredoo and Diraghu conectivity. But in case of a hurricane, I would have a satelital option too. Thank you
VSAT Price
Hi, I need TS2 SPACE VSAT internet price and the bandwidth that your prividing
RE: Quote
I'd like to know whether there is any TS2 SPACE sat's or package available for Maldives. If there is any, which speed? Initial payments? Devices? and what will be the monthly fee? Thank you
I want to use Armenian Freenet WiFi. Kindly connect my mobile
I want to use TS2 SPACE WiFi
Price Check
How much will it cost per month for TS2 SPACE 100mbits and will the connection be metered?
Quotation request for fast internet
In Maldives its really difficult to get fast internet and its really expensive. So, i want find alternative way to get internet other than internet provider from Maldives.
looking for am internet service provider for Maldives via satellite
Dear Team I am an End user, looking for a TS2 SPACE internet service provider for a reasonable price. if your team can help me with getting an internet connection please contact me.
i would like to have some info to connect TS2 SPACE internet thruw satelitte
Internet through satellite,
Hi, Is it possible to get TS2 SPACE satellite internet signal to Maldives? How much I have to pay for 100Mbit/s package per month? Do I have to pay any initial payment like security deposit? Your earliest reply is highly appreciated Thanks Faiz
cost for internet connection
i would like to get an BuddiesNet internet connection in male maldivies.
Satellite internet pricing
Seth fee and monthly package fees with TS2 SPACE price range.
internet w dubaju i na malediwach
dzień dobry jestem zainteresowany korzystaniem z internetu w dubaju i na malediwach w marcu chciałbym się dowiedzieć jak to działa i jakie są koszty waszych usług.
Providing fast internet services to the islanders
Hello I would like to provide fast internet service in Rinbudhoo so can you tell how this TS2 SPACE really works??
Commercial Satellite Internet Connection - RFI
Good morning TS2 SPACE, We are considering some kind of commercial internet satellite connection on our island in Maldives. Please can you provide me information about possibilities and your capability to help us? Thanks a lot Best regards Martin
Satellite Internet
we would like TS2 SPACE satellite internet system in our job site. Our job site is in RAA Atoll, Muravandhoo island. Could you please send quotation to me urgently.
Setterlite internet
We Need a prices available for 5Mbps to 100Mbps download speed and 5Mbps to 50Mbps upload Speed. please send us a Quotation
Satellite & VSAT
I want know the 100mb Satellite & VSAT package price. Also want know is there any authorize party in Maldives to resale your Internet service. I would like to be one of business partner with your company
Satellite internet
Can you send me the TS2 SPACE packages
home internet access
ROL Ultimate 1M
Any TS2 SPACE internet services
internet to home
hi there i would like to have TS2 SPACE internet to my home
business intenet
Dear Admin we need a 10 mb/s business internet conection can you give me a prise for USD plxxx sir we want it. reply soon Thankyou sir.
Internet connection quotation for new resort in Maldives
Would require Focus Infocom internet connection quotation for new resort in Maldives. The location of the new resort is on an island with satellite communication tower. Interested partner, please contact.
want to check the anual payment and the monthly payment of TS2 SPACE 100mbps sattelite internet connection... and the procedure to apply for the connection if its available.. thank you
want to check the monthly or anual payment for TS2 SPACE 100mbps and the data usage limit... reply me as soon as possible.. thank you
unlimited home internet
I would like to know the options for an unlimited Quantis internet connection for home with a speed of 4 to 10 mbps.
إنترنت في جزر المالديف
ماهي طريقه استخدام الانترنت علي جزر المالديف Ooredoo
Information on satellite internet
Hello TS2 SPACE, I would liek to know more about your services, for our resorts in Maldives. Thank you Pierre Project Manager Club MEd
request info satellite Internet service
Good morning, I would like to inquire about the coverage of TS2 SPACE satellite Internet service. I live in Felidhoo atoll, island of Keydhoo - Maldives Waiting for your checks best reguards Idress
Sattelite internet
Is there anyway I could get TS2 SPACE Satellite broadband internet with 100mbps+ in Maldives. (unlimited internet)
Satellite internet to Maldives
Is it possible to receive satellite internet from your company on an island in the Maldives?
satellite Internet price
hi, could you please send me satellite internet package prices for unlimited packages. Thank you
Price Request
Dear Sir, Kindly please lets us know your available packages to Maldives. Regards Nasrulla
Sattelite Internet
Hi, I would like to get a quotation for a satellite internet package of 20Mbps Download and 2Mbs Upload speed. Please include, in your quotation, the equipment required and the prices. Thank you, Shamil
Need Dedicated Internet
Dear Sir, do you have any facility in Maldives to use high speed dedicated BW which will be 2 MB/2MB up/down . if so please replay .
Maldives looking for an ISP
Dear Jennifer Ousley Good day to you. I just wonder to let you know the opportunity is Maldives for Internet service Provider. Will appreciate to hear from you. Brgds Abdulsattar Hussain TASMIL Pvt Ltd H. Bashimaa Vaadhee 1st Floor 20-068 Sosun Magu Male' Republic of Maldives HP : 960 77 88 393
I need internet
My data package is v slow. I need internet in Maldives.


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