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Installation of satellite service in Lichinga, Mozambique
We need Businesscom Networks satellite service for our rural office located in Niassa Province, city of Lichinga Mozambique. Do you service this area and could you give me an estimate of installing and operating the equipement. Robert
Paratus Telecom Internet casa
Boa noite,tem serviço particular de internet por satélite,se sim quais os preços e condições? Obrigado
Business Partnership
Good day, My names is Matias, and I am Director of Telefiber here in Mozambique. I am looking for company to make partnership for Internet Service provider. The market is very good here. My contact: + 258 826581300
I am looking for information about joining the service.
I'm in Mozambique and I would like to know how I do to join SpaceX service. I intend to use it at home and I would also like to know the values for the purchase of equipment such as the receiver, modem etc. I am aware that due to the distance you are from my country, I do not expect installation and physical technical support from you. Thank you very much for your attention.
The Kwiknet Wi-Fi
instalação da rede de internet . requisitos para ter internet em minha casa? como e feito o pagamento do pacote The Kwiknet Wi-Fi de 0,45USD per day.? qual e a velocidade maxima?
precario na Reserva do Niassa
Dear Sir/Madam  Could you please send us urgently a quote on be half of Wildlife Conservation Society , to supply internet and equipments to cover  4 houses as per details below.  To cover all 4 houses 1 x internet installation dish and equipment to cover 4 houses set 300 meters apart.  Quote to include all all switches boosters and wifi access points for the 4 houses.  I think the system should be the dish and modem located next to one house, with cables running to the other 3 houses, each to have a wifi router. Include costs of travel for installation 1 x DSTV dish equipped with Premium subscription allowing for 4 users, each with their own decoder and remote to enable them to watch their chosen channels with cable to run between the houses 300 meters max apart with no obstruction btwn one another. Include costs of travel and installation Best regards
Wifi for our house
Dear Sir/Madam, We are living in Barra/Tofo area and we want to have wifi with uncapped internet which is reliable and fast. We would like to know what are our options and what cost are involved with this. We are opened to any suggestions, also we are moving in 2 month to an other house so we need something portable. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks a lot, Milos
Uncapped internet
We are looking for TS2 SPACE uncapped internet
VSat connection
I have the dish mounted in Niassa Reserve, need to install new router etc
Internet holsel provider contat in maputo
Internet business
Hello i am adnan i need TS2 SPACE internet service i opne new business for wifi internet service in maputo send me you pakeges per month unlimited and advance paymet schedule and installation
Vsat ^ satellite phones
Good day, We require internet and satellite voice connection four 4 sites in Mozambique, many used for mail no large downloads and emergency voice communications.
pedido para ser um provedor de internet
obrigado pela existencia de grande agencia satproviders, eu vivo em mocambique na provincia de nampula e tenho uma empresa de informatica, quero pedir para ser provedor de internet, quero saber os requisitos.
Satelite internet packages for rural Maputo Province, Moçambique
Good day. I am looking for a satellite Internet provider that will work in Mozambique in Southern province of Maputo on a rural farm. Can you please send me a qoutation and the different packages and options available that would work. Regards
Satelite internet packages for rural Maputo Province, Moçambique
Good day. I am looking for a satellite Internet provider that will work in Mozambique on a farm in the southern province of Maputo. Can you please send me a qoutation on the different options and packages that Quantis have available and all other necessary information. Regards
TVCABO Plans internet
Peço cotação de internet dedicada de 4MBs e 10MBs para as novas instalações da escola secundária das acácias localizadas perto da escola portuguesa. Cumprimentos Stélio
Decent connection speed at good prices
Hi there I am currently living in South Africa, however I have been head hunted to come and work in Mozambique. My biggest concern is getting good TS2 SPACE internet at reasonable prices.
Kindly send all TS2 SPACE prices and products
internet cafe
Would like to setup internet café, need price quote kind regards.
Velocidade de Internet
Sou de Moçambique, Gaza. Qual é a maior velocidade de Internet na região de Chongoene, onde funciona uma universidade e o que é necessario para poder instalar o serviço?
