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South Pacific region has grown to become the hub for the submarine cable system development in recent years with addition networks coming online during the year 2019 to the year 2020. This has been expected to grow competition in this region in regards to the international capacity as well as New Caledonian government plans to be able to hold the tender process in the year 2019 to establish its own domestic and international submarine cable. The new Caledonia’s telecommunications sector has been dominated by government-owned OPT-NC that holds the monopoly and also offers the fixed as well as the mobile voice services, the mobile internet, and the fixed broadband access and the wholesale services for the other ISPs.

In the year 2019, New Caledonia has been well served by the extensive 3G and the 4G LTE networks and have been considered to have among the highest smartphone adoption rates in the Pacific region. While the ADSL has been the dominant fixed broadband technology, OPTC has been deploying the nationwide FttH network.

Some of the key developments in these reports include:

 The referendum for the independence from France got to be held in New Caledonia in the late 2018 and majority of the voters opted to remain as part of France.
 New Caledonia has a very small population with citizens estimated to be less than 300,000 citizens.
 Any of the Slumps in nickel sector pricing gets to place some strain on the New Caledonia overall economy.
 OPT-NC has been the only telecom network operator, but there have been some private ISPs to offer services over to the OPT-NC’s network.

Some of the companies that were mentioned in this report include the OPT-NC.

The New Caledonia’s government has been considering putting in place for an alternative solution to the only satellite link for the internet as well as the international telephone communications. This move has been prompted by sudden as well as the unexpected loss of Intelsat 804 satellite that this week was able to cause severe disruptions in very many Pacific Islands, some of which rely on such link. The New Caledonia’s telecommunications minister by the name Didier Leroux, went on to say that the incident had been able to serve as the biggest lesson, and local government had been considering putting in place some new contingency plans so as to be forced to rely heavily on the only one link for the telecommunication with the outside world.

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