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Last Inquiries from Puerto rico

cubren puerto rico
favor indicar si tienen provedores de servicio en PUERTO RICO, Y A QUE TELEFONO SE PUEDE LLAMAR PARA INFO Y OFERTAS.
Precios y velocidades que ofrecen en Puerto Rico.
Quisiera saber los TS2 SPACE planes que ofrecen para una residencia. Desde velocidad y precios.
Cual proovedor de iternet de Claro PR
Internet for home
iNet Wireless
servicios de internet residencial
Buenos dias me gustaria saber si tiene servicio de TS2 SPACE internet residencial para Puerto Rico y los paquetes o ofertas que disponibles, gracias
Servicio de Internet satelitar
No gustaria saber los costos del Businesscom Networks servicio de internet satelitar y si pueden contactarnos para otras preguntas.
Quiero saber precio y como OneWeb instalan en sistema.
Home WiFi
Claro Puerto Rico – Basic Internet
Satellite internet
TS2 SPACE Home installation
Residential internet
Necesito información sobre sus servicios de internet satelital para el área de Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico.
Necesito información sobre sus servicios de internet satelital para el área de Cabo Rojo,Puerto Rico.
Need sat.internet in Puerto Rico
Will is be possble to give more info on OneWeb packages Thank you Robert
Satellite internet service
Looking for Claro Puerto Rico provider on the west side of the island. In San Sebastian Puerto Rico
estamos buscando Businesscom Networks internet satelital para negocio.
Satelite internet for residence
Hi, I am looking for OneWeb a serious and responsible company that provides residential satelite internet for the Gurabo area in Puerto Rico
Satellite Solutions
Good Morning, We would like to receive more information on OneWeb products/services and solutions. We are a small company with offices in PR and in the states and would like to learn about solutions for back-up/ occasional use in case of loss of power/ connectivity due to Hurricane or other emergencies. We would like to schedule an initial call with you to inform ourselves and to provide you with system requirement information for you to present your satellite solutions/ costs. Please feel free to reach me using the information below. Best Regards,
Businesscom Networks Internet para el hogar
comprar internet
necesito comprar TS2 SPACE internet desde 30mgb hasta 100mgb y los precios con oferta tengo 2 antenas de satelite instaladas soy pensionado y retirado me dedico a eso todos los dias
Satellite and or Broadband internet service for Puerto Rico
I would like to know if you have satellite and or broadband WorldNet 4G LTE Internet Plan 20GB service for Puerto Rico, specifically in remote mountain areas. If so, how much is the monthly fee for service.
Satelite and or broadband service in Puerto Rico
I would like to know if you have satellite and or broadband SpaceX internet service for Puerto Rico, specifically in remote mountain areas. If so, how much is the monthly fee for service.
Internet wireless residencia
Solicito información sobre servicios WorldNet 4G LTE Internet Plan 20GB internet wireless para residencia.
Requesting Info on Internet Connectivity
I currently have Liberty Cable and hate their service. Am looking for an OneWeb alternative. Barbara
Interest in residential internet
I have no telephone and internet service since hurricane Maria. Company has failed to reinstall service. Therefore I am considering other internet options available. Should allow streaming. Appreciate information about price.
¿Cuál es el costo total y/o la renta mensual del equipo? ¿Cuál es el costo mensual por 20 MB?
Need internet service
I've been in contact with many ISP here and none have service available in my zone. Internet is needed since i work from home. I would like to know if what offers or Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network plans are available. Please contact asap.
Satellite Internet in Puerto Rico
Need information for residential satellite internet
Internet residencial
Ramón S Corrada
Internet satellite the price?
Broadband Satellite
We are exploring options for satellite internet service at the DODEA Ramey AFB school in Puerto Rico. We would need a minimum 30/10 mb service installed within 2 weeks of contract finalization and have the ability to setup an IPSEC VPN to our data center in Peachtree city, GA. Can you provide a quote?
internet portatil
Satellite internet
Internet needed for home office in rural Corozal Puerto Rico
Interest in becomming your dealer for Puerto Rico
As you may know, Puerto Rico infrastructure is being damaged by hurricane Maria. Because of this we (PowerComm, Inc) are looking for a business solution that offers internet via satellite. If TS2 SPACE provide this solution we are interested in evaluating the possibility to become your partner in Puerto Rico. If you are open to this possibility feel free to contact me Regards, Eng. Quintin PowerComm
interesado en el servicio de OneWeb internet de ustedes costos
Residential satellite internet
I am looking for a SpaceX satellite internet provider for my area in Cayey, Puerto Rico.
