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received payment on 26.07.2018
Dear team, Cargill B.V. had received a payment from ALL INTERNET B.V. on 26.07.2018. We need an e-mail or a contact person to can send our request for more details about this payment. Bank text Transfer 176175957CANALDIGITAALGPP/REF IE7C75706FP40LMQRESTITUTIE ABON NEMENTSGELDEN Thank you in advance!
New Office Setup
We have a new office location where we are attempting to setup XS4ALL Internet B.V. - Internet PRO + Internet On the Go internet connectivity in less than 2 weeks. Do you have a service capable of being setup within a few weeks? Utrecht Netherlands
Internet request
Is it possible to have PDLT Home Ultera internet connection in The Philipines?
Hi, I used to have an email account This changed to when Ision bought knoware. then Ision was bought by ICT-Concepts, and ICT was bought by telfort. My accounts and are no longer working. Could you please help me with this? I'd like to get into these accounts. Many people have written to me, but I have not received the emails. Thanks
Hi Team, Greetings Telesurf! My name is Verbena Valiente, Order Delivery Manager, from GlobalInternet. We are an online global internet service provider, providing and offering the easiest to use and the most cost-effective internet services to corporations, carriers and ISP’s, wherever in the world. Currently, we are looking for local provider/supplier in Cambodia and we have come across your company site. We are requesting for a point of contact or a contact person in your company, to whom we could direct our queries. We are interested on the product/services that your company has to offer. Thank you so much and looking forward to your response.
internet connection
Hello, I would like to know if there are possibility of a speedy SKY internet connection in my Island in Samal CIty ? the location is at Toril, Babak, Garden City of Samal, Philippines. I have contacted few providers in our area but they cannot help. please let us know possibilities? Kind regards, Venus
sir, what is the price a month for PDLT Alpha internet in manilla.
can you giving in Netherland a good signal for internet
Need temp sat internet bandwidth
We need a satellite internet connection to stream a live broadcast event during the month of August. We need equipment and sat time. The network needs to be 5Mbs up and 5mbs down continious. Can you quote service for amsterdam?
Tooway 10240 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 10 GB/ per month
can you make me an offer for the above. are there extra charges for telephone services ? what do these telephone services entail ? what kind of telephone calls are possible and what tariffs are there ? which are the initial costs of the satellite internet ? installing of the "hardware" is this to be handled bij myself ? I hope to hear from you.
Ordering ASAP
we would like to order the satellite as soon as possible. How can we get it quickly? Than you, Berik
Satellite price or possibility of renting the dish
Can I rent the dish or buying is only the option? If buying what is the cost of it? Thank you, Berik
We are in need of internet connection in remote places in Netherlands. Can you contact me ??? +32 484 173139 or mail me


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