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Last Inquiries from Montenegro

Crnogorskog Telekoma ISP line flapping continuously
Hello, I am writing from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and am contacting you regarding the internet connection that we have from Crnogorskog Telekoma in our Podgorica bureau. It has been flapping continuously today and as a result we are losing internet connectivity. Could you please investigate? If you need more information, you can contact me at my email address.
Locations of available Crnogorskog Telekoma FTTH
Considering the cost of FTTH per month, or should I just get DSL. I like the option of the greater bandwidth. I have not yet bought a place in Montenegro. Could you provide me with a map of FTTH coverage please? Also what would the monthly cost be? I am looking at the costal cities. Thank you in advance!
Price of the TS2 SPACE internet service in Montenegro
Hi, can you please tell me the price of the internet service in Buljarice/Petrovac city in Montenegro? Thank you.
home satellite internet
home satellite internet
Home internet and TV
We are a mountain house, 10 mins from main road. Started with just satelite dish and receiver. Want to airbnb the house next year and will need TS2 SPACE internet at least and possibly TV package
ADSL internet in flat
I would like to install a Crnogorskog Telekoma ADSL internet with speed at least 5-7 mbps. My Flat located in Djenovici (close to Herzeg Novi). Please let me know the charges and when it can be done.
Seeking for help
I literally need free internet
Home internet
Info about TS2 SPACE home internet
Fiber internet
Crnogorskog Telekoma FTTH with Super high-speed data transfer
Satellite internet
Interest on the price for Businesscom Networks unlimited satellite internet service for Montenegro
Service contracts for internet?
Hello, I recently moved here to Herceg Novi, Montenegro to retire. I live in an apt with a 6 month lease. Does your service include the HN area? What is your contract options? If so, can I get TS2 SPACE service installed ASAP? Please let me know, Kind regards, Randy
Home internet
I would like to install a SpaceX satellite internet for my home in Montenegro, do you guys provide this kind of service and if yes please give me some prices and options thank you
Satellite internet
I'm interested to install TS2 SPACE satellite service in one of the villages where my parents live at Montenegro, do you provide this type of service?
Internet Libero XL
Hello, Is it possible to buy Crnogorskog Telekoma - Mobile Internet Libero XL product for two months? Regards
Installation and monthly costs
Hello, I have a home in Ulcinj and I wanted to know what are your requirements for Crnogorskog Telekoma - FTTH with Super high-speed data transfer installation and your costs for installations and the monthly service. Would there be a monthly package service minimum since i stay at my home 2 months a year. Thanks
Pricing,Instalations,Speed and Requirements
Hello, my name is Anes and I'm from Montenegro. I'm a huge gamer and games have been a big part of my life and I've always dreamed of streaming my gameplay. However Montenegro doesn't offer great network speeds as you know so I was looking online for solutions and came across this site. I was curious for 50d/50u internet in Montenegro how much do I have to pay monthly,is it hard for me to install the internet? (or do you have someone that will install it for me) and what are the requirements,I live in a flat area and there's signal everywhere. I'm not sure however is there something special I have to have in order for this to work. Thank you, Best regards, Anes.
Crnogorskog Telekoma
Internet 5
I am interested for internet via satellite
Does OneWeb have representative in Montenegro? What is the price for your internet service via satellite?
FTTH with Super high-speed data transfer In bigovo
Internet home connection
Hi, I am interested in Crnogorskog Telekoma wifi option in sutomore. What are the necessary timelines, is there a possibility for seasonal hook up only and what are the prices for your servoces. Thank you
Satellite internet for Montenegro
Hi There TS2 SPACE I am trying to get an internet connection for my house in Ljesevici, near Tivat Kotor and Bigova, Montenegro. One of my neighbours says she connects via the satellite of her neighbour, but hasn't told me who services that. I am looking for someone who provides a good service in this area. Thanks Pete
Postovani zbog velike potraznje za sat internetom interesuje me dali imate dilere ili zastupnike u Crnoj Gori Koji su uslovi za saradnju Ako mozete da mi posaljete neki cjenovnik opreme za dilere
Internet in ulcinj
How much is it to set up and monthly fee ?
Hello, I am interested for you internet services. How much cost installation and annual payment for package 512/256 kbit/s ?
Interested for home use
I want to order your satelite for my house in Ulcinj Montenegro. I would like to know the speeds available for Ulcinj and how and where I can order it , also do you install or do I need to install.
installation prices
Hello, I saw your monthly rates. But could you give me the price of installing the dish and a strong router? Thanks, Corneel
Price of installing
Hello, I saw your monthly rates. But what are the best prices to get installed the satellite dish and a strong WiFi router. Thanks
Satellite Internet in Montenegro
Hello, My name is Mike and my parents visit Montenegro every summer. We are from the United States. My parents visit every summer for about 2-3 months. We have a home that is located up in the mountains and we have been unable to get strong internet connection at our home. We are very interested in your product if it can reliably bring a strong internet signal into our home. I would like more information and phone numbers for them to call when they go there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
sattelite internet
i would like to know how much would it cost me for installation and munthly paymants ? Thanks, Djon
40 USD pay month or Year ?


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