Please i need a quotation on installing WIFI at our Lodge in Masingir, Mozambique.
Please advise what a good efficient system would be and at what cost. We are 80km north of CHAI-CHAI on the Island Canda?
Pedido de cotações - Serviço de Internet empresas
Teledata Kwiknet Afterhours
I would like to know your prices for the TS2 SPACE Internet. Thank you
Internet Acess
Hello There i would like to know the price and , how i can pay to use TS2 SPACE services. Is there any Hardware i have to buy ?
VSAT Internet Services
Hello I'm looking for portable (at least partially) OneWeb VSAT internet services i the eastern cahara bass region of Mozambique. The services are for comms - email, social services, data calls for a small team of customers and staff at any point in time (3-5 people maximum). Can you propose a solution for us please. Please note its a remote region of Mozambique - closest town is Tete and unlikely to have service provision.
Assunto doméstico
Quero a melhor ligação à TS2 SPACE internet para uma casa no bairro central de Maputo
Good day, our company has a branch that is based at the MPDC Port in Mozambique. Please confirm if you have signal there and please quote for TS2 SPACE Internet Access for an office of approximately 5 users. Thank you. Elandie
Internet services on Mozambique Island
We are a small tourism business operating from Mozambique Island and are looking for a fast cost effective TS2 SPACE internet service. Are you able to provide Internet services and what would be the monthly cost. Currently the only provider is the national provider TDM which is slow and unreliable.
provedor de servicios de internet
Vodacom Mozambique - 3G Internet Prepaid Mobile phones Por que há provedor
Obter a Internet
Bom dia Procuro saber mais sobre esta SpaceX internet Precos
Internet Services
I am looking for a 10mbps VSAT internet connection to support 15 retail sites in Maputo Mozambique and I would like to have a backup 3g/4g connection as well. I would like to know if ADSL is available in Maputo too, I am looking for pricing information so I can create a business case but I need to provide this information by June 8 so a speedy response would be very much appreciated.
We Are a company Based in Pemba cabo delgado, can you provide internet to this side of mozambique? also if TS2 SPACE can please provide the pacages and prices. thank you Abdala
Equipment für Internet über Satellit
Hallo, werde höchstwahrscheinlich in absehbarer Zeit nach Mosambik emigrieren. Daher wollte ich hierzulande noch sicher stellen, daß ich auch permanent über das Internet verfügen kann. Bräuchte ein paar Anregungen von Ihnen. Vielen Dank vorab. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Dietmar
isp lento
sintam - se cumprimentados prezado gostaria de saber a respeito do ISP de mocambique para todas as operadoras estao muito lentas, eu custumava a usar a internet da Movitel acompanhado de Softether client manager ja ha 2 duas semanas que estou com o problema de connectar e nao ter acesso a internet que quase a pagina da google nao abre ele corre com 10 a 20 kbps visto que anteriormente coria a 1 a 4 mbps. estou para abrir a minha empresa de fornecimento de internet quais sao os requisitos para poderem me cadastrar no vosso satellite? sem mas votos de continuacao de bom trabalho e aguardarei o vosso feedback a respeito.
VSAT Options available
Please may you advise if your TS2 SPACE VSAT is available in Mozambique if so please advise what is required and what are the costs
Servicos de Internet
TS2 SPACE pedido de cotacao
Hi just want to find out how it works if i wat Businesscom Networks uncapped
Uncapped Wi Fi required urgently
Good day , We are a counter poaching company working along the Kruger national park in Mozambique . We are in urgent need of uncapped wi fi in our ops room. Can you please send me a document via email with all the options available and requirements to set up . kindest regards Elize
Satellite Internet
Good day, Looking for quotes for the provision of satellite internet services. There would be a maximum of 4 users at any one time with ability for Skype communications. This would be for an isolated farm in Northern Mozambique. Many thanks
Home wifi connection
I would like a iN Mozambique home wifi connection for data connection which can allow access for two or more users, as well as watching movies and videos online.
