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Last Inquiries from Qatar

Buying starlink internet satellite
Do you have any distributors in Qatar? Or how can I order and subscribe to internet
Starlink connection
I need a satellite connection for my 50 employ
New line add
Superfast Broadband by Vodafone
Ooredoo Wifi connection
Sir, In my camp almost 200 people, we need wifi (internet ) connection,
I want Vodafone wifi connection.
I want to buy wifi connection in ISG Labour Camp, Wadi Al Banat, Lusail.
I want to QNBN wifi connection.
I want to buy a wifi connection in ISG Labour Camp, Wadi Al Banat, Lusail.
Ooredoo Wifi
1 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Fiber to the home 227,96 PLN monthly
i would like to know about internet providers in qatar.
i need your services.
Dedicated internet link for Office
I need dedicated internet link for our Qatar office
Need TS2 SPACE Internet Connection
Hi Sir , i want internet connection which was i will share with 100 + mobile phones . kindly advice me how can i get TS2 Broadband Satellite Service and how it is work ... also how can i setup my internet business i need to know Your prompt reply highly appreciated Thank you sir
New fiber coneetion
Superfast Broadband by Vodafone Qatar
Internet Service
Good eveningsir/madam, i need internet connection and i want to know about more
i need a Vispa broad band
Broadband service
I would like to enquire about QNBN Internet home broadband services
High speed Home Internet
I m an migrant in Qatar & want to have a High speed wifi connection in my house
Vodafone Corporate Internet
Hi I'm from Qatar I need there Start a internet business can you tell me more about your plans please this is my email
Wireless internet
Dear management Do TS2 SPACE have any Wireless internet connection i need in Qatar because in my area no fiber connection
Broadband internet
I need blusky broadband satallite internet
I need satallite internet
I want a internet connection
I want Vispa Internet Limited connection in Qatar Doha
I want internet connection for personal laptop
I want internet connection for personal laptop can tell me price for a month.
Need Internet connection
I am from Qatar I Want to do a smole Internet business in qatar.. I net your service you can call me in my mobile number +97430346523. I will describe you... Thank you My Name MD Shagor Hossain
I'm WiFi business
مشكلة في تعبئة الرصيد
قمت بتعبئ رصيد لصديقي في اولاين وتم سحب المبلغ وتم تصل الرصيد الى صديقي في جزر القمر في برنامج اسمه ding-top au الرقم التي قمت بتعبئتها هو 002694326532 / ورقم العملية 40926949 فانا تواصلت مع شركة ding فقالوا نتواصل معكم ربما الرقم فيه مشكلة وشكرا فهل هذا الرقم صالحة لاستخدام ام لا ارجو المساعدة
Superfast Broadband by Vodafone Qatar
I need Vodafone Home internet 10 Mbit/s
Home Internet
I need Vispa Home Internet 10 Mbit/s
Cheap and fast internet for residential use
Quality wifi with speed and cheap price
Internet Connection
Hi, We would like to know all possible TS2 SPACE satellite connection option available in Qatar. We are situated in Salwa Industrial Area. So please give us all available connections, its speed, monthly rate, installation charges, wtc. Also, please let us know if there is any specific permissions required from government authorities. Thanks Biju
I need a broadband connection
I'm looking for Vispa broadband connection which I will use in the office.
Local internet
Local internet
SpaceX subscription
Looking for Fiber internet line for business ( with Static IP ) 8MB upload and 8 MB download
Looking for Vodafone Qatar Fiber internet line for business ( with Static IP ) 8MB upload and 8 MB download
vodaphone in old airport
hi I am interested to avail Vodafone Qatar 50mbps for my homebased business, please advise if old airport has access to your optical fibre connections. please advise.thanks
Vsat IP in Djibouti
Hi, I would like to enquire if Quantis can provide an IP solution for our office in Djibouti. Ideally, we would be looking for 3Mbit upload 1 down. Please lets me know the time sales involved with the installation and pricing. Regards
Faster internet access
Need Business Internet Fiber in Qatar
I am Dhwanish from NWNS. We want a Vodafone partner or an ISP that can help us grow our network in Qatar to serve our customers with their requirements.
Internet Satellite
I need to get SpaceX internet satellite in Qatar can you provide me that service? Thank You
Dear Sir Could you kindly send me a proposal for a corporate fiber dedicated connectivity of 20 Mbps Thank you Mirna
satellite internet
i need to set up SpaceX internet for 100 staff in a remote location for labor accommodation.
need satellite connection
Dear sir, i want to get TS2 SPACE - iDirect Evolution W6 connection here in Qatar. i would like install in our camp for around 15000 workers. please contact with me.
Vodafone Internet for cooparation, 8 statik IP, no proxy, NAT and FW
Fast, Reliable & Stable Internet For Our Meesaieed Site Office
We would like to know the options & Price for fast, reliable and stable Vodafone internet for our Site office near to Meesaieed.
