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Vox( Hola Paraguay) Vox Mobile 1 Mbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $price on request
Tigo Tigo Mobile Internet 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $price on request

Last Inquiries from Paraguay

pedro talavera
quería saber como funciona el Internet satélite si se paga mensual y si tiene cobertura en paraguay
Satellite Internet Connection
Hello, in the next some weeks we will move to Paraguay. Because of my work I need urgently a good and stabil internet connection there. For the download I need a minimum of garanteed 5 Mbps and for the upload 1,5 Mbps. Better more!!! We will live in the area of Villarrica in radius of about 70 km in the east of the country. That´s an area with forestes an agricultur. Can Businesscom Networks tell me please, if you are able to provide a solution for me in Paraguay and wich tarifs you can offer me. Very important is the information about prices. Thank you very much for your efforts. Best regards Michael
fibra óptica en la ciudad
de la ciudad de santa rosa de aguaray si ya tiene fibra óptica, necesito información de Copaco planes
Starlink Satelite Internet
I"m interesting in Starlink in Paraguay. Does it already work here?
Quisiera saber si proveen Internet por satélite
Internet via satellit
Ich interessiere mich für einen Internetanschluss via Planet Satellit, tengo intersse en internet por satellite, por favor avisarme
Comprar link de internet
Preciso de um link de 10 megas
Fast Internet
Hello together, I want to ask about the possibilities to get professional TS2 SPACE internet in the near of the capital of Paraguay Asuncion (50 km), because i need for my work a fast, unlimited connection. Could you make me an offer about your prizes. please. Thankful Alex
imternet satelital
Los requisitos y detales tecnicas para adquirir el internet satelital
Quiero acceder a su servicio de internet
Buenas soy de Paraguay y quiero saber si tienen disponible un servicio de Businesscom Networks internet aqui
Anfrage für TS2 SPACE Kosten pro Monat flatrade.

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