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Paraguay’s incumbent Telco as well as the government agencies get to coordinate the fiber expansion. The state-owned incumbent, by the name Corporación Paraguaya de Comunicaciones that retains the monopoly on all the fixed line services and this is including local telephony, VoIP and the international long distance telephony. In the mobile market, however, there has been a competition since the year 1988. Internet market has also been able to open the competition, and there are so many dozen of ISPs providing services. Well, Copaco, got to lose the monopoly over international backbone for the internetconnectivity in early 2019.

Development in some mobile subscribers in recent years has been aided by the poor condition of the country’s fixed-line of infrastructure. The underinvestment in terms of the infrastructure by the Copaco has meant that the lift Paraguay’s teledensity gets to remain a bit low for this region. There has been such a minimal expectation that situation is going to be addressed very effectively until the operator has been restructured. Well, despite such number of mobile subscriptions got to fall in the year 2017, and this is partly due to the economic constraints as well as partly due to the price competition among the operators that have been to be less attractive to have the SIM Cards from the various networks.

One major drawback for the Copaco as well as for Paraguay’s telecom industry is the country’s landlocked position that makes it very dependent on the neighboring nations for the interconnection with the submarine cable networks. This is what has driven up the price of the broadband services, which have hampered the growth in this sector and it resulted in the low penetration. The available technologies include the WiMAX, FttP, Modem, cable, and DSL. Copaco has the near monopoly in DSL market; given the fact, there is minimal regulatory provision for the unbundled local loops as well as the other access mechanisms.

The DSL has remained main fixed broadband technology, but it has been unavailable in large part of the country as a result of the teledensity. There has been a very fast developing fiber broadband market, though a number of the subscribers gets to remain a bit small while the network builds gets to remain limited to some certain pockets within major cities. Copaco’s main competitor in the fixed broadband market is the Millicoms Tigo that provides the broadband via the cable modem under brand name Tigo Hogar.

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