Purchasal and availability of a WiFi Router
I want to personally or telephonically share a word with you on how I can get a WiFi router that can allow me to do business in an area, where I would provide Internet access to people in return of money. But I will tell you more on how the system can go like!
Internet speeds and cost
Hi, Can you tell me what areas in Mozambique are covered and the options available on speeds and price?
Internet via satelite
Quero saber sobre os termos e condicoes.
Internet connection in Xinavane
Internet connection in Xinavane
preciso de restaurar o contacto de ana julia age, de todas as chamadas que efectuou no dia 25 a 26 de outubro de 2017
serviços de Qantsat internet corporate
Internet Services
Dear Sir/Madam Meu nome é Benedito Toalha, e gostaria de saber sobre os preços dos vossos iN serviços. Tenho uma empresa chamada Link _Travel localizada na Matola e para conectar 4 computadores. Antecipadamente muito obrigado pela colaboração. Melhores Cumprimentos, Benedito
Internet in Maputo
Hi there, I need TS2 SPACE internet in maputo? whether vast or wimax or fibre, I need a cheapest one with highest download speed. Thanks alot
TS2 SPACE - NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Pedido de Informação
Boa tarde Teledata. Estou interessado em subscrever o vosso serviço de internet sem fio residencial. para tal solicito informações referentes aos valores mensais a pagar para cada um dos vossos pacotes. Cumprimentos.
Internet supply query
Good day. I need access to the SpaceX internet via satellite. I will need to have someone supply the equipment inc. dish, the LNB, a modem and a router plus the monthly subscription fee. Please can someone help me. Thank you. Our location is on an island in lake Cahora Bassa, north western Mozambique
Installation of satellite/wi-fi- quotation please
Good day, We are based approximately 30 km from Massingir, Gaza Province on a game farm. We are battling with a good internet system. We use movitel dongles, which is EDGE. Some days it's horrific and cannot download even 4MB of information. We are starting a lodge and need good internet for bookings, marketing etc and of course wi-fi available for clients. Please will you contact me ASAP if there is a solution to our problem with a pricelist.
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network informação
Gostaria de ver a tabela de Preço.
VSAT Satellite Services 100 Mbit/s Internet via satélite $preço em pedido
Gostaria de ter a tabela de precos. Estou a fazer um Update na minha empresa por isso gostaria de ter essa informação
I am looking for Teledata home internet and would like to know my options in Beira, Mozambique thank you
Pedido de Cotação
Ilustres senhores; sirvo-me da presente comunicação para solicitar a vossa melhor firme proposta para o fornecimento de serviços de Teledata Kwiknet internet aos nossos escritórios localizados no Bairro Triunfo, Rua Tintsole nº 380. Pedimos que vossa cotação apresente as especificações detalhadas dos serviços que proporcionam bem como a respectiva velocidade. Obrigado
Pedido de Cotação
Caros senhores; Servimo-nos da presente comunicação para solicitar a vossa proposta para o fornecimento de serviços de iN Mozambique internet no escritório localizado na rua Tintsole nº 380, Bairro de Triunfo. Pedimos que indique claramente os pacotes praticados bem com a respectiva velocidade. Obrigado
Pedido de Cotação
Prezados Senhores; Pela presente comunicação queriamos solicitar a vossa melhor e firme proposta para o fornecimento de serviços de TS2 SPACE internet aos nossos escritórios. Pedimos que na cotação indiquem claramente os pacotes fornecidos e a sua velocidades. Obrigado
Pedido de Cotação
Bom dia senhores pela presente comunicação queremos solicitar a vossa melhor e firme proposta para o fornecimento de serviços de NSS -12/Arabsat 5C internet aos nossos escritórios que se localizam no bairro do Triunfo, Rua Tintsole nrº 380.
I am looking for a viable iN Mozambique internet solution on my farm. I need to cover an area of 2000ha of land with internet access. Is it possible with your WiMAX solutions? BR Felix
Pedido de cotação de internet com banda de 10Mbps
Quermos intalar um aplicativo que demanda uma Qantsat internet com mais qualidade dai que peço uma cotação de internet vom banda de largura de 10Mbps.