Residential satellite internet
OneWeb I am trying to find a satellite internet provider for my area of Puerto Rico
Disponibilidad de Internet para Puerto Rico
Vivo en el Sur de Puerto Rico. Estoy buscando conexión al TS2 SPACE Internet via satelital. Recientemente Puerto Rico fue azotado fuertemente por el huracán María y se ha perdido mucho los servicios de comunicación e internet. me gustaría saber si cubren a Puerto Rico (pueblo de Yauco) y los costos mensuales.
Requesting information about satellite internet for Puerto Rico, availability and prices
Requesting information about satellite internet for Puerto Rico, availability and prices
I want to Re sale
I have a business on my country for more than 25YEARS AND I WANT TO RE SALE YOUR INTERNET PRODUCT
V- sat with good BIZ enterprise internet speeds
I need 3 site covered with TS2 SPACE v-sat my name is bob
Servicio de Internet satelital
Buenos días, consultando si brindan servicio de TS2 SPACE internet satelital en Puerto Rico. En caso que los ofrezca favor enviarme información de dichos servicios. Gracias. Alexy
Support in Puerto Rico island
Hi, I need information about support access in Puerto Rico for a ISP. Let me know any plans for start ups. Thanks.
What would be the overall price?
Hi TS2 SPACE! What would be the overall price for the equipment, or an good equipment? -Internet Router or Personal Hotspot -Monthly rate if apply
What is the cost of tooway equipment, cost of installation and monthly rental with Internet service? You have installer in Puerto Rico?
moraima perez
Quiero internet satelital
Telefonia e Internet Satelital
Necesito Ineternet satelital para mi residencia en Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico
Iloking for a internet higth speed
Pura Aquino Rivera
Necesito internet para mi casa. Necesito saber el costo y los servicios que ofrecen. Como seran los pago. Favor de llamar al
Hola como obtener sus servicios de vista o comunicación por satelite y el costo que tienen los servicios? Gracias
Internet provider
Currently have internet but connection is not reliable
Internet/Satellite Service Package
R U Selling Satellite systems for TV and Internet access?
Internet Service ASAP
I really need Internet service Urgent
Angel montalvo
Servicio internet residencial. Telefono
I want to know what instruments is needed to receive signal to access the satellite internet? and How much is the cost?
De suspect servicios
Greeting I would like information services for Puerto Rico. costs for equipment and service plans.
need small vast system for home use
I only get 1mb download in my area, need more.
Internet por satelite
Hola. Quiero saber si ustedes me pueden dar servicio por satelite ya que en el area no hay y por la distancia no se puede. Gracias.
Internet Cayey Puerto Rico
I'm looking for unlimited internet access. Can you help?
Internet service by satellite
I would like an internet service by satellite fast in Salinas,Puerto Rico and with 24 hours support.
need satellite internet for home use
need satellite internet, mountains of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
hello I know more about your services
internet at home
To my home in Puerto Rico
Internet Via Satelite
Estoy Ubicado en Puerto Rico Nesesito saber si Estan Dando Servicio en Puerto Rico o si Tienen un conctato En PuertoRico.? En viame si tienen Servicio y Que Ofertas Tienen.?
satellite internet in home
I want to know is there some providers in Puerto Rico
me gustariasaber sobre la cobertura, servicio y precio.
Internet service
Searching for good/less costly internet service
internet satelital
Hola soy de ponce puerto rico y quisiera mas informacion sobre el internet satelital de ustedes. Gracias
internet satelital para el hogar
necesito internet satelital en mi hogar
do you or do you not offer residential internet connection
satellite ISP
Do you provide service in PR and what are the costs involved and speeds and who is your distributor in PR if there is one???Thank U ,PM
Internet disponibilidad
Hola quiero saver si hay disponibilidad de internet
Hola, quiero saver sobre el internet que ofrecen
Internet Access Puerto Rico Beach Location
Dear Sir or Madam, I am looking for internet access in Puerto Rico at a location no landline can be placed and mobile hotspots/mobile data is not available. Would you be able to provide internet access through satellite on an event basis (we require it for 6 weeks). Please advice. Best, Julian Brigmann


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