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FoxCom Group Ltd. FoxCom Group’s services 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Local Area Networks $price on request

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YahClick TS2 in Palestine
hello i would like to have internet via sat using yahclick ts2 , am Individual , please send me order price , and shipping company
اريد الاشتراك ب الانترنت و الاستفسار عن الاسعار
مرحبا اريد الاشتراك ب الانترنت وما يلزمني من اجهزه وتكلفتها وكم يكلف شهرياً ؟؟ TS2 SPACE
اريد السؤال عن خطوط الانترنت الفضائي بسرعة 100 ميجا بت ما هي التكلفة للاشتراك والاجهزة الخاصة بالاستقبال
Hi i want to use your satellite internet connection
what equipment do i need and what are the prices
About the price
How much is the price for TS2 SPACE 100 mgb and how much is the traffic
i want to get a satellite internet
please help i want to get a TS2 SPACE satellite internet
iam from palestine and i want to get a TS2 SPACE v sat network
direct internet from satellite to smart mobile Phones
Dear sir, Madam Re. Mobile Phone internet in Palestine We would like to know if you can deliver us mobile internet on mobile Phones This Way if possible We receive the signal in Palestine directly from your satellite Our customers Smart mobiles Phone can receive this signal you supply us with your management tools for our customers Our customer can get the internet on their mobile devices Let me know if you can deliver the internet directly to mobile Phones With a compatible price we will have a huge market Thanks Best Regards, National Investment Center Kamal Abulayla
more than 1G needed
We are internet service provider company, we need to TS2 SPACE Sat service, in Palestine
questions about the service
hello , firstly i want to know if the TS2 SPACE service is available in Palestine or no ?? how its cost ?
business enternet
i am from gaza i ask if i can get enternet for business and work

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