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Last Inquiries from Sao tome and principe

New subscription
Need a price list for all available TS2 SPACE Internet connection speeds in Sao Tome & Principe. Please also define the actual upload and download speed delivered. As i'm aiming to setup my company servers there, which need a high connection speed. Thank you.
Internet Plans/Pricing
Hi, I am planning on possibly moving to the island of Principe. I see that TS2 SPACE provider can provide up to 100Mbit/s up and down. I was wondering if you have pricing for 100 down and up. My other concern is there a data Limit such as a data cap and if so what?
Provision of last mile connection in Sao Tome
Dear All, We will need a last mile connection in Sao Tome for our client, on an impending project. Could you get in touch for further discussions on this? We are an ISP in Ghana. Awaiting feedback. Thanks.
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