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Telecom Namibia Data Link (by Telecom Namibia) 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Local Area Networks $price on request

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want to subscribe for internet
I live in Namibia and require satel lite internet access
satellite for internet and possibly phone calls (Some international to USA and South Africa)
In the south Namib desert on a farm
Need to tell my husband Jofie Lamprecht to call me his dad is in icu. It's not going well can't get hold of him!! His sat phone number is: Pls contact him and tell him to phone his wife
Listing on satproviders and
Hi, How do we list on your website? Does it cost anything? We are an ISP in Namibia. Regards Schalk -- Paratus Telecom
Kindly furnish me with the pricing
Starlink Farm internet line
We stay about 80km out of Windhoek, Namibia. We need to stream meetings etc. Please assist with internet solution Thank youi
Good morning We plan to record a live rugby tournament in windhoek on 3 different days. I want to know whats the best package you can offer us in terms of speed I am Rutendo and our company is called Sands Productions
Do you have internet feasibility in Namibia
Hi . We have some new stores are coming up in Omuthiya and Ongwediva for one our client Can you please let me know if Telecom Namibia have internet feasibility there . If yes, please provide some options to choose.
Hi Im a VSAT ISP. what is the procedures to add my services here? Regards Tillmann
Internet connection via satellite, fixed and mobile
Digicom Technologies CC - Nawa 30Gb
Starlink VSat Connection
Hi there We have some lodges in remote parts of Namibia & Botswana Desert areas and we wondering whether Starlink (or any recommended ISP partners in those areas) that have connectivity options for us, minimum (10mb up/down) with dedicated access. Thank you Rishi

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