Availability of broad band
I would like to know how to obtain the Ooredoo - Smart 750 (Shahry) package or fibre optic in my area if possible
Internet Connection
I am located in ash shahaniya in Doha Qatar and I was wondering what are the requirements for a successful connection to the Vispa 25mbit home internet.
new VSAT for a company
Satellite internet connection
Kindly we are interested to get a Businesscom Networks satellite internet connection to our factory in Doha , Qatar Please provide us with your options and related prices if possible . Rafik
Satellite Internet
I would like some more information on satellite internet connectivity for 3 sites in Qatar - this will be as fallback only when "normal" internet is down
Internet Over Satellite Services
I am looking for TS2 SPACE internet Services throw Satellite , need all the plans prices and the steps of requesting the services .
Internet with Fixed IP Address
We have office in Qatar we need Vodafone Internet Connection Either ADSL or Leased Circuit with Fixed IP Address, Can you please send us proposal.
Dedicated internet access
Dear Sir, i just want to inquire about the dedicated Vodafone internet connectivity for our branch in Doha. our company is Australian Laboratory Services base in Saudi Arabia and we are about to open in Doha. could you please give us a quote for a dedicated internet access with a speed of 2Mbps to 10Mbps speed asap. our offices around the world are connected using vpn so i need atleast 1 public ip address for this connection. anticipating your immediate reply thank you in advance
sattellite internet
How to get connected and how much is monthly fee
Request quotation
we need quotation for internet by satellite
Data bundles
Data bundles
Vodafone Data Plan 100
Fiber 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps quote
Can you quote me a price for Vodafone 2 Mbps and 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps. The location in Qatar is CAS South MWR, B-Hut Large Wired/Wireless
Thanks to send me all details about SpaceX VSAT or mobile phone for in-charge manager to contact him,
Thanks to send me all details about Businesscom Networks VSAT or mobile phone for in-charge manager to contact him,
New internet Connetion
New internet Connetion
Internet connection
Superfast Broadband by Vodafone
bein media group partnership
Dear Trans Delta Team My name is Ismail Head of dealers at beIN sports media TV Qatar , we are searching for a company with a technical abilities to provide our customer base in UAE with satellite installation facility , knowing that the installation part is a high value profit margin , So if you are interested please reply
Online Data recharge
I like to recharge Ooredoo card of data 6GB Online.
Ooredoo Fiber Service Plan.
Ooredoo provider, for Home Fiber Bundle, Landline phone and Internet service.
open video
satellite Internet and phone for yacht
Dear Sirs, I would like ask a quotation about the satellite internet and phone to have on yacht. Thank you. Capt. Zoltan
Request of providing internet service
I request Vispa - Pearl satellite internet service at home hence I not have telephone cables
Internet Service Connection Inquiry
need guidance
Hello sir/mam I would like to query about the internet packages available in sanaiya 47. Any helpful information will be delightful. Kindly assist me regarding the internet connectivity. Thanks. Hope to hear soon from you.
vsat installtion and maintanance engineer job
I have intrested in your company requitment process in vsat installtion and maintanance job
Company Telephone & Internet , CCTV Installation
Hello, Do you do the service of the above and thank you. If it is yes, material are from us, Cost of Service Time Frame Thank you, Cathy
internet service provider
i need portable settelite internet modem adn settelite phone in qatar
dear sir pls provided me full adress and telefon no. for sttelite internet modem and phone in qatar
i want to know more about satelite internet connection in qatar and packages
i want to know more about satelite internet connection in qatar and packages
vsat technology
 Configures, tests, and maintains LAN/WAN equipment’s and related services.  Identifies, diagnoses, and resolves network problems.  Create and maintain comprehensive documentation for all implemented networks.  Maintain and support company’s LAN/WAN environment Virus  Design, setup and configure complex switching environments  Maintaining multi-site network operations and software applications operating systems  Regular maintenance with both private and public facilities  Providing (24*7) technical support to end users all over India.  Managed the Operations & Maintenance of Via Sat (Starwire Aurour) DAMA and PAMA based Satellite communication network.  As a member of NOC Team maintain over 500+ user in Leased Line, Radio Link and SATCOM(VSAT) technology and diagnosis of the their LAN problem  Regular monitor of VSAT links through NMS (of multiple technologies) from HUB.  Providing (24*7) technical support to end users all over India.  Track complaints and follow-up with concern region to close the same.  Providing technical support & guidance to field engineers.  Co-ordinate with various venders to get immediate solutions.  Preparation of daily up/down time reports, taking hourly readings & monthly reports etc
Satellite Internet connection requirement
Hi, We have requirement of Satellite Internet connection for our Office in Um Said (Messaeed) area. Inside China Harbour new port project. Please send your technician for site visit. You can contact me on xxxxx. Your quick response in this regards will be highly appreciated. Thanks
satellite internet
I need a quotation for the supplying satellite internet for my location in Qatar and the location to buy the equipment
Satellite Interner
Hi, we are interested in satellite internet in Qatar and would like to learn more about your plans.
Satellite Broadband Services
Please get me a detailed information regarding Satellite Broadband Services that we can avail in Wakra area for our Company site office.
Internet sattlite service
I would like to have some information for the home internet service note that I'm resident in qatar
Internet Connection Required
Please provide me your details to contact for Internet Service.
Interested in getting satellite internet for my Villa
Can you please provide some information regarding what services you provide in Qatar for Internet service. Also, does this comply with ictqatar Telecommunications Law 34 of 2006 (or would this even apply for the services your company offers)
Hi Please send me a quotation soon for a unlimited internet connection. speed around 20 MBPS in Qatar.


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