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Last Inquiries from Mauritania
The company VOLTALIA, a major industrial player in the production of renewable energies from solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass energies, has been awarded to implement a 42.5 MWp solar power plant in Mauritania on the TASIAST mine. Throughout the duration of the construction of the power plant for around 1 year we will need to have an Starlink internet connection on site for us and our Contractors during 1 year. Being in the middle of the desert we are looking for a VSAT solution. We would like to know what kind of solutions could you offer/recommend to us as well as an estimated cost including Equipment + monthly subscription.
اريد تفاصيل عن الاشتراك والتكاليف
Internet services by Top Technology
Starlink Internet availability
Can i get the starlink internet connection in Mauritania And can uou also send the prices
باقة النت الفضائي
مرحبا انا من شمال مورتانيا املك معدات الاتصال احتاج الى باقىة النت الفضائي شكرا Starlink
انترنت عبر القمر الاصطناعي
نريد معرفة كيفية الحصول على الانترنت عبر الأقمار الاصطناعية TS2 SPACE - Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN
OneWeb Broadband connection needed in Mauritania for 10 sites in major towns
Please, could someone reply to my requirement: 10 broadband connections to be installed in the February in Mauritania with the following requirements: Total GByte packages between 2-5-10-5-100GByte/month with a download speed of minimum 5Mbitps upto 20Mbitps. I do need this to be in before end of COB Thursday the 28th of January 2022. Please show me your best prices for my project.
demande d'abonement
Je suis dans la brouse et je me demande le meillleur offre que je peux avoire avec vous pour internet de debuit environ 5 a 8 MB. est ce que vous fournisser le matriel (parabole, switch, cable ...) mercie d'avance
‏إنترنت ‏عبر الأقمار الصناعية
‏أريد جهاز ‏يمدني بالأنترنت عبر ‏الأقمار الصناعية Mauritel SA - INTERNET 3G postpaid
Creation of local area network via satellite
hello, i want to know the cost of creating one local network for plus 50 place in different parts of the country with a good bandwidth in low latency. thank you
Internet speed
Hello. I am considering relocating to Mauritania. I work online and for about 5 hours a day need access to a broadband connection with at least a 8 Mbps upload speed. Is this possible, and what is the Businesscom Networks price per month? Thank you
Connexion internet par satellite
Bonjour, Je souhaite acquérir une connexion à Businesscom Networks internet par satellite à Nouakchott en Mauritanie. Il s'agit d'une demande pour un débit DL/UL 20Mbps/20Mbps. La VSAT pourra être installée sur le toit de notre bâtiment adapté à cet effet. Merci de me fournir les propositions de produits et de prix et la cadence et modes de paiement disponibles. Egalement, je souhaite connaitre le temps nécessaire pour mettre en service cette liaison. Cordialement, Cheibanny
Hello, i need Juch-Tech internet for small business. Regards, Yacoub OULD
Comment obtenir abonnement internet par satellite en mauritanie
Bonjour; veuillez nous faire une offre pour un kit et un abonnement pour un debit de 20mbs
3G postpaye de mauitel
Modalité et coût de souscription au 3G postpaye de mauritel.
internet Vsat
Bonjour, je voudrais savoir plus d'information sur TS2 SPACE l'internet Vsat
Contact Details - Top Technology
Looking for the contact person from top Technology Mauritania who deals with project enquiries. Please email me
Internet PAR VSAT
Nous cherchons un dévie pour un installation TS2 SPACE internet par satellite en Mauritanie.
Satellite internet 10mbps service
Hi, I am looking for a good Businesscom Networks sat internet connection, and I've seen that you have a 10mbps connection service here in Mauritania. Can I get a quote for cost of service(monthly)?
Change Jawal service to internet postpaid service
My Jawal service is terrible. Please advise me how to change my present service to a faster Mauritel - INTERNET 3G postpaid plan.
Sat Internet
Dear Sirs, I am looking for a stable and fast TS2 SPACE internet connection in Nouakchott/Mauritania. We do have 8 PC wich should be all connected on the same time. Can you please make an offer for the hardware and the monthly fees, Best regards! R.
Ich werde mich demnächst in den Ländern Westafrikas befinden (Marokko, Mauretanien, Senegal, ...) und suche nach einer Lösung für einen zuverlässigen und günstigen Zugang zum TS2 SPACE Internet via Satellit.
Satellite internet connection
Dear sir/madam Ny name is Dimitrios Kostis and i m the business unit manager for solar plant in CCC We are running a power plant in Mauritania,at the area of Aioune. We need a reliable internet connection. We would like to receive an Businesscom Networks offer. Best regards Dmitrios
Fournissseur service internet par VSAT
Bonjour, Je travaille présentement en collaboration avec un fournisseur de service internet par VSAT. Nous sommes à la recherche de nouveaux clients en Afrique et serions ravis de pouvoir vous présenter nos offres. merci de me contacter sur ou pour de plus amples informations. Cordialement, Badara.
How can I get Internet From satellite ?
Hello, Iam from mauritania and I want to know how to get TS2 SPACE internet from a satellite ? Internet is not quite good here in my country .
موارقبة هاتفيا
oumar check
oumar check
Hello, I work in an ISP here in the Gambia, I would like to apply at your ISP, could you kindly give right contact details. Kawsu
I am a long and handsome black
personal use
I am currently working on an oil rig of the coast of mauritania and am wondering if your service is avaliable for this use and what equipment is needed to access you service
internet access
I have wifi router but not yet have DSL so wat I can do to get access without DSL or can router speed up my other 3G modem
je voulais savoir comment ça marche si j’achète la connections par satellite. Est ce-que ça peut marcher avec ma mienne adsl? cordialement
no access to the internet in Mauritania
internet service; 2/1 dedicated in Mauritania


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