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Satellite internet
Hello. Im from mauritius and am going to work for mauritius meteorological services at a station on an island. And i would like to know about the satellite services you can provide. Thank you
Broad band wifi connection
I need a Emtel broad band wifi connection for my apartment near Flic en Flac beach, please contact me
Price request
Cost of Internet service
Good day I am from South Africa and am moving to Mauritius, please send me a list of TS2 SPACE services and prices please
Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Pakages
Suis sur maurice.Les fournisseurs bliquent certains ip
Wi Fi complete setup needed
Hi. We reside in Tamerin area and need an Emtel ISP with WiFi Connection installed. We only Vist Mauritius during Holidays. Also we will only be available at our newly purchased residence during December 2018. Anton
net conection
i m likely to trevel maurisius n need net conection on my mobile
Internet for home
Good day I am planning to move to Mauritius in about 2 minths time and I would like to know the TS2 SPACE packages you have available in that area. And I need internet for my home to work from. If you could email me with a few details I would really appreciate it.
Hi, Please provide the quotation for Businesscom Networks 10 MB/s Leased line connection. Regards Dhannajay
une connection internet valable
We need TS2 SPACE services in our country.
Mobile Internet at Sea
we would be interested in investigating the possibilities of providing SpaceX internet service to small boat which are used in the lagoon of Mauritius. May be going out of the island up to 200miles in sea.
Bandwidth Services Enquiry
Hi there, I am Youvesh from Flash Communications, a startup that is based in Mauritius. Our goal is to provide high-speed and affordable internet access to users across remote areas of the island. Therefore, we would require wholesale services which is at least 1Gbps or higher in Mauritius. Please send a quotation on this requirement and we would appreciate your assistance to consult us on the procedures that we need to follow. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Youvesh Perwanee, +6018 2045 126, Flash Communications Team.
Need one time internet connection
Need a 15-20 GB file to download at the highest speed possible. Can i get one at 100mbps down? What is the TS2 SPACE price
internet connection through satellite
Please provide solution and price for internet connection high speed through satellite connection in Mauritius Island, Riviere noire
Hello, we would have like to know the price for the TS2 SPACE 100 Mbit/s upload. Regards. Anthony
Integrated Management System for Freight Forwarding Company
Dear Sir/Madam, Our Company is currently in search of a service provider to implement an IMS. Kindly advise us on your products offerings. Looking forward to reading from you soon. Best regards, Isabelle HR Coordinator
Movistar 10Mbps Satellite internet
please let me know if you can provide satellite internet via parabolic dish for Mauritius. I need a minimum download speed of 10Mbps(10240Kbps) 24 hrs round the clock. pse quote
Satellite internet service
Hi Businesscom Networks We are looking for a network to operate a mobile terminal in Mauritius to perform mobile upload streaming, could you advise if you are able to assist with providing network access and the type of terminal we would require in terms of Antenna/BUC size and modem.
Gransolar: Offer request for Internet connection Mauritius island
Dear Sir/Madam, We are looking for a company in Mauritius that provides an internet solution in for a Scada system in a solar energy plant will be builded in the North of the island (Mon Choisy). Internet requirements we are looking for: 1. Fixed public IP 2. 2Mbps upload/download 3. Wireless (3G/4G, satellite, others) We are looking forward from you. Best Regards,
I want to registered for an internet satellite concection
it is possible to connected me with the internet satellite in Mauritius?
I want to registered for an internet satellite concection
it is possible to connected me with the internet satellite in Mauritius?
High speed internet connection for home use
What package deal do propose for home use please
information for internet high speed for home use
Hello, i want to use your service for internet use can you tell me if it is possible i live in Mauritius island. Thanks Nabeel
Global Telesat: request for quotation for 1 site in Plaine de Roche
Good morning, I'm Laure Gathy, sales manager in the telecommunication company Global Telesat We have a new prospect in Mauritius. Please can you quote a complete solution for shared internet capacity of 128kbps down/128 up in Ku or Ka in a site in Plaine de Roche. Please can you quote the internet capacity, Vsat equipment on site in Plaine de Roche, Vsat installation and Maintenance. Thanks Regards Laure Gathy
Need satellite internet
Hello. I would like to have your pricing regarding satellite internet on mobile. I am from Mauritius.
connexion internet par satellite
Bonjour je souhaiterai savoir quelle sont les packages que vous proposer pour l'internet par satellite pour des bateaux qui voguerons dans l'ocean indien et si vous proposer aussi des packages pour téléphone satellite.
Need a Good Speed connection For Doomestic Use
Need a good speed internet connection for domestic use In Maurituis
internet conection
i want to know more on this product i live in curepipe never hear anyone talk about it
Country coverage
Hello, Is yr product for Internet Satellite covered for Mauritius usage? Grateful to send me more info about the prepaid service etc. Thanks, A. Sheik
Packages for mauritius
Hi, We are a mauritian compagny looking for good internet solution to create a hotline service. Could you please tell me if mauritius can use your solutions, and send me your detail documentation ? thank you in advance, Jeremy Gachet


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