Pedido de cotação de internet com banda de 10Mbps
Queremos instalar um aplicativo que necessita uma Businesscom Networks internet mais rápida por isso pedimos uma cotação de internet com banda até os 10 Mbps.
Pedido de fornecimento de internet
A Associação Kindlimuka, está situado no Bairro Benfica e gostaria de aderir a um serviço de qualidade de internet, nisto gostaria de saber quais são os requisitos. tendo a salientar que ultimamente usa serviços da Multinet mas que não são de qualidade desejada poi esta usa base de dados online
Monthly Internet
I would like to know the monthly Businesscom Networks Internet cost for 10mb/s.
Pedido de contacto
iBurst Solicito os contacto telefonicos e os endereços electronicos da empresa
Como faço pra receber o vosso Vodacom serviço?
vsat system
needed to TS2 SPACE install north mozambique please send quotes for montly fees and sattelite dish and model
I want to register
Dear Sirs, I am ISP and I want to supply internet (V-Sat) for Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique , Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenia, Malawi. Please for more details I whold like to know how to be on list of your page.
Prepaid rates
Good day I would like to get some more information on iN Mozambique Prepaid service. And the rates they charge. Do the lines run on optical cable connection or fibre?
preços internet
Boa tarde Gostaria de saber os preços da iBurst Africa internet por mês.
Data and voice plans and best coverage for all of Mozambique
Data and voice plans and best coverage for all of Mozambique
internet connection rates
Hi I want to request the prices for AfricaSat-1a C-BAND internet connection and monthly rates for home based offices. regards
Data Package inquire
Good day, Could you please send me the prices of Quantis 3GB data packages for 3G
KU Vsat Required
We have KU equipment with Hughes Modem working 2 LNBs cale etc. We need service we have one to two users at a tim in montepuez we are setting up a mine and there will be need to upgrade for about a hundred users in a short time
Estimados, Venho por este meio solicitar o vosso melhor preço para a aquisição de: VSAT system for offline well testing and communications Gostaria de saber também o tempo nessário para entrega: Cumps,
iBurst Internet service
We are a small company and looking for Internet service providers in Mozambique but not expensive costs. Kindly, contact me Ajay
How can I do this?
How can I do this? I am in Mozambique and want to join SES Extranet service , tell me in detail how I can make your internet sales here in my country
i need a TS2 SPACE internet connection in MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE.Which have 1MB upload and 1MB download consistent speed.pls tell me the preliminary expenses and per month rent details.also pls tell me about equipment detail which i needed for a connection.
Hi MCEL please send me a qoute for KU BAND/C BAND service in Pemba required capacity- 5/5 MBPS
Hi I would like to know, do Juch-Tech have a coverege on Pemba city? I want to purchase satellite network for my office
Hi I would like to know, do OneWeb have a coverege on Pemba city? I want to purchase satellite network for my office
Internet access
Good day Can you please advise me on the best internet access package for an internet cafe of about 6 computers. can you include the total cost. want to set it up in Tete, Mozambique.
Internet Broadband
Good day I am looking for a service provider in the Mozambique that can possibly provide either of the following services to our Cummins sites in Tete and Ressano Garcia: Fibre or Microwave Link or Mobile Broadband Regards Levashini
Satellite Internet quotation.
We have several work sites at Mozambique (from south to north) where we need internet connection and we're analyzing the satellite possibility, so, is it possible to send me a quotation or a price table for your services and products? Depending on: - equipment and dish size; - max download/upload speed; - shared access ratio; - data plans.
para mim Internet connections over Thuraya XT
Vodacom internet
What VSAT services can Businesscom Networks offer us?
Presizo de uma rede para escola
Vodacom 3G Internet Postpaid Mobile phones
Quote: VSAT Service
We would like to receive from your side, a quote for 2 service: VSAT Internet for Head Office in Maputo and VSAT link for Backup to Interconnection of our branchs in matola, beira, nampula and Tete with the head office and head office connect to randburg in South Africa.,o-9520
Good day, I am from South Africa,working in mozambique. I am looking for wireless internet at our house, perferably uncapped. Will you be able to help?
