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North Korea holds the underdeveloped yet the growing market that has improved remarkably in recent years as it has been noted by the growing mobile penetration. The North Korea telecoms infrastructure grew through foreign investment. Market penetration of the fixed lines in service in North Korea has declined over the last ten years, despite an overall number of the fixed lines in services remaining stable. The fixed broadband penetration had remained low in the North Korean nation when it compared to the other Asian countries.

North Korean mobile market has been able to enjoy huge development over the last five years, but from the small base about the other Asian countries. CHEO technology, have halted the operations as well as transferred the subscriber base to this nation’s only the other MNO, the GSM services provider by the name Kang Song NET, that has been believed to fully state-owned company.

Orascom Investment Holdings got to announce that it was granted the exemption from United Nations to progress to operate the CHEO Technology, the JV mobile business with the Post and the Telecommunication of North Korea. Very moderate to the huge growth has been predicted over the coming five years to the year 2023, but the mobile penetration in North Korea has been predicted to remain below that of the other Asian nations due to the government restrictions. The North Korean has been able to take steps towards the development of the digital economy as a portion of the efforts to be able to modernize the economy, and this means that it will be able to generate the export income, and this is especially in the field of the IT services. The E- education initiatives have been opened to improve access to studying while the e-commerce sites have been opened.

North Korea’s mobile market has been the major driver of telecoms system development. The 3G only network is deployed offering close to the universal population coverage. The fiber optic links connect the major cities as well as the capacity of the network that has seen an upgrade using the fiber optic technology platforms including the Dense Waves Division Multiplexing.

Some of the key developments include:
- North Korean mobile market is enjoying some good development over the last five years but from the very small base when compared to the other countries.
- Percentage of the fixed lines in the service in North Korea that has steadily been declining over the past ten years.

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