Good day, I am from South Africa,working in mozambique. I am looking for wireless internet at our house, perferably uncapped. Will you be able to help?
Hi, I would like to open a new wireless internet facility to my schools and all my students can get access to internet at school and at home, please can you help me to get my own VSat so I can supplier my students and professors, libraries and the departments are in different area in Maputo, if you can help me with that please and procedure. please
Connect to internet
I want to connect my cell phone to internet
Mobile Internet
Monthly package price for 4 users
Hello , i have a query
Could you tell me the exact initial payment to avail this service
Need fast internet / dedicated line for Hotel in Tete
Dear Provider We are a hotel based in Moatize (Tete), Mozambique. We would like a service provider that can give us our own dedicated line or satellite connection for internet in the hotel. We need a very fast - fast connection as all the local service provider (Vodacom, Mcel, Movitel & TDM) are all dependant on fibre optic cable that goes through the indian ocean & with too many users the speed can be very disappointing. Please advise what can you offer & what packages. I look forward to your reply. Yours Sincerely Wassim,o-284
Tooway Ka SAT Consumer 20 Mbit/s 6 Mbit/s Satellite broadband 21,56 EUR monthly 10 GB per month
where you have your legal representative It has available, portable equipment thank you
Prices and Availability
Hello, I am interested in broadband via satellite to improve the internet speeds at my house. I wanted some information on prices and Availability of this type of equipment in Nacala-Porto please. I am looking for 2Mb download options, priced of equipment and installation and monthly will be appreciated. Kind regards,o-125
Need Internet up and down 2 MBPS, with static IP
I need stable internet services with static IP and 2 MBPS up nd down speed in Beira. Kindly send in your quotes
Require satelite quote
Good morning, we are situated in Canda, Zavala District, Inhambane Province. The lodge is very isolated and the nearst village is 8km. Movitel is the only network that we can use and we have been experiencing many problems with internet. We would like to receive a quote should we install a satelite service and the cost thereof. Can you also please explain the process to have a satelite installed.
Unlimited internet connectivity
I would you to provide me unlimited internet use for approximately 6 computers, for home and office use. I travel very much and would also like internet connectivity on the road and between countries. High speed and reliable internet is best, it must also allow for fast video streaming and voice calls. Usable on computer, laptop, tablets and smartphones.
Internet for a small busines
Hi, my name is Lezli I'm from Mozambique. I would like to start a small busines using Internet. I would like to know that is it possible you provide Internet via satellite from my country .
Hi can you send me the prices of your equipment and internet , i want tho start a small business
hi my name is Hugo , am from Mozambique ,i have a business proposal , if you are interested email me regards.
Internet for home
Hi can you please let me how much cost of unlimited internet for house user only .. is it available here in mozambique ? If yes then on which satellite Thanks
Need internet via satellite with 2 MBPS up and down speed.
Please quote for the same. I am located in Beira, Mozambique.
internet via satellite
pedido de sinal
Internet satellite service
Dear Madam/ Sir, I work for a local association in the Province of south Sofala in Mozambique in an ICT project for 4 missions in a very remote area. Education is an important tool for the improvement of these populations as well as having access to information through the internet. Could you kindly tell me which equipment would be needed to have Internet functioning in these remote places and wich is the pricing. Thank you very much for your help. All the best, RN
satelite internet required
hi there, we run a small community project in rural Mozambique where internet is very slow and often non existing. We are in the South in a town called Manjacaze. We are looking for quotes for equipment and contracts for internet at our office. could you please send us quotations for what you have to offer. Hope to hear from you soon! gerhard
Internet in a remote location
Dear Sirs, We have an operation in a remote area in Niassa, Northern Mozambique. At the moment we are looking for an internet solution for our camp, being so we would like to know what can offer us in this regard. Kind regards, Manuel Carona
Need internet access for +/- 30 computers Installation price and monthly fee
pls do you have any CABLE ISP here in Mozambique?
I have a satellite modem and which to apply for your services
Internet in Mozambique
I need satellite internet access, please confirm the number of internet users for each service


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